5 Ways to Stream Heavy Games on PCs and Laptops in 2022

5 Ways to Stream Heavy Games on PCs and Laptops

5 Ways to Stream Heavy Games on PCs and Laptops in 2022 – Today almost all games require high specs on a laptop or PC to play smoothly. The better the graphics, the harder the game will be played on a laptop with mediocre specs.

If you have specs that are mediocre to the game you want to play, then in this post I will give you tips on how to streamline heavy games on PCs and laptops so they don’t lag when played.

How to speed up heavy games on PCs and Laptops

1. Close unneeded apps while playing games

Applications such as browsers will take up a lot of resources (ram) on our laptop, when running them together with games it will be more burdensome to the system. 

So we should close heavy applications like this when playing games. What’s good about browsing while playing games at the same time.

When opening several tabs in the browser the ram used can reach more than 1 GB, imagine if the ram on our laptop is only 4 GB, the games being played will be heavier and even lag. 

The picture below is the ram used by the chrome browser when I’m browsing and only opens 4 tabs, it’s almost 1 GB of memory used.

2. Turn off antivirus

Antivirus can also sometimes consume large resources, especially if real-time protection or auto scanning is running. 

5 Ways to Stream Heavy Games on PCs and Laptops

This process can make our laptop so heavy. So when playing games, it’s best if the antivirus is turned off, later after playing we can turn it back on.

3. Boosting the system using the game booster application

To optimize resources on our laptops when playing games, we can also use a game booster application. 

This application can streamline heavy games on a laptop by freeing more memory from processes running in the background, which the game does not need.

There are lots of free game booster applications that you can use, but I recommend using Razer Cortex Game Booster because I have used this application myself and am quite satisfied with the results.

This Razer Cortex can make games smoother by focusing the resources on our laptop on games, so when boosting, the Razer Cortex application will suspend processes that are not needed by the game.

As a result, the free memory space will increase and can be used for games. When we have finished playing the game, the suspended process will be restored by Razer Cortex so that our system can run normally again.

4. Use a cleaner application to clean junk files that make it heavy

We also have to clean files such as temporary files, caches, and various other types of junk files regularly because they can make our laptop system heavy. You can use a cleaner application to do it automatically.

5 Ways to Stream Heavy Games on PCs and Laptops

There are several cleaner applications on Windows that you can use, I have made a post about the best cleaner application that I have ever tried. You can read about it here: 5 Best Cleaner Apps on Windows

5. Prioritize performance over graphics

The last way to streamline heavy games on laptops and PCs is to adjust the settings in the game so that they focus more on performance than graphic display.

We can set the graphics to medium and even low settings and prioritize the frame rate settings. Because a smooth game is better to play than a game with a high graphics display but is broken.

Maybe that’s all we need to do to optimize the performance of our laptop or PC to smoothly play heavy games without lag and crashes. 

The success or failure of these tips goes back to the specs of the laptop that we use, if it is below the minimum specs required by the game, maybe you can’t expect much from the results. 

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