Valorant Beginner Guide 2024: 10 Tips for Playing Beginner to Master

Valorant beginner guide : 10 Tips for Playing Beginner to Master (2022)

10 Tips for Playing Valorant From Beginner to Master (Complete)Valorant, is a game developed by Riot Games. This game carries the competitive FPS 5 VS 5 theme, where players have to do planting spikes when in attacker mode , and defusing spikes when in defender mode.

Tips for Playing Valorant From Beginner to Master

Valorant itself is quite popular, because Riot Games always brings unique things. You could also say, the game seems fresh and not boring.

These tips are for beginners. For those of you who want to practice directly with the coach (Radiant) you can contact us

  • Tips for Playing Valorant for Beginners
  • Valorant Tricks You Must Know

Tips for Playing Valorant for Beginners

For new players, playing Valorant is sometimes quite difficult, especially if the player did not previously have a basic FPS game. It will be even more difficult.

For that, for those of you who like to play Valorant, here will techjustify provide tips that you can follow so you can be good at playing Valorant. Especially for beginners.Tips for Playing Valorant for Beginners

  • Know the Agent Role
  • Get to know the Agent Skill
  • Learn the Types of Weapons
  • Set Settings in Game
  • Understand the Map
  • Learn Game Mechanics
  • Wearing Headsets and Frequent Communication
  • Learn Strategy in Game
  • Often Play Deathmatch
  • Often Watch Pro Player

1. Know the Agent Role

First you have to know that in Valorant, each agent has its own function. Valorant has four main agent roles, namely duelist , sentinel, initiator and controller .

1. Duelist

Valorant beginner guide : 10 Tips for Playing Beginner to Master

Duelist is an agent that is intended to get as many kills as players can. Duelist is also the agent who is responsible for when the team wants to enter the site .

Contoh agent duelist:

  • Try
  • Yoru
  • Jett
  • Phoenix
  • Raze

2. Sentinel

Valorant beginner guide : 10 Tips for Playing Beginner to Master

Sentinels are agents intended as support . Whether it’s keeping the flank to lock the area when the site has been confirmed to be clear by the duelist . Sentinels also play a big role in guarding the site when the team is in defender mode.

Contoh agent sentinel:

  • Killjoy
  • Sage
  • Cypher
  • Chamber

3. Initiator

Valorant beginner guide : 10 Tips for Playing Beginner to Master

If sentinel is the agent intended for support , so is the initiator . The difference is, the initiator is an agent that is intended to help the duelist find information or open a site when it is entry .

Example Agent Initiator :

  • Sleep
  • Skye
  • Breach

4. Controller

Valorant beginner guide : 10 Tips for Playing Beginner to Master

Controller or Valorant players more commonly refer to it as smoker , is an agent intended to cover spots that allow enemies with smoke . With this smoke the enemy’s movement will be more restricted.

Contoh Agent Controller:

  • Omen
  • Astra
  • Viper
  • Brimstone

2. Get to know the Agent Skill

Each agent has different skills. When you just play, you can only choose a few agents, the rest can only be opened as you play Valorant.

Due to the different skills, you have to recognize all of them. For example, Jett with his ultimate knives, Sage with his Wall or slow orb, to Killjoy with his ultimate lockdown area.

By recognizing all agent skills, you can find out what your playstyle is and what kind of things you should do when playing. 

If you like the skills of an agent and develop it, it’s not impossible that you can be good at something like Flights ‘ satchel or Seoldam’s knives .

3. Learn the Types of Weapons

There are many types of weapons in Valorant, and they have their own characteristics. For this characteristic, one way to quickly find out is to play practice mode, then test all weapons there.

For those of you who are confused about what weapon to use while in the game, you can follow this guide.

Ronde Pistol: Ghost / Frenzy or Classic + Armor

Ghost is a weapon with the greatest damage and straight line of fire. Perfect for long range duels.

While frenzi is more likely to be used at close range because of its high firing rate. Classic + armor you can also wear if you feel more comfortable.

Limited Creds Round: Specter or Judge

Specters are the most suitable type of weapon to use when Creds are limited. The reason is that this weapon’s firing rate and damage are at the intermediate level, and it’s easy to use.

Besides specter, Judge can also be used as an alternative. One shot judge is enough to kill enemies at close range.

Multiple Creds Round: Phantom or Vandal

If you have enough creds to buy rifles and armor, then choose Phantom or Vandal. These two weapons are the rifles with the greatest damage in Valorant, as well as the two most used weapons.

Regarding the use of phantoms and vandals, there are separate tips, to choose which one is the most suitable. This will be explained in the Valorant tricks section.

The three weapon points above are the most widely used, and are suitable for anyone to use. At least for the beginning.

Later, you just have to try other weapons yourself, if you have understood the three points of the weapon.

4. Game Setting

Valorent game Setting 1

Many people still go through this step. Even though this game setting will really support your comfort when playing the Valorant game.

The mandatory settings for the settings are sensitivity and crosshair . For sensitivity, you can set it in practice mode while testing shooting bots. Make sure you feel comfortable, and that the mouse can be moved at the appropriate speed.

While the crosshair is recommended that you do not set it too big, so that the point fits the enemy’s head. Also use a crosshair color that is appropriate and comfortable to look at.

5. Understanding Map

Valorent Understanding Map 1

Valorant has maps that have their own characteristics. Namely Ascent , Icebox , Haven , Split , and Breeze . The five maps will be chosen randomly when you play the game.

