10 Best Fitness Apps of 2023

10 Best Fitness Apps

10 Best Fitness Apps of 2023 – Who doesn’t want to have a nice body? Yes, everyone certainly wants an ideal body shape. Especially for men themselves, you can train them through fitness applications.

With this application, you can get the ideal body by doing your own exercise program at home, such as doing push ups, sit ups, running, and many more.

How to? Yep, of course you need the best fitness application that techjustify has filtered below.

10 Best Fitness Apps of 2023

1. Thirty Day Fitness Challenge

The first fitness application is occupied by the Thirty Day Fitness Challenge. This app by  NorthPark is helpful for anyone who wants to scientifically improve fitness and health.

Yep, the challenge given is for 30 days. Within a full month, later you have to do various exercises that have been provided routinely, such as 30 days of abdominal exercises, buttocks exercises, full body exercises, and so on.

Each exercise is divided into 3 levels of sections, some are available for beginner to professional levels. If you do it regularly and effectively for a full month, then the results you get will show themselves, especially your physical condition.

2. Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & Bodybuilding is an app that allows you to build body parts in no time. How to? Here, of course, you have to follow an exercise program according to your needs.

There are various types of sports that you can choose later, such as bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, and many more. The body exercise training is presented very perfectly, which later you can see a detailed explanation through video tutorials.

One of the important features in this application is Seated Rows. Where in this feature you will be able to see the process or progress of your exercise training, for example, such as seeing the progress of your weight.

3. 7 Minute Workout

Believe it or not, just by exercising for 7 minutes you will get the ideal body. This application made by  Simple Design invites you to do bodyweight training to get the body shape you want.

Here there are 12 kinds of training that have their respective benefits, such as Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Squats, Wall sits, and others. Later you are given 30 seconds to practice, and 10 seconds to rest for each type of sport that exists.

To get maximum results, do bodyweight training regularly. Yep, of course, only with 7 minutes each day.

4. Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

This one application is perfect for those of you who want to have a six pack body, but don’t have to come to the gym. This application also helps you to improve overall fitness to get the ideal body weight.

You can find various training methods here, starting from training the muscle strength of the legs, stomach, hands, and many more. Later you have to undergo the training in accordance with the specified time in order to get maximum results.

Interestingly,  the Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout is also equipped with music features . Where later you can exercise while listening to the music you want. Exercising makes you more enthusiastic for sure.

5. Runtastic Running & Fitness

Basically Runtastic Running & Fitness only provides Running and Basic Workout training programs  . Which later you can improve body fitness by running or by doing fitness exercises to get the ideal body.

In the running program itself, it is equipped with the Runtastic GPS feature. This feature functions to track the distance traveled while you are running, as well as see the track you are running on the map that has been provided.

Oh yes, through the  Leaderboard feature later you can find out how much mileage your friends have run. That way maybe you can be motivated again to get the ideal body weight.

6. Google Fit

Needless to say, this application made by Google has been widely trusted in terms of improving body fitness by doing certain activities. Google Fit invites you to run various body fitness programs, such as walking, running, cycling, and others.

In addition, this application is also equipped with a tracked feature, where later it can track speed, routes, steps, and so on when you are running a fitness program. So that later you can be motivated to be even more active.

Before starting the training, you will be asked to choose which program you want to run, including Take 10,000 steps, Active for 30 minutes, or Run 3 times every week. Whatever exercise program you want to run, you must do it regularly according to the set time.

7. Push Ups Workout

Push Ups Workout is a fitness exercise application at home specifically for training your arm and chest muscles, namely by doing Push Ups.

You can adjust the training program provided in this fitness application based on your age. Actually, it’s not just Push Ups  training , here you can also do other fitness programs, such as Sit Ups, Squats, and Pull Ups.

Later you can see a detailed track record of the training program that you have undertaken. Interested in doing it?

8. Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer

For those of you who like to come to the gym, then you are obligated to have the  Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer application. The reason is that this application made by Fintess22 helps you to do various types of weight equipment in the gym in the right way.

The training tutorial provided here is also explained in detail, namely in the form of pictures or writing. That way, you no longer need a fitness trainer when you come to the gym.

You can see the progress of your own training later specifically through the gym tracker feature. Before starting an exercise program, you must determine the weight according to your body so that later this fitness program can run perfectly.

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9. Virtuagym Fitness Tracker

In accordance with the title of the application, in Virtuagym Fitness Tracker you can do more than 5000 exercises in the form of videos and instructions. You can also track sports progress and weight during the training period.

You can train any aspect of the body you want, starting from the body, arms, legs, and so on. So far, this application has been successfully downloaded by more than 5 million Android users in various corners of the world.

10. FitCoach

This at-home fitness application is called FitCoach. This app is perfect for users who want to start a new lifestyle. There is also fitness within 30 days which is effective for your target body.

This application also provides sports for men and women. No less interesting too, you will be presented with a menu of good and healthy food for consumption.


Those are the best fitness apps for Android that can help you stay in shape and get a six pack body . To get maximum results, do the exercise program that you choose properly and regularly.

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