4 Ad Blocking Apps on Android Phones

4 Ad Blocking Apps on Android Phones

4 Ad Blocking Apps on Android Phones – If you notice, there are tons of free content, services, and even programs and applications that you can download from the internet and use.

But are you sure that the “freebies” are really free?

Apparently not! There must be ads or other things that you have to do in order to use the application without paying.

Of course, this is very annoying when you want to use the application but are required to see ads first for a few seconds. This is not only annoying but also steals your internet quota.

Recommended Ad Blocking Applications on Android Phones

If you are annoyed with ads on your Android, then there are several programs you can use to block them, which is exactly what AdBlock Plus does on your PC’s Chrome browser.

Some applications that are worth trying, here are application recommendations to block ads on Android phones ranging from free to paid versions.

No Root Ad-Remover Pro

4 Ad Blocking Apps on Android Phones

This application is very light and you don’t need to root your smartphone. You just enter the Google Play Store and there are two options you can choose, namely No Root Ad-Remover Pro or the Lite version.

For the free version you have to choose the Lite version and also choose the Pro version then you have to pay $3.99. 

Please download directly here .

AdBlock Plus

Apparently AdBlock Plus also makes an Android version of the ad blocker. This application is one of the most popular and very easy to use.

This AdBlock application can also be used on several browsers at once. 

Please download directly here .

Ad-Vanish Pro

The next ad blocker app is Ad-Vanish. This powerful enough application is available in two versions, namely the Pro version and the Lite version.

Both are free, so if your phone’s resources are still sufficient, it’s better to just download the Pro version of Ad-Vanish.

Its main ability is to block ads with the condition off and you don’t need to root. 

Please download directly here .

TrustGo Ad Detector

4 Ad Blocking Apps on Android Phones

The last blocker app you can download from Google Play is TrustGo Ad Detector. This application removes ads 100% and also performs a scan for your data theft prevention measures. 

Please download directly here .

Please choose the application that best matches what you expect, just download one and get rid of your annoyance with the ads that are milling about on Android. Hopefully, you like these 4 Ad Blocking Apps on Android Phones

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