8 Best Link Building Strategies and Their Benefits for SEO

8 Best Link Building Strategies and Their Benefits for SEO

The Best Link Building Strategies and Its Benefits for SEO  All bloggers want their blog articles to be on the top page of search. There are many factors that Google takes into account for ranking, one of which is the link structure.

The link structure here is not only a way to get external links/backlinks, but also the quality of internal links, backlink spam, and everything related to links.

For those of you who are curious about this article, just go ahead, here are good and correct link-building strategies for websites.

Strategy Link Building

For those of you who want to build links for your website, don’t do the things below:

  • Too many spam comments on other websites by including your website link.
  • Install backlinks on low-quality blogs.
  • Install a large number of backlinks in a short time.
  • For internal links, do not embed too many links in one article.

Then what should every blogger do to get maximum external links and the installation of good and correct internal links?. Here are some tips from your god.

1. Quality Content

Quality content is a top priority that all bloggers should take into account. The relationship with link building is, if you have good content, not a few bloggers will review it and put your web link on their website.

Then what are the criteria for quality content?, here it is:

  • Content content is of higher quality than other web content with the same title/topic.
  • More words and length, long content tends to be on the first page, because if it is more it tends to be more complete.
  • Presented more attractively as a picture.
  • Can solve problems without having to look for references to other websites.

2. Doing Content Placement on Websites That Have the Same Topic

This is also very important for you bloggers in your link-building strategy. It’s all a struggle, both energy, money, and thoughts.

For content placement, you will definitely spend money, but you will definitely get dofollow links forever.

And one more thing, do content placement on sites that have the same website niche as your web niche. This serves so that Google assesses the backlinks you get are relevant to the topic of your website.

3. Doing Guess Blogging/Blogwalking

Doing blogwalking is very important too, although later you will get nofollow links. Although later you will get a nofollow link, you can still collaborate between bloggers.

This will certainly increase your reputation, which will affect your website in the long run. Like getting endorsements, or getting reviews from other bloggers.

4. Create Potentially Viral Content

This link-building strategy is a must-have. Viral means that your content has a good viral, not a bad viral. If you are a creative person, of course, it will not be difficult to make a viral article once a week.

To find viral content, it is usually enough to write articles about current trends, there are many ways to find something viral, one of which is looking for trending and viral content with Google Trends.

5. For Channel Youtube

8 Best Link Building Strategies and Their Benefits for SEO

If you want to promote a website but are afraid that it will cause spamming, you better create a youtube channel that can promote your website and products.

You can make videos about your blog tutorials, a collection of articles, and the products you sell. After that enter the tutorial source with a link from your website.

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6. Check Broken Link

Indeed, this method works to see which internal links are broken on your website. For wordpress, you can check for broken links using the broken link checker plugin. And for blogspot, you can check it through broken link checker sites.

If a broken link is found, unlink it immediately, the link will automatically disappear by itself.

7. Don’t SPAM Articles to Social Bookmarking Websites

Indeed, to get lots of backlinks we have to be diligent in uploading articles to social bookmarks, but not too many, because Google can consider spam.

In comparison, from 10 articles, submitting only one article has more positive value than many articles at once. Submitting articles to such sites in large quantities is tantamount to spamming your own website.

8. Be Careful in Choosing Paid Backlinks

There are so many parties out there that provide free backlinks, but you need to know that Google prohibits the use of such paid links. 

You already know that Google is now smart in sorting out which backlinks are natural and which are not.

Avoid using this method because if Google finds out, your website could be penalized and the worst impact is article deindex.

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