14 Best Utilities to Customize Windows Under 1MB

14 Best Utilities to Customize Windows Under 1MB

14 Best Utilities to Customize Windows Under 1MB – Most problems are most conveniently solved with specialized tools focused on specific areas of application. We will talk about 14 mini-utilities that, although small, can do a lot.

14 Best Utilities to Customize Windows Under 1MB

GODmode for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

Whoever creates a folder on the desktop with a specific name gets access to hundreds of hidden settings. We offer you a ready-made executable file that will immediately transfer you to GODmode – “God Mode”. With a file size of 228 bytes, this “utility” guaranteed itself the third place on our list.

Size: 228 bytes

Download: GODmode for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

CHIP Utilities for Windows

The utilities we have developed for Windows 10 are small in size – from 236 to 260 bytes. They make it easy to access backup features, auto-run options, uninstall programs, troubleshooting system settings, and notifications in Windows 10.


CHIP Backup Tool for Windows 10 (236 bytes)

CHIP Autoplay Tool for Windows 10 (240 bytes)

CHIP Uninstaller Tool for Windows 10 (246 bytes)

CHIP Troubleshooting Tool for Windows 10 (254 bytes)

CHIP notifications tool for Windows 10 (260 bytes)

Resize Enable

Thanks to the free Resize Enable utility, you can finally adjust the size of any Windows window.

Size: 42.0 KB

Download: Resize Enable


Using the free utility ExperienceIndexOK, you can check the Windows Experience Index, including new versions of this operating system.

Size: 48.3 KB

Download: ExperienceIndexOK

Windows Product Key Viewer

The free utility “Windows Product Key Viewer” will easily and simply remind you of the license key for Windows.

Size: 59.5 KB

Download: Windows Product Key Viewer

OpenedFilesView (32 bits)

With OpenedFilesView you will shed light on the dark realm of system processes. The program lists all open files and gives you detailed information about them.

Size: 62.4 KB


OpenedFilesView (32 bits)

OpenedFilesView (64 bits)


With the FolderChangesView Windows utility, you can control any changes to the selected Windows path.

Size: 63.2 KB

Download: FolderChangesView


With the help of the BlueScreenView utility, after restarting the computer, you can take a closer look at the contents of the Blue Screen of Death. Since every crash is logged in Windows, this program will provide you with “crash records”. Thanks to numerous analysis tools, in a calm state, you can determine the cause of the error.

Size: 65.7 KB



The free FontViewOK utility knows every font installed on your computer. Just enter any text into the search box and FontViewOK will display it in all fonts for direct comparison as a list. Scroll down the page until you find the font you want.

Size: 77.0 KB

Download: FontViewOK


ShellMenuView is a small utility with which you manage the menu items that appear when you right-click.

Size: 100.7 KB

Download: ShellMenuView


If Windows consistently gives you a blue screen of death, quite often it indicates a faulty driver. Finding the “pest” is difficult, since the “Device Manager” does not provide a complete list of all installed drivers. 

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Help in solving the problem is offered by the free utility DriverView, which in an instant will show all the relevant information about the drivers.

Size: 102.3 KB

Download: DriverView


The RegFromApp utility will give you precise information about what registry changes a running program makes.

Size: 104.9 KB

Download: RegFromApp

DesktopOK (32 bit)

Are your desktop icons arranged in a particular order? There was a failure in the system, and now the icons are scattered randomly up and down the entire screen? No problem, as DesktopOK will restore the location you need.

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Size: 116, 9 KB


DesktopOK (32 bit)

DesktopOK (64 bit)


Completing the suite of utilities is ShellExView, which, at 160 KB, is the largest of the utilities presented here. It helps you manage Windows Explorer extensions.

Size: 160.9 KB

Download: ShellExView

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