10+ Best Online Ruler Apps and Sites 2022

10+ Best Online Ruler Apps and Sites 2022

10+ Best Online Ruler Apps and Sites on Android Phones 2022 – Many people are now looking for a ruler application online. 

For those who are still in school or students who are majoring in architecture or engineering, a ruler is a very important tool. The shape itself varies from long, triangular, or round.

Today there are many applications that can be found anywhere that can turn a mobile phone into a measuring tool or convert it from one unit to another. 

To use it is also very simple because it can also be done to measure larger objects easily with only a cellphone.

List of contents :

  • Recommended Online Ruler Apps and Sites
    • 1 Ruler by Xalpha Lab
    • 2 Ruler by NixGame
    • 3 Ruler App by Nikola Kosev
    • 4 ImageMeter
    • 5 EasyMeasure
    • 6 GPS Fields Area Measure
    • 7 Smart Ruler Pro
    • 8 Prime Ruler
    • 9 Ruler by ExaMobile SA
    • 10 Various Free Online Ruler Sites
  • The final word

Recommended Online Ruler Application

The developers do not stop innovating by making various online ruler measuring tools that are increasingly sophisticated. 

The goal is to make it easier for anyone who needs a measuring tool that is sufficiently functional. 

It’s possible that he hasn’t bought a physical ruler yet and using an online ruler is a temporary solution.

The thing to remember is that this online ruler application is of course the function is to measure according to estimates only. 

In order to show a more accurate result, you can use a real ruler measuring device. Here are some of these Online Ruler Apps and Sites:

1. Ruler by Xalpha Lab

The first online ruler application that you can use is Ruler by Xalpha Lab. To measure this app is called one of the best. 

Before using it, you must first calibrate the ruler so that the measurement results are more accurate. 

You do this by using coins or credit cards. After that, you can next measure anything!

10+ Best Online Ruler Apps and Sites 2022

The interesting thing that you can get from the Ruler by Xalpha Lab application is that its use is free. 

But unfortunately, the objects that can be measured are limited and only as big as the size of the cellphone screen.

2. Ruler by NixGame

You can get the next 10, 20 to 30 cm online ruler from the developer Ruler by NixGame which can be used as a measuring tool. 

Although the name can be said to be similar to other applications, it is indeed simple. It means that the purpose of the application can be obtained, namely to measure.

The accuracy that you can get from this online ruler application is quite precise and easy to use. 

What’s more, the appearance of the application is also very attractive. You can also change the unit converter from inches to mm or vice versa. 

So if you need a measurement with another scale this is possible.

3. Ruler App by Nikola Kosev

Furthermore, there is an application called Ruler App by Nikola Kosev for measurement purposes. 

This application can measure all objects with a mobile phone screen easily and has a more modern graphic display. 

In addition to better responsiveness, this application is also simple and easy to use. You can also save the measurement results on the clipboard.

4. ImageMeter

ImageMeter is another online line tool and you can use it to measure various objects around you. 

The difference with other measurement applications, here you can find out how the approximate size of the photo. 

You can take measurements of other objects as well as calibration.

For example, you want to know what the size of a room is both in height and width. Can be placed first reference graph on the image and then eat the window accurately with this application. 

Next, it will automatically compensate for angles and measurements that are subject to change/distortion.

5. EasyMeasure

EasyMeasure is an Android online ruler that has a special function, namely measuring the distance of an object with the camera lens. 

Simply point your phone’s camera at objects around you and then the app will show you the approximate distance.

Besides being able to measure distance, the application can also be used to find out the approximate height of your friends or a building. 

This application will use the calculation of the tilt of the lens and then use trigonometric formulas to produce measurements whose accuracy is close to reality.

6. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure is one of the next online Android ruler applications that is quite sophisticated. 

The cutting-edge technology used is increasingly making measurements more effective. As the name implies, this application will allow you to measure the area of ​​an area using GPS.

For example, if you measure the area of ​​a rice field, you have to walk around the area. From the starting position to the end position to the beginning. 

The drawback of this application is that you can’t use it to measure a smaller area because it uses a GPS system.

7. Smart Ruler Pro

Next is the smart Ruler pro application that you can use as an online ruler. The difference is, this application is paid and comes with a full range of features. 

Not only free from ads in the application, by buying it for $1.99 you can also get premium features that cannot be obtained in the free version. 

A number of premium features in the application, ranging from caliper mode, touch mode, ruler extension, save screen, and so on.

8. Prime Ruler

The next online ruler application that is quite sophisticated is also Prime Ruler. In it you can take measurements of objects with the cellphone screen. 

With this application developed by Grymala, you can also use the Augmented Reality feature. So, quite sophisticated for measurement purposes.

9. Ruler by ExaMobile SA

The next application that you can use is Ruler by ExaMobile SA in terms of its name, it is quite similar to the previous applications. 

However, in terms of ratings on the Playstore, it’s still quite far behind. The superior feature in this application is that the measurement units are quite detailed, ranging from meters, cm, and even millimeters. 

There is also a feature for measuring images.

10. Various Free Online Ruler Sites

In addition to using the application installed on Android above, there are also sites that provide online ruler measurements. 

When visiting it, it would be better to do it via a desktop computer or laptop. The reason is that the screen is bigger and what is measured is that it must be smaller than the screen size.

You can easily with this online ruler screen service. Various sizes can be adjusted in units ranging from inches, centimeters, and even millimeters. 

Just adjust it according to what kind of scale is needed. You can visit a number of online ruler sites which are as follows:

You just copy the cycle above and then paste it in the browser URL column such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Wait a few moments for the screen to display the web pages and you can learn how to use each one.

The final word

Those are some lists of Online Ruler Apps and Sites that can be used both on Android phones and in browsers

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