Windows 10 – Changing the System time and date Automatically

Windows 10 - Changing the System time and date Automatically [2022]

Windows 10 – Changing the System time and date on the laptop – Indirectly, a laptop that has been reinstalled will reset itself to the time and date.

Therefore you have to set the clock on the laptop to match the current state of the clock.

Not to mention that if the time changes, the time zone and date on our windows will also change, for that you can change the clock format.

If the date on your computer cannot be changed, in other words, it is difficult to change to the current date, maybe this tutorial can help you all in setting the clock and date format on Windows 10, Windows 8, and windows 7.

Why didn’t I mention windows 8? because basically windows 8 is almost the same even very similar to windows 10, so I won’t mention it so that windows 8 users can follow win 10 users.

This is my experience in setting the date and time on a desktop device.

You can use any PC, assembled or laptop. Laptop brands include Asus, Lenovo, HP, and so on.

I had this problem when I finished reinstalling, at that time I didn’t know that the time and date were not in sync with me when I put it on my cellphone. 

Windows 10 - Changing the System time and date Automatically [2022]
Windows 10 – Changing the System time and date Automatically

I found out when I wanted to open WhatsApp web, there was a notification that the date and time had expired.

Changing the System time and date

So there I thought, there seems to be a problem, then I find out why it happened to me.

It turned out that the date and time (time) settings on my laptop had manual settings (not automatic).

To find out how, my friend can see the tutorial below because it is specifically for friends who want to make the time automatically so it is not in manual settings.

This automatically depends on the local network, so if you want automatic settings, you must provide a network such as wifi. You can use free wifi or tethering results from a smartphone.

You can change the format of the automatic time and date settings by setting them in your respective windows settings.

I can only give an example for windows 10, so Windows 7 users can follow the flow.

I do not recommend for you to turn on the internet on your laptop or computer’s wifi device.

The trick this time doesn’t require wifi or anything like that because you can do settings to change the time/date offline without the help of any network.

Many say that the way to set the clock on a laptop so that it doesn’t change will be replaced by itself (before it is changed to now). But I have proven it works using this setting method, just try it if you don’t believe it.

How to set the clock and date on all windows laptops so they don’t change

I realized that my watch is a bit confused from the real watch I’m wearing.

At that time the laptop clock and the date were 1 day different, so I tried to fix these two features because they really affected my daily activities on the laptop.

That’s why I don’t hesitate to share my experience of changing the laptop’s clock and date because it has been proven to work on the Windows 10 Pro version.

How to set the clock and date on all windows laptops so they dont change 1
Windows 10 – Changing the System time and date Automatically

For those who can’t wait, we will review a little so that the material this time is not entangled with the vocabulary that I use.

Here’s a tutorial on how to fix and Changing the System time and date.

  • Automatic Time and Zone Setting
  • Setting Time, Date and Time zone

How to Automatically Set Time and Zone

  1. Turn on the laptop or computer that you use if you previously turned off your device.
  2. You can immediately take action so you can replace it easily. Then you can hover over the clock in the lower right corner of your monitor screen, then right click.
  3. After right-clicking, a display like the one below will appear, you can look for the Adjust Data/Time menu. That’s where you can set the turn of the hour, date, day, and month.
  4. Then you can select the Set time automatically button and set time zone automatically.
  5. Enjoy! Now your computer has automatically set the date and time.
How to Automatically Set Time and Zone 1
Windows 10 – Changing the System time and date Automatically

How to Set Time, Date and Time Zone

  • Just like method numbers 1 to 3 above, please repeat or if you’ve been there since then, just follow this next step.
  • Turn off set time zone automatically.
  • Then select the time zone column.
  • Search according to your location, if in india it is UTC +05:30 Chennai,kolkata,Mumbai,New Delhi.
  • Just click on that option.
  • Your laptop can be set freely and congratulations, the laptop has been successfully repaired, the problem of time and day.
How to Automatically Set Time and Zone 2 1
Windows 10 – Changing the System time and date Automatically

There are two factors that affect the inaccuracy of the zone, time and day (date) on your device, namely the laptop has been reinstalled and you forgot to turn on the automatic settings. You can overcome this in the two ways above.

What are the benefits of setting it to automatic? Yes, obviously a lot, buddy, you don’t have to bother thinking about the expiration date on the WA web or something like that.

So no more failing to enter because it is constrained by the date and time that is less or more than the standard.

You can find these benchmarks through your cellphone, and even then if your cellphone has been set automatically.

If it’s still factory default, it’s still auto settings, so just see what time it is on your smartphone and then match it on your laptop or PC.


Thus my brief review in repairing your laptop and computer problems.

That way your time and date are right in the time zone you live in.

If you want automatic, you can use the first method, if you want the manual one, you can use the second method.

Thank you for reading the article on how to set the time, date, day automatically on Windows 10, Windows 8, and 7 laptops.

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