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YouTube Blue APK

YouTube Blue APK – One alternative application from YouTube that is starting to be widely used by the public is YouTube Blue APK. This application can be relied upon because it has more advantages compared to the original application. That’s why the YouTube Blue APK download is much sought after by the public.

If you are interested in using the YouTube Blue application. It is recommended to read this article from beginning to end. That way you can find out what to do so that this application can be installed properly and is useful.

Besides that, you also have to pay attention to some tips that will be discussed at the end of this discussion. That way you can maximize whatever is there and this application can be used as a YouTube alternative that really provides the most advanced features.

Overview of YouTube Blue APK

YouTube Blue APK is an alternative to the modified application. If on WhatsApp we know each other GB WhatsApp. More or less this application is almost the same, namely by providing some changes to the main application without making major changes.

By design, this modification application is almost the same as standard YouTube, which is usually installed on cellphones. It’s just that a little change that occurs is the background color of this application changes to blue. That’s why the app is named YouTube blue because the original YouTube usually has a red signature.

This application provides several advantages that can be utilized optimally by its users. So when watching videos it works really well. In fact, you won’t even suspect that this application is really useful and must have been installed several years ago.

However, when using this application it is better to always pay attention to the version used. It is highly recommended to use the latest version, although you usually have to wait a few months to get it. Usually the latest version follows the most recent version from YouTube.

If you want to use this application, it is recommended to use a cellphone that already has perfect specifications. At least you already have 2GB of RAM to be able to play videos properly and won’t cause crashes or other problems.

Features of YouTube Blue APK

The features of the YouTube blue APK are quite attractive to the public. To find out what features this application has, you should listen to this discussion.

1. No Ads

When using standard YouTube, one of the things that makes many people feel uncomfortable is the presence of a large number of advertisements. Even the video that is being played is not finished, advertisements have appeared several times and it is quite disturbing to concentrate.

This sort of thing happens a lot and makes some people uncomfortable using standard YouTube. Moreover, those who use this application are children who will most likely feel uncomfortable if they are disturbed when advertisements appear.

One alternative to overcome this is to use the YouTube blue application. This application is very useful so that it can be used for various needs such as viewing various programs in full without any delay at all.

So especially for those who want to watch any type of video without long duration ads. How to use this application to watch in full from start to finish without being interrupted at all.

2. Can Download

If you are lazy to watch online or because the connection is not very stable, streaming often has problems. You can immediately select the various types of videos that are here when doing a search by pressing the download button that is already available there.

Right there is a choice how big the size of the file that will be downloaded later. While waiting for the download you can use another application because the process will run automatically. After finishing the video can be played immediately without having to rotate the screen first.

Sooner or later when doing stupid processes depending on the resolution to be selected. The higher the resolution of the downloaded video, the longer the download process will likely be. Conversely, if the size or resolution is small, the download speed will be high.

3. Plays in the Background

When using the main application. Usually it will be difficult when rotating on the background. If the YouTube application is not opened directly or in addition to opening another application, it will close by itself so that I will not be able to play it.

If you use this application, the video may not be able to play directly. But you can still hear the sound or music that is in there. So you won’t have any problems because you can use it to support your work.

For example, when you are going to do work, you want to listen to music like working on a computer. This application can be used to do just that. So, you won’t get the entertainment you want without experiencing any difficulties at all.

4. Pop Up Player

Besides being able to be used to play music in the background while doing anything. This application can also be used to play videos in the form of pop ups. This means you can play in a smaller frame and can be moved anywhere as long as it’s still on the screen.

That’s why this app is perfect for those who like to enjoy everything at the same time. So you will allow this application to display the screen on top of other applications. So you can enjoy any video without having to open the application.

This feature is very useful because you can get complete entertainment in the form of videos. In addition, by utilizing this feature you can also save more battery. Because the power required tends to be smaller than opening the application directly.

5. Zoom In dan Zoom Out

The next feature that this application has is that it can zoom in or zoom out. If you use standard YouTube you won’t be able to do that. But if you use this modification application you can zoom in or out.

So whatever is seen in the video is seen very clearly. For example, there are some parts that cannot be seen clearly, you can make the size directly. So the video plays bigger even though it doesn’t use the landscape screen.

6. Mode Video HDR

If you watch videos from standard YouTube, there is usually a solution, the videos won’t always be good. It also adjusts to the type of connection you have. If the conditions are good enough usually the speed will also be high. If the opposite happens usually the speed will drop.

If you use this application, various types of videos will usually have high resolution or HD. So all the videos in the collection can be enjoyed in high quality. So you can enjoy the picture to the fullest including the audio.

