12 NFC Functions on Smartphones in 2024 (Android)

12 NFC Functions on Smartphones in 2022 (Android)

12 NFC Functions on Smartphones, Must Know – NFC or near field communication is a form of short-range communication that utilizes operator signal waves. The wave is an electric or magnetic field but not an electromagnetic one. NFC requires two compatible devices, one device as a transmitter and the other as a signal catcher.

The two devices required in NFC are passive and active. Passive devices function to transmit signals and do not need to manage any information, while active devices function to connect, send and receive data. NFC is one of the considerations for consumers when buying a cellphone, because NFC has various functions.

Here are the NFC functions you need to know.

12 NFC Functions on Smartphones in 2024

1. Exchange Data between Mobile Devices

Exchange Data between Mobile Devices 1
NFC Functions on Smartphones

NFC provides data exchange services between devices through the Android Beam system. This system is one of the features on Android. This feature will make it easier for users to exchange data by gluing the two devices together.

How to exchange data is quite easy, the user selects the file to be shared, then opens Android Beam and selects send. Exchange between devices requires two devices or cellphones that have the Android Beam feature equipped with NFC.

The advantage of exchanging data via NFC is that it does not consume a lot of power, it can even be processed without power.

2. Passing Data to Computer

Be it computers, PCs, or laptops, many of these devices now have the NFC feature. So it can transmit data from Mobile to computer.

But before transmitting, make sure that the cellphone already has the NFC feature. After that, users can connect between devices, cellphones and computers, to pass data without the need for cables or bluetooth.

3. Make Transactions

NFC Make Transactions 1
NFC Functions on Smartphones

Users can take advantage of the NFC feature to make payment transactions. The way to make a payment is by scanning the payment device via a cellphone or smartphone then the system will automatically process the payment.

After that press confirm payment, and the user’s balance will be reduced. Finally, users will get proof of payment transactions through this feature.

4. Share Phone Number

NFC can send phone numbers by bringing them closer between Mobile devices or smartphones. Both devices sharing with each other must have the NFC Functions on Smartphones feature.

This method is almost the same as the first function, sending files between devices. Manually can type in someone’s phone number but NFC helps users get in a more efficient way.

5. Sharing Wifi Connection

The next NFC function is that it can be used to share Wifi connections with each other. This function can be performed among devices such as between cellphones or smartphones. 

The way to carry out the process is almost the same as the previous methods, namely by bringing the two devices closer, and then the device will scan. Then enter the password if other devices have password security installed.

This method can also be done on the Wifi Porter, even users can directly connect to the Wifi Porter without entering a password. By attaching the cellphone to the space provided, wait for the Wi-Fi to connect automatically.

6. Recommend Apps

NFC can help Mobile or smartphone users to direct other devices to recommended applications.

With this facility, it will be easier for users to provide application information without the need to describe the application. This function can make it easy for people to recommend any application to each other, such as a game application.

7. Top Up E-Money Balance

NFC Top Up E Money Balance 1
NFC Functions on Smartphones

In this digital era, many people are starting to switch to using online payment methods. So not infrequently people leave the payment method in cash. For that we need a practical way to top up the balance, without worrying about running out of balance, users can take advantage of the NFC feature.

This NFC can top up or top up e-money balances easily, in addition to filling NFC it can also make payments and check balances in e-money cards. This function can be done on a cellphone or smartphone so it is easy to use anywhere and without time limits.

8. As Access Card

NFC can be used as a substitute for access cards to replace conventional cards. NFC is said to have multifunctionality that can be used for several accesses, such as access to hotel rooms or apartments, opening rooms, accessing elevators, and can be done without time restrictions.

The way to do this is easy, users only need to transfer conventional access card data to their cellphone or smartphone.

9. Running Apps on Different Devices. 

In the sixth function, it has been mentioned that NFC can recommend applications to users through different devices. This relates to the next function, namely through different devices users can run an application.

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The thing to pay attention to is to make sure between devices have the same application. There have been many electronic devices such as smartphones that are designed to have interconnectivity on multi-platform devices so that this can support NFC to mobilize applications through different devices.

10. Check-in 

NFC can be found on every Mobile device that supports this feature. Another NFC function is to be able to check-in, such as hotel check-in and check-in barcode scanning somewhere to show the user’s movement at a certain place. This makes it easier for everyone to track each person to find out the position and location of certain coordinates. 

11. Charge Mobile Without Cable

NFC Charge Mobile Without Cable 1
NFC Functions on Smartphones

Since 2020, NFC has upgraded its newest service, which is being able to charge Mobile batteries without going through cables. The way to charge is by attaching two devices or by induction. But not many people know this function because it is rarely used.

On the back cover of the cellphone, there is a special object that is inserted so that it can conduct electric current to the battery. NFC has two devices that are active and passive. Active devices will deliver power to passive devices. 

12. Ordering Food 

Currently, there are many applications that provide food delivery services from the place to eat to the customer’s address or dine-in ordering food from the seat. It turns out that NFC can also perform this function. For example, Australia uses NFC as a food order application.

The way that Australians do it is by going to a place to eat, opening a food ordering application, then bringing or sticking the cellphone on the place and table where the customer is staying. Visitors don’t need to worry about ordering because the application has been connected to the restaurant and your order will be delivered immediately.

Those are some of the NFC functions that you need to know.

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