10 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks in 2023

WhatsApp tricks and tips for Android and iPhone

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iPhone – Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about WhatsApp. The instant messenger owned by Facebook is arguably the most used messaging app, but this feat does not make the business go lazy. 

WhatsApp adds new features every now and then, ensuring that the competition does not have the opportunity to play catch up. Adding new features every day means that there are many new hidden features and tricks waiting to be unlocked. 

We have already mentioned a number of perfect WhatsApp tricks, but if you are one of those people who want to be informed about the latest WhatsApp tricks, here are 10 cool Whatsapp tricks and Tips for Android and iPhone:

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iPhone

1. Change the font in the messages

WhatsApp freshly joined the ability to post writing messages in a modified font known as FixedSys. The font is quite old and was used back in the first iteration of Windows in 1995.

You can use the font in WhatsApp conversations to highlight text. If you do not know, WhatsApp does not show you how to change the fonts but do not worry, we have your back.

1. Change the font in the messages

To change the font of a message, all you have to do is add three characters (in accent) to the beginning and end of the sentence or word.

The owners of the iPhone can find the status of a serious tone, holding the apostrophe, while the keyboard Android has the second page of symbols. In Windows and macOS, you will find the character just below the Esc key.

2. Use multiple WhatsApp accounts

We understand if you want to have different WhatsApp accounts for work and personal use, but unfortunately, WhatsApp allows you to use only one WhatsApp account. 

However, you can use a third-party application called Parallel Space on Android, which allows you to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single device

After installing Parallel Space, you can use the Clone apps feature to run two instances of WhatsApp. You can see the detailed appearance of our application for more details.

2. Use multiple WhatsApp accounts

You can also use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your PC with Chrome All-in-One Messenger. The application also allows you to use several different messengers in a single window. 

To learn more, you should see the detailed article about the Chrome app.

3. Read messages without sending receipts (iPhone)

The receipt reading feature is a benefit for some, but not so much for others. Therefore, we will not blame you if you have always been reading messages without sending proof of reading. 

On Android, you can view messages by expanding them in the notification center, but if you use an iPhone, we have a much better trick for you. 

When you receive a message on your iPhone, you can simply use 3D Touch to get a preview of the message, so you can read the message while the sender does not receive a receipt. Very simple, right?

3. Read messages without sending receipts (iPhone)

4. Include a previous text in your answer

Chances are, you already know about this cool new WhatsApp feature but if you do not, we are here to help. WhatsApp now lets you embed previous text into an answer. 

This should be especially handy in group chats, as it can sometimes be confusing as to who someone is talking about. 

To use it, you can simply press and hold the message you want to quote and press ” Reply “. 

Then enter your answer and send it, after which you will see the quoted text with an answer.

4. Include a previous text in your answer

5. Block notification preview

WhatsApp notification alerts on the lock screen or notification center can be annoying, as anyone using your phone can easily take a look at your personal messages. 

On an iPhone, you can easily stop notification previews by going to  whatsupp Settings-> Notifications and disabling “Show Preview” .

5. Block notification preview

WhatsApp does not include the ability to hide preview on Android, but you can use the OS’s built-in notification manager to hide WhatsApp notifications. 

You can go to Android Settings-> Apps-> WhatsApp-> Notifications and select ” Block All “.

Note that this will not result in WhatsApp notifications on your Android smartphone.

6. Multimedia sharing across multiple contacts

In the current iteration of WhatsApp, when you try to share something with the messenger from an external source, you can only send it to a single contact or group. 

Well, that’s going to change, as the new beta of WhatsApp lets you share multimedia or any other content across multiple groups or contacts . 

All you have to do is press the share button anywhere and select WhatsApp. You will then be able to select multiple contacts or groups to share material with. 

Since this feature is part of the beta, we can expect it to soon reach the stable version of WhatsApp.

6. Multimedia sharing across multiple contacts

7. Find who you chat most (iPhone)

If you are wondering who you are talking about most in WhatsApp, well, iPhone users are in luck. The WhatsApp app on the iPhone packs a hidden option to let you know who you’re talking to the most. 

Just go to WhatsApp-> Account-> Storage Use settings and you will see the contacts with whom you share most messages and media.

7. Find who you chat most (iPhone)

8. Format text

WhatsApp has just launched and lets you format text in bold, italics or add a warning. Well, it’s not entirely a trick or a hidden trait, it’s something many people still do not know.

  • Bold : Add a * at the beginning and end of a word or sentence.
  • Box : Add a _ at the beginning and end of a word or sentence.
  • Break : Add a . At the beginning and end of a word or phrase you want to pass.
8. Format the text

9. Check who has read your message to a group

If you are a member of a WhatsApp group and have just posted an important message, you would like to check who has read your message over a period of time. 

Well, fortunately, WhatsApp lets you do that. On an iPhone , all you have to do is leave the message . 

On Android , you can press and hold the message and then click on the ” info ” icon . 

Once done, you will see who has read your message along with details about when exactly you read it.

9. Check who has read your message to a group

10. Unblock yourself from someone’s account

This is something we would not recommend doing but if you really want to get in touch with someone who has blocked you, there is a way to unblock yourself from their account.

It is important to note that unblocking steps will result in you losing all of your account information, including chats, backups, photos, and anything else .

If you’re okay with it, follow these steps to unblock yourself:

  • First, go to Settings WhatsApp-> Account-> Delete my account and enter your mobile number and click on ” Delete my account “.
10. Unblock yourself from someone's account

Then uninstall WhatsApp from your device. Once done, restart your Android or iPhone smartphone.

When your device launches, reinstall WhatsApp from the App Store or Google Play Store, enter your details, and start using WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp account will then be unlocked from all your blocked accounts. Additionally, be careful about using WhatsApp unknowingly because it is now very much possible to hack WhatsApp using phone number. So carefully make contacts while using Whatsapp.

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