10 Best Apps to Make Instagram Stories

10 Best Apps to Make Instagram Stories

10 Best Apps to Make Instagram Stories – Do you want to make different and personalized Instagram Stories? Create your own templates to publish in Stories or make animated Stories?

If so, you’re in the right place because I’m going to share with you 10 apps to make original Instagram Stories! Whether you are looking for the best video editor or the best application to create templates, in this article you will find suggestions for your case.

10 Best Apps to Make Instagram Stories

1. Canva

Canva is one of my favorite options for creating Instagram Stories. In addition to being very intuitive, complete and easy to use, Canva has lots of ready-to-use and adaptable templates .

In Canva itself, you can search for “Instagram Story” and you’ll have access to tons of templates, divided and presented by different categories – some with image collages, others with animations or blocks of text.

There is a desktop version (that is, you can access it through the computer) or through the mobile application. You can access Canva to create your Instagram Stories through this link:  canva.com

2. Spark

Adobe’s Spark is an excellent app to create your Stories. It has several models and templates that you can use as a starting point – some of these options are free and others are paid.

The biggest difference compared to Canva is that in Spark we can animate the various elements : the images, the visual elements, the backgrounds and the text. And there are several types of animation available .

If you want to create animated Instagram Stories, Spark is definitely one of the options you have to consider and test!

Like Canva, you can access Spark both through the website, on your computer, and through the app, on your phone. You can access Spark to create and edit your Instagram Stories through this link: spark.adobe.com

3. Easil

Easil is an excellent site for creating Instagram Stories. It is very easy to use, has specific templates for Stories and has a lot of variety in terms of different layouts.

Personally, I think it has different and original design options (compared to Canva) and therefore I also consider it an excellent option – particularly if you are looking for a differentiating look.

As with Canva and Spark, there are free templates and paid templates.

Unlike Canva and Spark, it has no app and is only available through the website. You can create your Stories using the following link:  about.easil.com

4. Inshot

Another excellent app or application is Inshot. Inshot is perfect if you want to make Instagram Stories on video . Btw this is an excellent editor for Reels too!

With this application we can adapt the size of images or videos to different formats: for example, if we have a YouTube video that we want to adapt to Instagram Stories, Inshot is capable of doing so.

In addition to having the ability to edit images and videos to the Instagram Stories format (9:16), Inshot has different visual elements to make stories even more special, such as emojis, filters, text or music. Some of these elements are paid.

To access this application search for “Inshot” in the App Store or Play Store.


Another great application to make Instagram Stories is MOJO. Unlike all the other suggestions I shared with you before, which allow for a number of other features and uses (in addition to Instagram), the MOJO app is 100% dedicated to Instagram content and Stories.

For this very reason, it offers a series of possibilities, with different types of layouts, templates and animations.

Undoubtedly an application worth exploring to create your Stories – static or animated. Search for “Mojo” in the App Store or Play Store.

6. Stories Edit

Stories Edit has tons of templates that you can use to create your Instagram Stories. For me, the most interesting parts of this application are the careful design of the layouts and templates and the fact that it has a lot of variety when it comes to the types of stories it covers.

The templates are organized by different categories like classic, fashion, food, photography, product, quotes, tutorials and writing.

Another positive part is that this application has collections and there you can find a series of templates for stories that are consistent with each other, but perfect for different uses.

If you want to develop your own Instagram Stories Templates (with questions for your audience to answer) this app also has some options within this genre.

To download this application search for “StoriesEdit” in the App Store or Play Store.

7. GoDaddy Studio 

Another suggestion I have for you is Over. This application is quite complete – it not only has templates and layouts for Instagram Stories, but also Facebook posts, flyers, posters, logos, advertisements or invitations.

Some of the templates are only available with a PRO account, but there are some options for free Instagram Stories (look for the yellow ribbon in the upper left corner that says “FREE”).

Once the template is selected you can edit or replace the image, place text or other visual elements. It’s quite intuitive and easy to use.

To download this application search for “Over” in the App Store or Play Store.

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8. Nichi

Another very interesting application to create Stories is Nichi. This application has a different feel compared to the others, with very aesthetically pleasing, modern and minimalist layouts . If you like this kind of Instagram Stories then this application is for you.

It’s not as intuitive to use because there’s no template categorization system. To choose the template you want to use, you simply have to scroll until you find an option you like – there is no possibility to search for keywords or browse a category.

To download this application search for “Nichi” in the App Store or Play Store.

9. Unfold

The Unfold application is also an excellent resource for creating Instagram Stories – especially if they are very visual (in a collage style) . This application offers different types of layouts and the basic formats are all free. There are other options that are paid, but the free version is sufficient and quite interesting.

To access this application, search for “Unfold” in the App Store or Play Store.

10. Jane

My last suggestion for you is a very interesting and different application called Jane.

The app is of Chinese origin (that’s why it has Chinese characters in several templates) but it also has an English version. Jane has hundreds of templates, allows you to include videos and make collages .

Regarding this app, I particularly liked the minimalist templates, being perfect to create Stories with image collages.

To download this application search for “Jane” in the App Store or Play Store.

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