5+ Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android without Root/Root

5+ Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android without Root/Root

5+ Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android without Root/Root – Previously I had written about how to clean android ram. How to clean ram can be done in various ways. One of them is to use the best ram cleaner application. 

The best ram cleaning application can be used to make RAM more spacious or loose so that the performance of the Android cellphone is faster.

This time I will share some cellphone cleaners that can be used as Android ram cleaner applications. The application that I share has a thousand and one benefits because it can be used as a garbage cleaner or Android cleaner. 

So apart from being a way to clean cellphone ram as well as for others. Check out this list of Android ram cleaning apps and don’t forget to leave a comment.

The Most Powerful Android RAM Cleaner Application

This time I’m going to share five plus one of the best Android ram cleaner apps. I sort this cellphone cleaning application based on the number of downloads from the Google Play Store. 

You can choose the ram cleaner application that you think is the most suitable as a way to clean android ram. Just choosing one of the Android RAM junk cleaners is enough for how to clean Android cellphone ram.

1. Clean Master & Clean Master Lite 500 Million

The first cellphone cleaning application as well as the best ram cleaning application is Clean Master. This application is arguably already legendary for Android smartphone users. 

Sometimes this junk cleaner app has become the default ram cleaner apk. So even if you don’t download the automatic Android ram cleaner application, it’s already on your cellphone.

If you want the best and lightest android cleaning app from Clean Master, you can use the Lite version. 

The small size of this ram booster for android is perfect as a way to clean ram on android that has low ram capacity. Clean your Android ram now.


2. Du Speed ​​Booster 100 Million

Although the number of downloads is only one-fifth of that of Clean Master, DU Speed ​​Booster remains one of the best ram boosters for Android. 

This most powerful android ram cleaner application is able to make your cellphone speed higher. For those of you who use a lot of Android applications, this best ram cleaner application is perfect.

Although the best cleaning apps for android have high capabilities, they are not rooted in android ram cleaner apps. You can use this ram cleaning app even if your cellphone is used normally without root. 

5+ Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android without Root/Root

The advantage of this best tool is that it can be used as an automatic android ram cleaner application. The application will give a notification when to clean RAM.


3. Super Cleaner 50 Million

If the best ram cleaning application, this one is still relatively young. With the number of downloads that are still 50 million, the best and lightest android cleaning application is still struggling to catch up with the three ram cleaner apk above. 

But even so, this android ram cleaner can be a good choice to clean your cellphone ram.

Not only as a RAM cleaner, this application can also be an Android automatic junk cleaner. Its ability to clean Android RAM and trash can make your smartphone go fast. 

So with this best cellphone cleaner, you no longer worry about lag or slowness.


4. Power Clean 100 million

Power clean is a ram cleaning app that’s a big competitor to DU Speed ​​Booster. Not only as an android ram cleaner but this application can also be used as a cellphone cleaner or Android junk cleaner. 

Its ability as the best HP cleaner can’t be doubted. Power clean can clean deep clean which means it cleans deep.

This automatic android ram cleaner application gets a positive response from its users. You can check reviews or feedback on this best ram cleaning application on the Google Play Store. 

The stars obtained by this application are also quite good because it is more than 4.


5. Ram Master 10 Million

This one application is also still a young application and is still a beginner. In terms of applications on the Google Play Store, the age of the application is indeed one of the main determinants in terms of popularity. 

Moreover, there are so many android ram cleaners scattered in this application store. But of course, choosing the best cellphone cleaner and junk cleaner is a demand.

RAM Master can be one of the most powerful Android ram cleaner application choices as the best cellphone cleaner. 

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This application is not a rooted android ram cleaner application so you can use it even if your cellphone is not rooted.


6. Ram Booster Extreme Speed ​​Free 1 Million

As a bonus, I give a recommendation for cellphone cleaners, garbage cleaners as well as new Android automatic garbage cleaners. 

This best and lightest android cleaning application has just been downloaded by 1 million people. But even though it’s still new, this Android ram cleaner apk gets a good response from its users.

You can use this Extreme Speed ​​Free RAM Booster for free even though the facilities provided are certainly not cheap. You can use this best ram cleaner apps to clean ram easily. 

The effect given is that your cellphone will have high speed in running applications. Plus, this application has been recommended by many authors so there is no doubt about it.


That was the five plus one of the best ram cleaning applications that you can use as a way to remove ram full Android. 

The cellphone cleaner that you choose as a way to clean Android ram is enough. But of course, choose an android ram cleaner application that can be used as a junk cleaner and cellphone cleaner to be effective with one application

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