How to Recover Data From Dead Phone (Photos)

How to Recover Data From Dead Phone (Photos)

How to Recover Data From Dead Phone (Photos) [6 Methods] – How to recover photos from turned off cell phones? Does it exist? Find out in this article all the details of how technicians or if people can retrieve the information.

How to Recover Data From Dead Phone (Photos) Fully Explained.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there are two differences in this recovery mode and to make it very clear at the beginning of the article that yes, it is possible to recover if you are technical.

If you are an ordinary person, who doesn’t understand Hardware or burnt parts that need replacement, this tutorial will not help you to recover photos from the cell phone turned off, but understand the entire recovery process in depth.

First of all, when an Android phone won’t turn on, some of you might be sad, thinking that it’s a factory problem or in some cases, just a reset will solve it. I have separated 3 options for you to follow, which are:

1 – Try to turn it on by the manual button
The first thing you should do. it is a reset that can help to restart the device if the mobile is stuck on the manufacturer’s screen.

If you press the Power button, it won’t work in case your android phone won’t turn on. In this case, you can choose to remove the battery, wait a few moments, replace the battery and press the Power button again.

Normally, you can press this button for 8-10 seconds.

2 – Plug your phone into the charger
If your phone refuses to boot up after pressing the Power button, then it may be out of power.

Also, Android has a problem: if the battery charge is below 20%, the device will turn off and you won’t turn it on until you charge for a while.

3 – Do a Hard Reset

To perform a hard reset, if it turns on or off by itself, just press the volume up button on the device, then the Home button (central) and then the power key.

If following the steps above, your cell phone does not turn on and does not respond via USB, it may be an internal problem, and I recommend taking it to a technical assistance, if you want to recover photos from a turned off cell phone in the future.

Well, understanding the first steps above, there are only 2 methods on how to recover photos from turned off cell phone, one of them is technical level and the other is common, which you can use without leaving your home.

Methods on how to recover photos from turned off the phone

There are only two levels of how to recover photos from turning off the cell phone, one at the technical level and the other at the common level, believe me, it’s the only alternative.

# Technical level

On a technical level, if a cell phone does not turn on, it is probably a charging defect, a problem with the USB port where it receives the charge, a problem with the battery or a display.

There are many errors that can cause this, but the steps that technicians use to recover photos from a turned off cell phone is this:Removing the card.

All your data and information, apart from the memory card, are registered on the board of your device, for example the Samsung Galaxy S4 disassembled below.

Removing the internal memory chip

What the technicians do is the following, they remove this memory chip and carry out the entire data recovery process, thus leading to the understanding of how to recover photos from turned off cell phone.

In the video below, it is a meticulous process in which technicians take a cell phone with a probable defect, and recover the information by removing the internal chip, where the information is stored.

Common level

How to recover photos from cell phone turned off at common level is very simple, does it have a memory card? If so, it is possible to recover everything using a Slot or even connecting to another compatible device, even if nowadays a memory card is obsolete.

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Recover Phone data after factory reset

Other ways to recover photos from turned off cell phone is through the cloud, if you used Google Photos, Onedrive or some other backup service, they will probably all be there, learn how to recover.

# Onedrive

Available for iPhone and Android, Onedrive is a backup application that allows you to access and recover photos from your turned off phone from the cloud. All files can be accessed through the computer or cell phone, typing your registered email and password.

# Google Photos

Google Photos, is Google’s photo and video backup platform with unlimited storage, which allows you to link all media files on your device to your Gmail account. Its access is very simple, visit: google account.

# iCloud

One of the worst steps to recover photos from turned off cell phone is from Apple. Two-step authentication can be a villain in this regard. This happens, because in practice you will be asked for a code presented on the cell phone screen, with it turned off, you will hardly be able to access the photos in the cloud, but contacting apple can be solved. The link to see the photos is this:

# Replacement board

An important point, which can also be taken to the common level, is to remove the plate and place it in another cell phone of the same model.

If you believe that the problems are the buttons, input that prevents loading or damaged display, replacing the card in another cell phone of the same model is a final alternative to restore these files.

# Recovery by computer

Finally, we have computer recovery. Does your cell phone respond on the connected device USB? If so, then there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are many methods that can revive your phone, with tips and tutorials on Youtube for each specific model.

This type of recovery allows the reinstallation of the entire system responsible for its operation, better known as Android (ROM) from the manufacturer.

If the computer does not notify that it is connected to USB, unfortunately, it is not possible to do anything, just take it to the manufacturer or follow any of the above common or technical instructions.

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