How to cancel an Order on AliExpress?

How to cancel an Order on AliExpress?

How to cancel an Order on AliExpress?AliExpress is one of the giants in online sales in the world. If you made a mistake with your order when buying through this platform or you change your mind about an item, discover how easy it is to cancel an Order on AliExpress.

One of the few negative points of online shopping is that, since we do not have the physical product, we depend on the descriptions and opinions to know that some item is the one we want or fulfills the function we need,

That is why it may happen that in an oversight by mistake, a customer bought something that wasn’t what they intended to buy or maybe they chose a different size than they should have, or a different color than they wanted, or they just changed their mind about buying it. 

If this is your case, don’t worry, here we will explain what to do to Cancel an Order on AliExpress (whatever the reason) . AliExpress is one of the most used shopping platforms in the world. 

Cancel the order when the payment is being verified 

The first thing to mention is that the faster you decide to cancel the order, the better , if the purchase process still goes through the “payment verification”, then the cancellation will be easy.

If the payment has not been verified, what you should do is enter your account, go to “my orders”, press “see details” on the items you want to cancel , you just have to click on an option that indicates cancel the order ,

Then you must select the reason or motive, among several that are exposed to you, for which to cancel an Order on AliExpress ; and send the information. And the action will be done immediately. 

Cancel after payment verification

When you make a purchase through AliExpress , you can track the stages of your order at the moment that the store indicates that the package has already been sent, the option to cancel will no longer appear,

But this does not necessarily mean that the package has already been sent, many sellers change the status before actually sending it, so you can not cancel , (of course, not all) in the same way the seller will accept the cancellation or not.

In many cases, it is likely that it has been sent, in which case the seller will not cancel the order . If it has not been sent, you must send a private message explaining the reasons for your cancellation.

But the decision about canceling an Order on AliExpress , as mentioned before, will be in the hands of the seller. 

money back 

When a purchase is made, the payment is held by AliExpress , which means that, at the time of reimbursement , (because the cancellation of the purchase implies the return of the money ),

The platform is in charge of carrying out the procedure. The money return time is between 3 to 15 days, This will depend on the bank and the payment method used. 

If you want to track the return of your money, you must enter the “see details” section and then enter the “finances” tab, an indicator of the process will appear there, when the three points turn orange, it means that your money has already been paid.

Coupon return

If your canceled purchase was made with coupons , there is the possibility of recovering the coupons , as long as they are from AliExpress , and the cancellation is for all the items that were purchased with said coupon.

In these cases, the coupons are usually returned , but if the coupons are from the sellers, they have an expiration date, and you only canceled some of the items you bought with this discount, the coupon will not be returned. 

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