9 Best Unblocked Music Sites At School in 2024

Best Unblocked Music Sites

Best Unblocked Music Sites – The possibilities of our computers, smartphones and the Internet network have led to a dematerialization of music, and to a total change in the offer allowing the listening of music. No more need for physical support, even the good old MP3 tends to disappear (at least in the form of a file), now the music can be listened to in streaming. Understand by this that you will be connecting to a stream that does not require a download or complex software, it is almost as simple and fast as turning on your transistor.

Another advantage is that many of these services are accessible free of charge and legally, and offer several million songs.

The fact that free music streaming services are free most often comes with a few limitations. It’s quite normal, these offers are above all made to encourage you to switch to a paid offer allowing you to finance the service and the artists:

  • Presence of advertisements between songs. Minor inconvenience in my opinion, because let’s be objective, there are a lot less than on the radio.
  • No music download possible. If you listen to music on the go, you will need an internet connection, and you will quickly start using the mobile data of your telephone plan.
  • The audio quality is quite similar between different streaming services in free mode, usually at standard quality of 320 kbps. Again, it’s no worse than the radio ( the 7 Valleys reception is far from optimal).
  • The search functions and the creation of playlists are often limited compared to the paid offer. But again, when you turn on the radio you choose the musical atmosphere, not the detail of the titles. Even with a free plan, you have more control over the content than listening to FM radio.

Best Unblocked Music Sites

For better audio quality, to remove advertisements, and to access offline listening options, you will need to subscribe to one of the paid offers offered by streaming platforms. The good news is that it is not useful to multiply subscriptions. You will generally have unlimited listening possibilities and a service that works on most of your devices: computers, smartphones, connected speakers.

YouTube Music

Who doesn’t know YouTube? This video streaming service has interfered everywhere, to the point of even inviting itself into TV shows.

Music has always been present on YouTube, which is an ideal platform for the distribution of music videos. Logically, Google took advantage of this huge music library to structure music content through a sub-platform dedicated to music: YouTube Music.

YouTube Music is now the most widely used free online music service in World, with a 44% market share, compared to 20% for the former leader Spotify.

Easy to use, this music service works on a lot of devices: Windows computers, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android or iPhone smartphones, and on connected speakers compatible with Google Home.

The offer on YouTube Music is legal and free. After years of war between the Internet giant and the record companies, the Mountain View company seems to have found a compromise to remunerate authors and filter content that does not respect copyright.

A paid version exists which will allow you to get rid of advertising. This paid offer is progressing very quickly since Google’s music streaming service claims 4 years after its creation 80 million subscribers. The paid version is offered at €9.99/month

In November 2022, Google indicated that it had crossed the symbolic bar of 100 million songs available for listening.

Listen to free music on YouTube Music: https://music.youtube.com


Spotify has long been the most popular music streaming service, and remains so in its paid version with 195 million subscribers.

In its free version, Spotify will occasionally insert advertisements into your playlists. You will also be limited in search possibilities and often have to deal with ready-made playlists. If you’re looking for free, however, these limitations shouldn’t bother you too much.

You will be able to use Spotify on a large number of devices. The integration of the service is in particular very good on most connected speakers, whether they work under Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The service can also interface with certain GPS devices such as the famous Waze.

Spotify’s music catalog is around 80 million titles according to the publisher. What to find your happiness whatever the musical style you are looking for.

The paid version of Spotify will cost you 9.99€/month.

Listen to free music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/


Despite its name, Deezer is a French service. In number of users worldwide, it therefore acts as a little thumb, but it is nonetheless a high quality music streaming platform that will offer you a wide choice of music. The small French Deezer indeed claim a catalog of 90 million titles.

Deezer works on most platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android and iPhone smartphones, connected speakers.

Deezer’s free music offer is supplemented by a paid offer which will be billed to you at €10.99/month and will give you access to offline listening mode.

Listen to free music on Deezer: https://www.deezer.com


Just like AllForMusic, ZeffyMusic is a site that aggregates links from YouTube. The music catalog is therefore not hosted on their servers, but depends 100% on Google.

The interface is very easy to use, fully focused on finding music. For a beginner, this YouTube overlay may seem easier to use.

This service using YouTube, it will be interspersed with advertisements inserted by Google.

Listen to free music on ZeffyrMusic: https://www.zeffyrmusic.com/


Unlike the other services presented in this article, TuneIn is not an online music service, but offers you access to radio stations from around the world (100,000 stations are available). In addition to national radios, radios in your region are also available. On the Côte d’Opale, we find, as on the FM band, our usual RDL , Contact FM , Radio 6 etc .

TuneIn is very practical to follow your favorite stations even outside your region or when reception is poor. This service also avoids having to connect to the site of each radio, you find everything in the same place. Thanks to this wide choice you should not only find the music you like, but also access information services and numerous podcasts.

TuneIn works in a web browser and has mobile apps for Android and iOS, apps for Windows and MacOS. It also integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant connected speakers.

Most features of TuneIn are free. There is a Premium offer but rather intended for the American market since its main interest is to add American sports radios allowing to follow basketball, indicar, hockey.

Listen to the radio for free on TuneIn: https://tunein.com



Last.fm is not strictly speaking a music streaming platform. This is a site around music which will compile links to other streaming services (mainly YouTube), and which offers you a web radio.

The site is very focused on recommending and discovering new music, with a section dedicated to concerts.

The site is ad-supported. It is integrated in some smart TVs and smart speakers.

Last.fr is a little more technical in use than most of the sites presented in this article, but is differentiated by an approach that is more oriented towards artists than music. You will therefore find more editorial than on other sites. Interesting if you like to follow the news of your favorite artists.

Listen to free music on Last.fm: https://www.nlast.fm


Like Deezer, MusicMe is a French service. Our national artists are therefore well represented there, you will find the 4 majors (BMG, EMI, Sony, Universal Music, Warner Music) and a number of independent labels. The MusicMe catalog is more limited than other services with 6 million titles available, but this is still quite sufficient.

Online listening is free and does not require the creation of an account.

MusicMe differs from other services by the possibility of buying a song or an album. You can then download it to your device for unlimited listening.

A paid offer is available, 2 formulas at €3.99 and €9.90 / month. The cheapest allows you to remove ads when listening in a web browser, the second integrates mobiles and the possibility of downloading music for offline listening.

MusicMe is integrated into the digital offer of certain media libraries. A good plan that allows you to have premium features.

Listen to free music on MusicMe: https://www.musicme.com/


SoundCloud stands out from other music streaming services for its proximity to artists. The platform aims to promote new artists by allowing them to broadcast their content directly. The result is a very large catalog of more than 150 million titles where young artists rub shoulders with Goldman or Sardou.

The site also includes a social dimension allowing you to follow your artists, recommend them, and discover new talents.

In its free version there will be advertising between the songs. A paid offer at €9.99/month allows you to get rid of advertising and have an offline mode allowing you to listen to your music without an internet connection.

Listen to free music on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/



The 8Tracks streaming service is resolutely more elitist. It allows Internet users to broadcast their own music, so it’s an excellent platform for discovering new talent.

The principle of 8Tracks (pronounced Infinity Tracks) is to allow Internet users to generate and share mixes. It includes an important social dimension to allow you to broaden your musical universe.

The service is currently being restarted and is officially only accessible in the USA.the functionalities are therefore limited and often listening will go through YouTube. To access the entire catalog, however, you can go through a VPN that will geolocate you across the Atlantic.

Listen to free music on 8Tracks: https://8tracks.com/

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