Because of the different characteristics, you must know the map. For example, the best place for plant spikes , spots that are roughly used as hidden enemies, and so on.

By understanding the map, it will be easier for you to know what strategy to use when attacking or defending with the team.

6. Learn Game Mechanics

Valorant has game mechanics that are partly different from the usual FPS games. You must learn the mechanics of this game.

First you have to know, to be able to shoot straight, you have to make sure that your character’s body is still (not moving at all). If not, then you can be sure your bullets will be everywhere. For that, you need to learn counter-strafing .

Counter-strafing is a trick to make a character’s moving body stop quickly. That is by pressing the button in the opposite direction from the one being pressed (eg pressing A, then the counter by pressing D).

Then rifle weapons (except specters) in Valorant also have their own recoil. And this weapon also has a random bullet direction , so you are advised not to always spray until the bullet runs out. Just a few bullets at the start.

And the last mandatory tip, is that you need to understand the crosshair placement technique . 

This technique is used to make sure your crosshair is always right, where the enemy appears. The goal is that you don’t lose fast shooting.

7. Use a Headset and Often Communicate

Playing Valorant must use a headset . With this headset you can find out the enemy’s steps and the direction in which the enemy will come. So you will not be surprised and can make preparations in advance.

Then communication is also important. With communication, you can share information with teammates.

Wherever the enemy is. In addition, through communication you can also discuss the strategies used both when the attacker and defender .

8. Learn Strategy

Even though the game is an FPS genre, to be able to win every round in Valorant you also need a strategy. 

This strategy will depend on the condition of the agent chosen by your team, as well as the agent chosen by the opposing team. The condition of the match in progress also has an effect.

Examples of the strategy in question are such as cracking , using the skills of each agent , and so on. By maximizing strategic knowledge, the chances of your team winning the round will be higher.

9. Often Play Deathmatch

Deathmatch is a Valorant mode, where you can fight dozens of other players , until one player reaches 40 kills .

You must do this deathmatch every day, because it can indirectly make you understand the map, as well as the right crosshair placement .

Besides Deathmatch, you can also play Practice mode. For example shooting a reset bot in medium or hard mode . This can help train your shooting flick .

10. Often Watch Pro Player

Finally, make sure you watch pro player Valorant often. Whether it’s on Youtube or on other platforms like Twitch.

By often watching pro player Valorant, you will improve your gamesense, knowledge of game mechanics and much more.

Examples of good pro players you watch are Subroza, 100T Asuna, Tenz, Wardell (for operator players), Fl1pzjder (Indonesia), and many more.

Valorant Tricks You Must Know

Tricks When Playing Valorant

  • 1. Know the Wallbang Spot
  • 2. Playing Deathmatch Before Compet
  • 3. Phantom vs Vandal
  • 4. Run n Gun Dengan Spectre
  • 5. Using Judge in Smoke
  • 6. Switch Places When You’re An Awper
  • 7. Combine Agent Skills
  • 8. Learn Lineup

1. Know the Wallbang Spot

There are several places in Valorant that you can shoot right through towards the enemy. You can use this, if you don’t get a kill, at least you’ve done damage to the enemy.

2. Always Deathmatch Before Competitive

Don’t play competitive before you play deathmatch. Not without reason, by playing deathmatch, you can warm up first.

You can also check whether the connection is normal or not. Because if you know the internet is interrupted, you can get out of the deathmatch without worrying about getting a penalty .

3. Use of Phantom vs. Vandal

Phantom has a smaller recoil than a vandal, and a higher firing rate than a vandal. Phantom is perfect if you want to do close combat .

As for vandals, the first few bullets are straight, the rest will have recoil . Vandals are suitable as weapons for long-range combat , due to their greater damage .

The rest depends on what you want to use.

4. Run Gun With Specter

Specter is a mini rifle weapon that has a small recoil. In close range, you can run gun (shoot while moving) using specter. This can make it difficult for the enemy to shoot you.

But you also need to note, specter is not suitable for shooting at long distances, because the bullets are not very accurate. Therefore, it is better for you to avoid it and just let the enemy approach itself if there is long-range combat .

5. Combine Judge With Smoke

The use of judge (shotgun) will be more powerful if you combine it with smoke. That is by entering into the smoke.

So instead of going to the enemy, you just have to wait for the enemy to come. For the smoke itself, if you don’t use a controller, you just have to request it to your friends who use a controller.

6. Move around when you’re an Awper

When you use the operator, and miss when shooting, you are advised to move to another spot. Especially if you miss shooting it 2 or 3 times.

By moving places, the enemy will not suspect that there are awpers who are looking at their street spots from other places. So that their potential for being killed will be greater.

7. Combine Agent Skills

There are several agent skills that you can combine, especially when you want to rush the enemy. Like flash Skye, Breach, Omen with Jett ‘s dash , to rush the enemy in fast time.

Or for example like Molly Brimstone and Sage’s slow orb , which makes the enemy burn and can’t move.

8. Learn Lineup

Several types of skills that can be thrown, such as snake bike Viper, Molly Brimstone, shock dart Sova and others, you can learn about the lineup .

The meaning of the lineup here is that you take a position far from the planting spike, then you shoot skills to the spike from a distance. So the enemy will be exposed to damage when defusing .

Those are tips and tricks for playing Valorant to be good at it. Don’t forget to practice if you want to quickly rank up .

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