What is Social Media? – What You Need To Know

What is Social Media about ?

What is Social Media? – What You Need To Know Social media is a collective name for all online platforms that enable interaction between users. Users on social media can communicate with each other through various channels, publish photos and/or videos, share information with each other, enter into a discussion, etc. In addition, social media is often used as a marketing tool.

Social media is not only used for entertainment, social interaction or obtaining information, but is often also used to develop a personal identity or to exert influence or power over others.

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Most social media channels work with a feed. This is based on an algorithm. When a channel is used more and more, the algorithm is basically trained. At some point, the channel notices what the user likes based on likes, comments, and shares. Therefore, the algorithm is different for every user.

A vision on social media in 2022 with a leading role for: conversational marketing, communities, privacy and influencers. 

The Social Media trends for 2022 are not so much about new features, platforms or tools, but about social developments and how the social media landscape is changing as a result. Let’s start with some numbers to highlight how important social media is and how much impact it has:

  • 4.14 billion people use social media every month
  • That’s 53% of the world’s population
  • 4.66 billion people have internet
  • 88.9% of internet users also use social media
  • About 600 million people use social media every day
  • Between 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, social media usage increased by 12.3%
  • Approximate, people use eight many social channels
  • On average, users spend 2 hours and 29 minutes per day on social media

The 7 most visited websites of 2022

The biggest players in the field of social media are: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Every platform is unique, but also has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

If social media is used for business, then it must be determined which platform best suits the organization and which channels are the most interesting.

Choose to adapt content to the type of channel that is used. like Facebook can be used more for informative content and Instagram, on the other hand, can be used more playfully

techjustify.com 1

The list contains no fewer than seven social channels are dominated by social platform

1: YouTube.com 35 billion monthly visitors worldwide

2: Facebook.com22 billion monthly visitors worldwide

4: Twitter.com6.3 Billion Monthly Visitors Worldwide

7: Instagram.com6 billion  monthly visitors worldwide

8: Pinterest.com1 Billion  monthly visitors worldwide

12: Reddit.com950 million monthly visitors worldwide

16: Linkedin.com 980 million monthly visitors worldwide

3. Benefits of Social Media

Millions of people use various social media channels every year and that is the perfect opportunity for you to put your product or service on the map. So it really shouldn’t be a question anymore.

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Techjustify conducts the social media survey every year. techjustify research shows that WhatsApp is (again) the most used platform in 2022 with 2.5 Billion monthly users. No less than 548 million users of this use WhatsApp daily! and followed by Facebook with 21 billion monthly users, of which 2.7 billion use the platform daily. 

One social media channel that is growing very fast is Instagram. In 2022, 6.5 billion monthly people use Instagram, of which 500 million daily.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising agency like We-interactive.com provides the most efficient ways of advertising on social platforms. Advertising on social media sounds simple, but there is a lot involved and you have to take several factors into account which can be done by the professionals like them.

When you advertise on social media, we often call this a social media campaign. This stands or falls with a good social media strategy.

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With a clear strategy you know before you start with social media advertising who your target group is and through which social media channels you can reach them.

A very useful tool for advertising on social media is retargeting. When a person has previously been involved in an ads, we can target subsequent ads in a campaign to these people . This way you can appeal to ‘warm’ customers again.

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) is a form of marketing in which many platforms are used to reach your specific goal. For example, with social media marketing Houston, you can ensure more visitors to your website. Or you can promote a new product to your target audience.

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To achieve your social media marketing goals, it is important to use a good social media strategy.
What is a social media strategy?

A social media strategy describes how you are going to organize, approach and why your social media marketing activities. In a social media strategy you determine your objectives, choice of platform, types of content and, for example, a photography and video style determination.

Does Social Media only have advantages or are there also disadvantages?

  • In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Social media certainly also has disadvantages. Known disadvantages of Social Media are:
  • Fake news, where fraud news was steadily, seen on Facebook.
  • Difficult to make money with social media. It can be difficult for companies to set up a revenue model with Social Media.
  • Tone of voice. Each platform has its own customs and language. You cannot just post a post from Facebook to Twitter, you will have to adapt this to the platform..
  • Algorithms ensure that not everyone sees your updates. For example, the organic reach on Facebook has fallen drastically in recent years; now only about 10-20% of your followers see your updates by default.
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  • Connect and stay in touch with friends and family
  • Build up their social capital (sharing knowledge the aggregate of benefits one receives on the basis of relationships and interactions with others);
  • In addition to these psychosocial benefits, there are also a number of social cognitive and educational consequences associated with using social networking sites:
  • Developing creative skills stimulated by creating and sharing visual material;
  • The development of critical thinking skills and an open mind when the young people’s online network is diverse enough to interact with different diverse opinions and perspectives.
  • This stimulates the development of an open attitude towards other visions and points of view;
  • To form their own identity and sharing knowledge

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