10 Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC 2022

10 Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC 2021

Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC – Do you often use the internet from a PC or laptop computer? Be careful with malware threats (malicious software). 

Malware is a malicious program that often infiltrates the system. Therefore, your PC or Laptop must install the best anti-malware.

Malware is enough to harm the system on your computers, such as theft of data or other important information. What exactly is malware? Is there a best anti-malware that can prevent the worst from happening? Find out the answer here. 

10 Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC 2022

  • 10 Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC 2022
    • 1. Norman Malware Cleaner
    • 2. Total AV
    • 3. Malwarebytes
    • 4. Adw Cleaner
    • 5. ComboFix
    • 6. Microsoft Safety Scanner
    • 7. Sophos Home
    • 8. BitDefender 
    • 9. Kaspersky Antivirus
    • 10. McAfee Total Protection

Malware at a Glance 

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Malware is a term for malicious and malicious software and Malware can be spread through various means, such as the internet, email, or websites. Many computers and websites are victims of malware. 

Malware is the parent of several hacker programs, namely trojans, spyware, computer viruses, worms and others. That’s the reason, you need the best anti-malware to prevent this software from damaging the computer system. 

Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for Laptop

1. Norman Malware Cleaner

The first recommendation is Norman Malware Cleaner. This anti-malware software for laptops and computers can remove malware contained in computer systems without the need for confirmation. 

10 Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC 2021

Norman anti-malware software is also able to restore the registry that has been infected. The following are the advantages of Norman Malware Cleaner, including:

  • Can clean systems that have been infected by malware
  • Removes malware on disk
  • Repairing a corrupted registry
  • Improve the function of the firewall

2. Total AV

TotalAV’s software is still relatively new, but its ability to deal with malware can compete with others. TotalAv can protect your computer system from malware in its totality. 

In addition, this PC anti-malware application is also complete with several additional features, such as:

  • Safe site, which functions not to help you from fake and phishing sites. So you can prevent hackers from stealing your important data information. 
  • Password Vault can keep login credentials safe
  • Safe Browsing
  • Performance & optimization tools can help clean your hard disk and help your PC run more smoothly. 

3. Malwarebytes

Is one of the best anti-malware in 2022. This software is very easy for you to use and you can customize and is able to protect your PC from viruses to the maximum.

10 Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC 2021


You can try using this anti-malware for free for 14 days. However, the free version is only able to protect the computer in real time. If you need the best 100% protection, then you have to have Malwarebytes Premium first. 

4. Adw Cleaner

Adwcleaner is an anti-malware application that can detect all infections. This application is quite light but still able to eliminate PUP, or piracy. 

You only need a minute to destroy all the malware on the computer. 

5. ComboFix

ComboFix is ​​a free anti-malware that is quite effective and accurate at eliminating malware threats. This application can clean malware with a fairly high success rate. 

Although it looks old school because of its simple interface, it is really efficient at cleaning malware from your PC. 

10 Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC 2021

Unfortunately, this application cannot run on Windows 8.1 and 10. 

6. Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft launched the best anti-malware software that you can download and install for free and is portable, namely Microsoft Safety Scanner. 

Although it looks simple, it is quite effective and efficient to clean malware. 

You can download this software for 10 days, then have to re-download it if you want to use it another day.  

7. Sophos Home

Sophos Home is one of the best free anti-malware recommendations that you can choose. Windows and Mac users can use Sophos Home to protect their computers from malware, ransomware, viruses or adware attacks. 

10 Best Anti-Malware Recommendations for PC 2021

Some IT experts also recommend Sophos Home as the best anti-malware. Because this software is able to detect suspicious activity or indicated as malware. 

8. BitDefender

The name Bitdefender must be familiar to the ear as one of the best anti-malware. 

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Bitdefender is not only capable of dealing with malware but also dangerous viruses on computers. 

9. Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus is quite popular to protect your device from the beginning. This software focuses on removing viruses and protecting your PC from malware. 

9. Kaspersky Antivirus

The advantage of this software is that it is easy for you to run with a user-friendly interface. So without the hassle of learning it first. 

For the premium version, you can pay $14.99 only. 

10. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is equipped with complete features to protect your device from malware. With a friendly interface, it’s no wonder that many are using this anti-malware. 

McAfee Total Protection claims to be able to protect your PC thanks to the Cloud-Based Threat. 

In addition, this anti-malware can also block ads that usually appear when you surf the internet. 


Thus the review of the 10 best anti-malware recommendations that you can use to protect your computer from malware. You can try one by the software above to find the most suitable and best.

Don’t forget to only visit websites that have SSL so that they are always safe from malware threats. Good luck!

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