If you want to use this feature it is recommended to have a stable connection. If the connection you have is unstable. It will be difficult to play any type of video. So adjust the connection again with the resolution of the video that will be watched later.

If you use a connection from wi-fi it will usually adjust itself. So the videos you can watch later can be maximized or can be adjusted to your liking.

7. Varied Themes

The theme of this application is quite varied, although in general it has a blue color. Why the name of this YouTube is YouTube Blue. But to customize an existing theme, everyone can do it without difficulty.

In the end, this sufficient movement theme will make someone not bored when they want to enjoy various types of shows. Moreover, some people feel uncomfortable with blue or some other colors that tend to be brighter.

So you can replace what is there yourself according to your needs or convenience. By doing this you don’t need to switch to the main application again because the themes used are sometimes not pleasing to the eye. So you have to do the tinkering yourself.

YouTube Blue APK Download

If you want to do the download process, it is recommended to follow the steps below.

  • Use Google Chrome or Browser which is often used on cellphones.
  • Open Google first, then you can directly type the keyword YouTube blue APK.
  • After doing that several sites will appear that are considered to have the highest rating.
  • You can choose one that is there to go inside.
  • After that, you can immediately press the download button that is already available.
  • Wait for the download process to run from start to finish.
  • When it’s finished, don’t do the installation first but wait for the process of changes to the system.

For the download link from the application, you can also use the link provided in the table below.

Application NameYouTube Blue APK download
File Size33 MB
Link DownloadCLICK HERE

How to Install the Application

Installation of applications originating from unknown sources must follow the steps below. Otherwise the application will be rejected by the system immediately.

Changing Mobile Security

The first thing to do is change the security on any Android phone. To do that you can follow the steps below.

  • Enter first in the settings or settings available on all Android cellphones. Usually every cellphone will have different specifications, but in general the location is the same.
  • Once inside you can make the screen down to find additional settings or additional settings.
  • After entering you can tempt to sail again down to find security or security.
  • The security section will have a few minutes and one of them will be: install from unknown sources.
  • You must activate this section first if you want to make the download process easy.
  • If it was active before, you can ignore it.

APK installation

APK installation can be done by following the steps below.

  • Enter first into the file manager that is already owned by the cellphone.
  • After doing that you can immediately look for the download folder.
  • Inside there will be the APK file of the YouTube Blue app.
  • After finding the application you can press once to start the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation process to run until it’s finished.
  • After that, you can immediately open this application to watch videos.

Tips for Maximizing the YouTube Blue Application

If you want to maximize this application according to your needs, you can follow the following tips. See in full so that this application can be more useful than standard YouTube.

1. Consider an Update

Consider always updating regularly at least once a month. This application will experience development and updates so that the various types of features in it will experience changes and improvements.

So you have to do the latest version first. If not available then can use the old version. But at least once a month, try to find out if there has been an update or not.

2. Use the Perfect Connection

Use a stable connection when going to do the training or download process. A stable connection will make it easier for you to view the various types of videos that are there. Moreover, the videos there are very complete and very similar to those on YouTube.

Besides that, a stable connection is also useful to facilitate the download process. Moreover, the video solution that is owned is quite high and has a long duration.

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3. Erase Data Periodically

When you have successfully downloaded it and have finished watching it, it is better to delete it periodically. This method is done to avoid the memory on the cellphone being full by itself.

So make sure to delete it regularly at least once a week. By doing this the application can be utilized more optimally.

4. Select Resolution of Video

When going through the download process, try selecting the resolution of the video. This resolution selection is made to make it easier for you when downloading and can also be adjusted according to the connection you have.

If the connection is stable and uses Wi-Fi, the highest resolution can be selected. If you use a cellphone connection, you can use a lower resolution.

5. Pay attention to the RAM you have

Note the RAM used by this phone. By paying attention to this first, you will prevent the force close process from occurring from several applications. So, pay attention beforehand when using this application, especially when using video pop-ups.

If you want to carry out the process, it is recommended to remove other applications from the background. There is only this application that is running and one other application that is used, for example, an application for work. If left unchecked can make all applications unable to work.

Why when it’s going to work it’s better to delete the others first. So it will only focus on applications for work and applications used for listening to music, namely YouTube Blue.

In general, it can be concluded that the YouTube Blue APK download application is a very useful alternative. By using this site you can watch various types of videos that you like and can even make the download process faster.

When using a standard application such a thing seems to happen, let alone download it. However, if you want to use this application, it is better to be careful, especially since the application is not. One possibility that can occur is the entry of a virus or malware.

Apart from that, there is also the possibility that this application will secretly collect data from the cellphone that is owned. So it’s better to be careful and before doing the installation process. It’s better to do a scan first. If there are no problems, it can be directly installed on the cellphone.

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