5 Best Offline War Games For Android and iOS

5 Best Offline War Games (mobile) for android and iOS

5 Best Offline War Games For Android and iOS – In this article, we will give you information about the most offline war games that can be played without the internet on mobile for game lovers. 

Of course, since these games are played without the internet, it is not possible to play with your friends or other real players. 

However, you can play these games, which are quite enjoyable to play alone, as much as you want without any connection problems.

5 Best Offline War Games For Android and iOS

Recently, there have been games for the mobile platform that almost match the computer and console quality. 

Therefore, the high quality of the games increases the number of mobile platform players rapidly. 

If you wish, without further, let’s talk about the games that we have chosen as the 5 best war games on Mobile and that can be played without the internet.

1. NOVA Legacy

The NOVA Legacy game is at the top of our list of the 5 best war games that can be played without the internet

This game, which is very small in size and can be downloaded in a short time, is not only free but also very entertaining with its visuals and gameplay mechanics. 

Best Offline War Games
Offline War Games

You start this game set in space by searching for the crew on the spaceship and embark on various adventures waiting for you.

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2. Brothers in Arms 3

Based on the second world war, Brothers in Arms 3 is what most players consider to be the most beautiful war game on Mobile. Molotov cocktail, rocket, etc. 

The visuals and gameplay in this game, which has various game mechanics, where you can use weapons and specify the area you want to be bombed,

By requesting air attack support if you wish, is at least as high quality as a war game you play on the computer. 

The only disadvantage of the game is that it is high-dimensional and does not work on low-end devices.

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3. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is the best offline war game where you can pirate on the open seas. 

Although the size of this little-known game is small, the graphics are quite high quality and the gameplay is extremely enjoyable. 

In the game, you can get a crew on your ship, you can have different weapons by buying various ammunition on your ship, and you can attack and capture any ship or city you want.

In addition, in this game where you play on a very large map, you can buy better ships or capture the enemy ship by selling the loot you get from the wars in the cities. 

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt, which knows no boundaries in gameplay and all details are considered, deserves to be included in our list of the best offline war games.

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4. Gun War: Shooting Games

We strongly recommend you to play Gun War: Shooting Games, which draws attention with its variety of weapons and the fact that the action does not stop for a moment. 

Gun War: Shooting Games, which still continues to receive updates and new weapons in every update,

Is among the most beautiful war games without internet, especially for those who like to fight with different weapons.

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5. Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is a medieval war game that can be played offline. 

In the game, you fight with a different nation, each part of which has its own characteristics, and you try to destroy all the nations that are hostile to you. 

When you destroy nations, you start using that nation’s feature and technology. In this game, where you can control a single soldier or the entire army, it is also possible to strategize on the battlefield.

In order to produce soldiers and our army, we need to direct our workers to the resources in the game and collect resources for them. 

With these resources we collect, we can both produce new soldiers and improve our soldiers. 

Although the game Stick War: Legacy, which is quite small in size, has simple graphics, it has managed to enter our list of the 5 most beautiful war games, 

With its unique atmosphere and gameplay pleasure, as well as the opportunity to make different strategies for the player.

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  • Gun War: Shooting Games
  • Stick War: Legacy
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