5 Ways to Get Friends Through Telegram

5 Ways to Get Friends Through Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging application platform that has been around for a while but has recently become popular after a flood of new users. If you are also a new user on Telegram, surely you don’t know how to get friends via Telegram?

Telegram can be said to be different from other instant messaging applications. In Telegram you can find various features that are not available on other platforms. For example, such as channels and groups that reach tens of thousands of members.

Telegram also offers various advantages. For example, with friendship access to thousands of members, you can send files of more than 1 GB, there is a cloud message, there is also a scrretch message.

In addition, with Telegram, you can create 3 Telegram accounts in one application.

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  • How to Get Friends Through Telegram
    • 1. Sync with Phone Contacts
    • 2. Using Bots
    • 3. Join Group
    • 4. Subscribe to Channel
    • 5. See Nearby Friends
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How to Get Friends Through Telegram

To find friends on Telegram is actually quite easy for you to get. There are many options to be able to make friends easily and it only takes a short time, it can even reach thousands of friends.

There are 5 ways to get friends via Telegram. Curious? Check out the review below.

1. Sync with Phone Contacts

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How to get friends via Telegram Like the WhatsApp application, Telegram can also be synced with phone contacts. So other users whose contact numbers are in your contacts can appear directly on your Telegram.

If it doesn’t sync, you have to manually sync it to Telegram in the following way:

  • Open Telegram.
  • Then tap to the right.
  • Open settings.
  • Choose privacy and security.
  • Scroll down and in the contacts section of the sync contacts option is enabled only. Then Telegram will take all your contact data and add the contacts that have been registered on Telegram to your Telegram contacts.

2. Using Bots

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Telegram bots can also be used to find friends, one of which is anonymous bots. Anonymous bot is a place for friendship and chat between fellow Telegram users, but between users will not know who he is talking to.

So the ID and phone number will not be caught if you use this Anonymous Bot.

In anonymous, you can find friends who are fun to chat with, even if you are suitable for mutual, even though anonymous bots can also make friends if one of them shares their ID or mutual.

3. Join Group

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Many groups have been created on Telegram, and these groups can be seen when set to public by the admin. To do a grub search, just go to the search logo and just search for the name of the group you want, for example, “kvsselected”. And later the group data will come out with the keywords above.

In the group, you check in the group members section. Well, this is where you can get thousands of Telegram users, just chat and be mutual.

4. Subscribe to Channel

Subscribe 1

In Telegram, there is one unique feature, namely channels, and this does not exist on other platforms. To do a channel search, you can do a search with keywords, for example, “Anime Movies” then the channel will come out and you just have to subscribe.

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There you can also see the customers, so if you want to be friends, please be mutual first or chat directly.

The telegram channel is very important, especially with the support of a large cloud, making it easier to find files and data files.

5. See Nearby Friends

In Telegram, there is a new option and you can use chat with friends around you.

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However, this feature is actually still recently released. So with friends around using Telegram, there will always be various close friends not far from where you are.

From the various options above, even though you are new to Telegram, you can really get a lot of friends in cyberspace. The uniqueness of Telegram compared to other applications is that you can provide your ID so that with ID alone you can chat.


The Telegram application is indeed very suitable for all circles. Starting for business and communication purposes, Telegram also has a cloud, which is not available on other devices and can create its own charm.

how to get friends via Telegram is also very easy to do. Moreover, the options are also many and this application is indeed rich in features.

If you’ve got a lot of friends and will reduce the contact of friends on your Telegram, you can delete them.

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