Why Software testing is important in Software Development

Why Software testing is important in software development

Why Software Testing is Important in Software Development – Hello everyone, we all know that, in the software technology industry in particular or any other industry in general, there are always certain working processes.

Building and developing a software system is no exception, we need to follow a basic process: Get requirements, analyze requirements, design the system, build the system ( code) by design, and finally testing.

Yes, these steps are repeated over and over again until the product is completed and delivered. In particular, the testing step is one of the extremely important steps, so in this article, we invite you to join us to learn more!

What is Software Testing?

What is software testing?

As you all know, no software is perfect, no software is without bugs and I believe that no one dares to assert that the software they write will be bug-free.

Therefore, software testing is the process of executing a program with the purpose of finding errors so that the software development team can promptly fix them.

Talking about the purpose, software testing aims to ensure that the software produced will meet the user/customer requirements as accurately as possible.

To become a good software tester, you must have a view from many different angles about the software, so that you can come up with the most cases.

Why Software testing is important in software development

Can’t programmers test the code they write themselves?

Can't programmers test the code they write themselves

In fact, it is not impossible, because programmers also have to unit test the functions they write before handing over to the testing team.

But just at the unit test level, it will not be possible to cover all the errors of the program, and most programmers will often have a more subjective view of the programs they write.

That means they always think the program they wrote is correct and accurate… until the tester lists a bunch of errors and bugs.

That’s why it is necessary to have a testing team – people who understand the profession, have a multi-dimensional and impartial view to be able to detect errors that programmers ignore or do not think about.

Testers are people with a “destructive” mindset?

I know that if we use the word “destruction”, it has something called “negative”, because the purpose of testing is to make the software better, with fewer errors… so how can we call it “” vandalism” is okay right

But if you pay attention, often good testers are people who have very good critical thinking, see problems in many dimensions, and sometimes people have a little “destructive” thinking.

Normally, programmers are people who build and develop software, so they will tend to make the program/software they write the best.

But on the contrary, software testers often tend to “scrutinize the leaves and look for worms”. That means finding bugs to fix, but they don’t care how good the program you wrote is.

Testing will save product maintenance budget later

Testing will save product maintenance budget later

Maintenance and upgrades are almost a must for software products when requirements change, as well as errors that cannot be detected during the development process.

If we do the testing process well, we will limit the occurrence of errors later. The software will even run stably until there are changes in business requirements.

Not only that, during the testing process, we will also check the responsiveness of each module (part) of the system and software.

When developing a new product, we can fully take advantage of previously developed modules. Change to suit business requirements and minimize the need to retest the module.

From there, the budget for product maintenance will also be greatly saved, because the testing process has been guaranteed in advance.

Testing helps create user confidence in the product

No matter how good a programming team you have, you will not dare to “pat your chest” and say “Our product is perfect, there are no bugs, there is no need to test!”

Saying so is like strangling yourself when you want users to trust and use your product.

Especially for product companies, creating trust for users in the product is one of the most important strategies.

Users have many choices. If a product is convenient for them and they can trust, they will use it. Of course.

Therefore, the role of the testing team is very important in ensuring product quality, thereby creating trust from users.

A good testing team is like an affirmation of how confident you are when it comes to your product.

Testing helps secure the software development process

As I stated from the beginning about the general process in software development, testing is a mandatory step and plays the most important role.

We cannot create a quality software product without testing. So why does testing help secure the software development process?

First, it is a step in the process. Second, testing is like a condition of a software development cycle.

This means that if the development process encounters an error, go back and fix it (fix the code, adjust the design, review the requirements…) otherwise, complete it and continue.

Without testing we will not be able to know when and how to stop the software development process.

#7. Conclusion

Yes, so in this article, together with you, I have answered the questionof why Software testing is important in the process.

In fact, there are many aspects we have not mentioned about the role of testing. But if you want to be a good programmer, you shouldn’t just focus on coding.

Think about how to perfect your product, and to do that, first pay attention to testing. See you again in the next articles!

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