5 Best Walking Apps for Walkers in 2024

Top 5 Free Walking Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Top 5 Free Walking Apps for Android and iOS in 2024 – Practicing exercises is something that many have forgotten during social isolation, especially with gyms and parks closed. As things gradually normalize, check out our list of apps (available for Android and iOS) that can help you with daily walking and running exercises.

If you want to take your first steps (literally), don’t worry, there are options for beginners. Check the list below:

Top 5 Free Walking Apps for Android in 2024

Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for Weight Loss The first app I would like to introduce is Walking for Weight Loss. With audio guides, this app offers you different exercise plans according to your level (beginner, intermediate and professional). Thus suggesting a time of walking/running that gradually increase.

The app also monitors calories, distance, time, and pace according to your weight and height, showing your progress with practice. During your runs and walks, you can put your playlist to play directly from the app, through music streaming platforms like Spotify.

In addition to showing the trajectory covered by the GPS, the application is still useful for those who have treadmills at home. The Weight Loss Walk app is available for Android devices via the Play Store and iOS via the App Store.


RunKeeper walking running app Intended for people who want to lose weight or even who are training for a professional race, in RunKeeper, you set your weekly exercise goals. That way, with the goals set, you get information on distance covered, average pace, calories burned, time spent and day-to-day ascents in elevation.

In addition to the weekly information, you can still see the monthly and annual averages of your workouts. The app also has a series of activities that can be monitored in addition to running and walking, such as swimming, rowing and cycling.

If you live in or are visiting a snowy country, you can use the app for activities like snowboarding and skiing for example. It’s worth noting that just like the first place on this list, in RunKeeper you can sync your music app playlists while you train. Finally, this app also has a night mode.

RunKeeper is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store.


Top 5 Free Walking Apps for Android and iOS in 2022 MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk (Image: Publicity/Under Armor)

At MapMyWalk, you can define your own training routine with custom plans. In addition to the duration and distance covered, you can also track your average pace and calories burned for each run or walk. There, you can gradually increase your plans, customizing the goals you want to achieve.

Within the platform, you can make friends, invite someone who wants to accompany you in training and even compete in challenges. You can also share your training on social media. Like all the running and walking apps on this list, MapMyWalk has the Portuguese language.

To download MapMyWalk on your Android, go to the Play Store . If you are an iOS user, install it from the App Store .

Start Running

Walking running app Start running As the name implies, Start Running is a good option for beginners. In the free version of the application, you can choose up to 4 levels of races (which last 1 month), in which they must be completed 3 days a week. Once you complete the daily exercises, you can start the other levels. Exercises of all levels alternate between running and walking.

Despite having few features and customization options in the free plan, Start Running has a very simple interface and basic features necessary for those who want to practice running and walking short distances. So, if you’re a beginner, I suggest you start your new exercises with this app, then move on to the rest of the list.

Install Start Running from the Play Store or  App Store.


Relive App In a format similar to a social network, in this app, you follow athletes who can inspire your training routine. Relive is another option that offers good methods of recording physical activities such as running, hiking, and cycling. As with the other apps we’ve listed here, in Relive you can take pictures of the places you go, without having to pause your training.

In Relive, on an annual or monthly basis, you can track statistics such as total time, distance traveled, number of activities performed and runs made at elevation. There are also some challenges to unlock (like in a game), which you can share with your followers. These challenges range from registering a 45 km walk in the month or doing weekend runs.

To download Relive on your Android click here . Or install the app for your iOS device by clicking here.

Did you like our list of walking and running apps? It’s always good to remember that the above apps offer optional purchases for extra in-app features.

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