Wix Review 2023: Is Wix.com a scam or is it legit?

Wix Review 2022: Is Wix.com a scam or is it legit?

Wix Review 2023: Is Wix.com a scam or is it legit? Benefits, Disadvantages of Wix, Positive and Negative Wix reviews Wix’s pros and cons in detail

what is Wix website

Wix is ​​a free website creation service. Every person who is just starting his activity on the Internet, there is a need to create his own website. Of course, without some special skills and knowledge, it will be practically impossible to perform this procedure.

In order to create your own website, you may need not only a lot of time, but also a lot of money. Among other things, you need to think about some very important aspects, the main of which is the right choice of domain.

It is worth noting that all these nuances quickly discourage all the desire of a novice user to create their own website. In fact, there is one way that will allow you to create your own website without any problems, without spending a penny of your own budget.

Benefits of Wix website builder

It is worth noting that Wix.com has been used to create websites for free for several years, while the popularity of this site is only growing. Why does it happen this way? There are several rather impressive advantages on this one, which we will discuss further.

The first and main plus is the fact that there is an opportunity to create a site, even a person who is completely renounced from programming and has no idea how it’s done.

There are a lot of ready-made templates for people who want to choose the option that they need. Now you don’t have to think for a long time about which picture to insert in the header of the site, as well as look for suitable ones on the Internet.

The site is absolutely free. You do not need to pay to use the services. All you need to do is register and get started.

In the event that you have any problems with registration, any unclear terms of cooperation, you have the opportunity to contact the support team and find out all the questions.

All tools for creating your own website are intuitive. There are no too complicated professional tools that are used by experienced programmers to create a site, but this is quite enough.

It is always possible to create several sites at once. At the same time, it is worth noting that all of them will work completely free of charge.

This site was created not only for beginners to get acquainted with the Internet, but also for experienced users. Thanks to Wix.com services, it became possible to create your own online stores and sell goods without paying for hosting.

Positive Wix Reviews of Wix.com

Neem Miller:

I recently began to actively use the services of wox.com, but I already felt all the delights of this site. First of all, this is a platform for people who do not have extra funds to open their site. You can create your website in just a couple of hours, while thinking through everything to the smallest detail. I definitely advise.

Remo Philips:

I have been creating my own websites for a long time and it brings me quite good money. In the work of wix.com, I see only positive aspects. Definitely worth a try for everyone.

Misel Brown:

I can only agree with people who admire the work of this site. It is possible not only to create a page, but also to earn on it. I put a definite plus and I advise everyone who has not tried it yet.

Disadvantages of Wix

Despite the fact that the site operates on a gratuitous basis and there is almost everything for creating a site, it still has many shortcomings that are also worth highlighting.

The first and most basic disadvantage is that it is impossible to create a truly competitive site here. This is due to the fact that there is no good domain here, as well as millions of similar pages on the Internet, which means it will be extremely difficult to achieve a good result.

Using Wix.com to create a site for free, it is impossible to make a site with several active pages, for this reason, it is not suitable for people who want to promote their business.

Quite often there are technical problems that can affect the operation of your site.

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Do not think that for free you will be able to get exactly the same result that experienced programmers who create full-fledged sites offer. It’s more of a beginner’s toy than a full-blown website builder. However, in this case, it all depends on what you expect.

Negative User Reviews of Wix.com

Grane Smith:

Honestly, I did not notice any advantages in working with this site. There are not so many templates here, and sometimes it is simply impossible to create something of your own.

Igor Jones:

For experienced users, this is just a toy. You can come up with some kind of design and so on, but such a site is unlikely to bring success. Think for yourself.

Michael Davis:

It’s good that it’s free! On this, the positive points are exhausted.It’s just a toy for kids, nothing more.If you really want a working website, seek help from professionals.

Wix.com for free site creation will be useful to all those who want to try something new and experiment a little.

For those who are looking for more serious solutions, it is better to pay attention to other CMS:

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