10 Best Home Design Apps For Android

Best Home Design Apps

10 Best Home Design Apps For Android – You can now download the home design application on Android via the Google Play Store. Of course, there are applications that are paid or can be accessed for free.

Through the home design Apps, you can learn to design your own home on the basis of high creativity. On the other hand, this can also help you when you later create a real house design. No need to hire a professional designer who costs a lot.

In addition, the home design application can be a learning place to understand the design as well as reveal the dream of a nice and attractive house. Of course, the features offered by each application are various.

Welcome to Techjustify and here are 10 home design apps for Android!

10 Home Design Apps For Android

1. Fusion 360

Fusion 360 was released by Autodesk which can now be run via Android smartphones. At first the application was only devoted to computer equipment for architects.

In this application users can draw houses with advanced editing tools, but must open the DWG file first. In addition to offering a free version, Fusion 360 also provides a Pro version that must be paid for.

Download Free

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2. Planner 5D – Interior Design

The Planner 5D application is used to create interior and exterior dream home designs. Interestingly, you can change the design of the house in 2D or 3D so that it looks very charming.

There are hundreds of catalog features of the property to use for free. If you are planning to create a house design project, try learning home design through the Planner 5D application.


3. Floor Plan Creato

Floor Plan Creator is an application made specifically for drawing house plans.

The various tools offered by the application are quite adequate to be used to design a house. There is also an additional interesting feature, namely furniture to be placed in the house.

In addition, there are In-App Product features that can be enjoyed when you buy it. Of course it is very satisfying when you run this one application.


4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

The next type of home design application on Android is House Interior Design Ideas. Running this application will inspire you to design a home according to your family’s dream. Moreover, there are already more than 12 million high-resolution photos, so that they are able to present the interior and exterior design of the house.

Not only that, there is also a feature called Sketch that allows users to design houses directly through photos.


5. 3D Small House Design

This is the 3D Small House Design application that offers a small and minimalist home design. You can make a small house design very comfortably.

In addition, you can design the house in 3D so that it looks more alive. The application is able to make its users learn home design gradually.


6. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is an application that allows you to plan house plans. Only by using this app you don’t need to draw.

You simply add various design things, such as properties, objects, and so on. MagicPlan is considered an application that is suitable for use as beginners and professionals, because it is easy to run optimally.


7. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is applied to make home renovations and home designs easier. Thanks to advanced features, you can make the interior and exterior of your home even better.

The features referred to in this application, for example the basic features of editing, editing objects, changing the size, position, color, decorating the outdoor and designing the interior of the house in the form of 2G/3G.


8. Design Home: Real Home Decor

Do you have aspirations to become an architect? Try downloading the Design Home application so you can learn home design in the high-end category.

This application offers a variety of interesting and unique features, such as designing luxury homes and expensive furniture in it. Of course, you can create a dream home design according to your creativity.


9. Home Design 3D: My Dream Home

Home Design 3D: My Dream Home which is used to design a special form of apartment. If you want to have an apartment, then you can try this application as a learning stage to design a room design.

The features used are like decorating the bedroom, so it can be an interesting reference for the design of your apartment.


10. My Home Design : Modern House

The last home design application is My Home Design : Modern House. There are more than 600 features of very modern minimalist home designs. Of course, you can get your dream home at will, especially with a minimalist room design.

Other features used can make the design of the house look beautifubut it depends on your own creativity.


Thus the home design application on Android that can be used as a reference. You can also hide all of the above applications with so that others don’t find out. Good luck, and don’t forget to share!

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