11 Best Compass App For Android

Best Compass App For Android

11 Best Compass App For Android – For those of you who like to venture out into the open, of course, you will need a direction guide or what we usually call a compass.

In the modern era like now, you no longer need to carry a manual compass, you only need to install the compass application on your Android. Well,  here we will provide some recommendations for a good and easy android compass apps for you to use, including:

11 Best Compass App For Android In 2023


Although the name of this application is only Compass, it has been equipped with various features that will be very useful on your trip.

Besides being able to show the cardinal directions, this application can also display information related to the strength of the magnetic field around the area where you are.

Developer: Melon soft

Price: Free 

Download Compass

Digital Compass

Digital Compass

Digital Compass is supported with longitude, latitude, and direct addresses. The developer of the feature specifically asks you not to use a magnetic cover and make sure the device has a magnetic sensor.

Developer: Axiomatic Inc.

Price: Free 

Download Digital Compass

Compass Steel 3D

Compass Steel 3D also has a variety of themes that you can customize according to your needs. Not only that, this application also has a number of interesting features such as sunrise and sunset times, true and magnetic north, sun direction indicators, and other interesting features.

Developer: SimplyWerx

Price: Free 

Download Compass Steel 3D

Compass Galaxy

Compass Galaxy

Galaxy Compass has good functionality as well as a simple and minimal UI. The Compass Galaxy app also doesn’t use unnecessary permissions and is relatively easy to use.

Developer: Szymon Dyja

Price: Free 

Download Compass Galaxy

Compass 360 Pro Free

The Compass 360 Pro application is equipped with decimal & cardinal pads for fast and accurate directions. Compass 360 Pro is also supported in several languages, does not require an internet connection, and is quite easy to calibrate.

Developer: Compass 360 Pro Team

Price: Free 

Download Compass 360 Pro Free

Accurate Compass

Accurate Compass

Unlike other applications, the output from Abc Apps has a slightly simpler appearance but has many advanced features in it. This Accurate Compass works by showing the function of the strength of the magnetic field in order to direct you to your destination.

There is a green signal bar which will later indicate if the network is good, while when it is yellow it means the network is not good. In this one application, a map service has also been provided, so you can see the location more accurately without fear of getting lost.

Developer: Abc Apps

Price: Free 

Download Accurate Compass

Smart Compass Pro

Smart Compass Pro is a compass application that is equipped with a metal detector feature. In addition, it also has many other features that will be very useful for those of you who like adventure in nature.

You can use this compass application in landscape or portrait mode. No matter which mode you use, the compass will always point to the north.

If you want to share data, you can send it via SMS or email. So that your friends can monitor and know the location where you are.

Developer: Smart Tools co.

Price: $2.50 

Download Smart Compass Pro

Compass PRO

Judging from its appearance, Compass PRO is very pleasing to the eye. What you need to underline, if you want to download this application on Google Play, make sure the PRO text is big.

Compass PRO is one of the best compass apps on Google Play. When you first use it, you have to configure this one application by placing the smartphone on a flat area. Thus, this one application can work more accurately.

Developer: Gamma Play

Price: $1.99 

Download Compass PRO

3D Compass Pro

Judging from its name, it is certain that 3D Compass Pro is a compass application that has a 3-dimensional display feature. Unlike other compass applications, this application offers a 3D view. Not only pleasing to the eye, using 3D Compass Pro also feels very pleasant.

Developer: Silicon DK

Price: Free ]

Download 3D Compass Pro

Super Compass

The Super Compass application is very easy to use to show the cardinal directions. In appearance, this android compass application is also very comfortable to look at. You can even change the appearance according to the theme you want so you don’t get bored.

Developer: EoloGames

Price: Free 

Download Super Compass

Compass by Fulltime Software

You can run the Compass by Fulmie Software application even if you don’t use an internet connection or GPS signal.

To read the directions aimed at the application is also quite clear and easy to understand. This is because the user interface is quite simple.

In addition to showing directions, this application can also be used to find out the difference in altitude at a location and then can mark a certain place so that you can return to that place one day.

There is also a Plus codes feature to memorize the location of a place that does not have an address, for example by naming it “Pantai G”.

Download Compass

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