5 Free PC Cleaner for Speed ​​Up PC

5 Free PC Cleaner for Speed ​​Up PC

5 Free PC Cleaner for Speed ​​Up PC – Accelerate PC Performance, a personal computer or more familiar with the abbreviation PC among IT children is a device that is certainly very helpful in carrying out tasks.

Whether it’s work or college assignments, in an era that is completely online like today sometimes requires us to be more technologically literate, one of which is about computers.

The computer is actually a collection of useless iron before it was created and can be used to help all human activities related to work or tasks.

It will be very annoying, of course, when doing a task or work on a computer / laptop then our computer experiences a little trouble or problems in the form of slow PC performance, in other words it is often called Slow , a computer can of course experience the slow problem when it reaches its capacity limit. the computer itself.

From the other side, there are several things that make a computer performance very slow, including:

5 Free PC cleaner for Speed ​​Up PC

Factors That Make PC Performance Slow

Monetized by optAd360 there are several things that make PC performance slow, things I often encounter in general 

Virus factors are viruses that are not familiar with one of the programs created with the aim of destroying certain files or documents on a PC, even though sometimes this virus does not work directly, but slowly viruses can undermine the performance of the PC we have, and factors slow PC performance is one of the main factors.

Memory factor, it is not uncommon for computer or laptop owners not to realize that the space or space available in an internal memory which is usually called a full hard drive, the full memory capacity on a computer can also affect PC performance which makes PC performance very slow. 

Running out of RAM ( Random Access Memory ) , similar to a hard disk ( HDD ) the factor of running out of RAM capacity can also have a big effect on PC performance.

Too Many Programs Behind the Scenes, meaning that in other words we open too many programs or desktop applications that make our PC performance heavier because too many programs are running at the same time. 

Now the 4 problems above are the main factors that cause the slow performance of a PC, of ​​course there will be no problems without a solution, for all of you who experience slow performance on a PC below, I will give some suggestions that I hope can help. 

The solution to Overcome a Slow PC

For those of you who feel that your PC’s performance is getting heavier and slower, there’s no harm in trying to do the following to help restore your PC’s performance to its original state, although it’s not significant, but I’ve done my own experiments and at least it worked. 

Delete or Uninstall Unimportant Programs, such as the causative factors above where too many programs can be one of the causes of the slow performance of a PC, so here I suggest you to delete files or applications that are not too important, you can uninstall the program. which is no longer used.

Delete Browsing History, have you ever seen a list of history when you surfed the internet? yes, the browsing history that you did turns out to be entered into memory, here you can delete it to give more space to the storage media to breathe more freely. 

Use External Storage, my friend can use an external hard drive which of course can improve PC performance, because it doesn’t put too much burden on internal storage. 

Run Disk Cleanup, run Disk Cleanup on your computer, I think it’s quite recommended, at least you have to do this disk cleanup at least once a month, where the disk cleanup program is certainly very helpful for your computer and get rid of junk files that are still stored in storage memory. 

In addition to using the four methods above, there are other ways you can do to speed up the performance of a PC, namely by using 5 Software to Accelerate PC Performance which is certainly quite helpful and useful for the PC you have. Here are 5 Software To Speed ​​Up PC

5 Software To Speed ​​Up PC Performance

1. The PC Decrapifier 

5 Free PC cleaner for Speed ​​Up PC The PC Decrapifier 
5 Free PC cleaner for Speed ​​Up PC

The first is the name The PC Decrapifier in the order of 5 Software To Accelerate PC Performance, this software is arguably very helpful in the operation of a computer because The PC Decrapifier can remove programs or startup items that are not really needed on a PC besides this tool can also recommend to the PC owner on what to delete. 

This tool is compatible with the Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating system, besides that, you can get this one tool for free through the official website.

2. Iobit Advanced System Care

The second is the name Iobit Advance System Care , which is a fairly sophisticated software where the main feature is to wipe out junk files on the computer and also remove potential threats in one click, you can get this software for free too.

3. Iolo System Mechanic

The third number is the name Iolo System Mechanic , a software that is also quite recommended to speed up PC performance, where in just one click you can feel the benefits of this software.

Where you can get reports on problems found, as well as a list of solutions suggested directly by this tool. In addition to being easy to use, you can also get this tool for free or for free.

4. Advenced System Optimizer

Entering number four, there is the name Advanced System Optimizer , which is a tool to help the best PC performance among the best, where this software is compatible with several operating systems such as 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 as well as Windows Vista and XP. 

This software has its own advantages because it can find hidden junk files that cannot be found manually by the owner of the computer itself, established in 1999 making it one of the mainstay software among computer owners. 

Because of its advantages, making it a premium and classy software so for those of you who really intend to download it, you have to pay some money in advance to be able to get services from this Advanced System Optimizer . 

5. CC Cleaner

Finally, there is the name CC Cleaner, I think most people are familiar with hearing this name, I myself first learned about CC Cleaner when I was in the 3rd grade SMK TKJ in 2017, not much different from the previous software, CC Cleaner. This can also have a positive impact on the performance of the PC you have. 

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Where CC Cleaner can also help your PC’s performance to be faster and be able to clean junk files that are not needed and also provide protection to your PC from unwanted things. For CC Cleaner itself, there are 2 versions that you can download, namely the free version aka free or paid or premium, which one do you choose? it depends mate.


Performing maintenance on a PC is very necessary and must be attempted within a certain period of time, in addition to using 5 Software To Accelerate PC Performance, my friend can also use some of the solutions I wrote above, so that your PC’s performance returns to normal like a new computer, because treating is much better than having to treat, so take care of your PC on a scheduled basis, buddy. 

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