5 Easy Ways to Overcome Old FB Lite Loading

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Old FB Lite Loading

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Old FB Lite Loading — How to overcome the long loading FB lite is quite easy, you know! Facebook is one of the most widely used social media.

There are even two versions of the Android application, namely the lite and official versions.

Unfortunately, sometimes the lite version of Facebook often has problems with slow loading and is very difficult to open to just enter the profile or home page.

The problem loading on the home page usually only shows a white dot and blinks. Surely this will make you feel bored if you can’t finally access social media, right?

Problems like this are often caused by several factors, one of which is the network you are currently using.

How to Overcome the Easiest Old FB Lite Loading If you encounter problems such as slow loading when opening FB Lite, don’t worry and stay relaxed.

There is a solution that you can find to overcome this problem.

Here are some ways to overcome the long-loading FB Lite that can’t be opened.

How to open Facebook Lite without load

1. Checking Network

2. Enable Airplane Mode

3. Clear FB Lite App Data and Cache

4. Restart Smartphone

5. Update Install Facebook Lite

1. Checking Network

If you don’t really understand how to deal with slow loading on Facebook Lite, you should remember this step right away.

Network problems do often hinder some social media access. Not only Facebook Lite, even Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, to Line will also experience the same problem.

That’s why if the Facebook Lite that you have is just loading and can’t show anything other than white dots, then you should immediately check the internet network.

If your network speed turns out to be very slow, this means that you are indeed in an area that does not support opening the lite version of the application.

2. Enable Airplane Mode

The way to overcome the long loading FB Lite can also be by activating airplane mode. Although in airplane mode this will limit activity on the cellphone,

You can rely on this method when the signal or network speed is down or down.
When you activate airplane mode, the signal on your smartphone will automatically disappear.

But this is only temporary until you turn airplane mode off again. That way the signal will immediately appear with the new IP Address. Which you will have better network power.

3. Clear FB Lite App Data and Cache

The way to overcome the next slow loading FB Lite is to delete cache files and unused data from the application.

You can immediately clean up what has accumulated in the application just by deleting the application cache.

That way you can lighten the burden of the intended application. How to do it is also quite easy you know. You just need to enter the “Settings” menu

Then select the “Application management” section After that select “Facebook Lite” and immediately click “Memory Usage”

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Old FB Lite Loading

Then “Clear Data” if you want to clear data, or “Clear Cache”

if you want to clear the app cache. Apart from that, you can still do combinations such as forcibly stopping and clearing data.

These two things are also quite important to overcome the long-loading FB Lite. And after that, the Facebook Lite application will return to running normally.

4. Restart Smartphone

If you are still having trouble opening Facebook Lite and the internet network is still slow, you can immediately reload your smartphone or restart it.

This method is very easy to do because you only need to press the power button on the phone for a few seconds, then select “Restart” or “Reload”.

Once the phone is back on, usually the network will be better than before and you can take advantage of that to open Facebook Lite.

5. Update Install Facebook Lite

If you are still having trouble opening Facebook Lite, you can update the FB Lite application on the Google Play Store.

This is the easiest way to solve long-loading FB Lite. You just need to open the Play Store, then search Facebook Lite in the search field. Then select “Update” and wait a few moments for it to finish.

Those are some ways to overcome long loading FB Lite which is very easy to do.

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