10+ Android Apps To Merge Videos in 2022

10+ Android Apps To Merge Videos in 2022

10+ Android Apps To Merge Videos in 2022 – To unite several moments recorded on video into one, a merging process is needed which is usually done through video editing.

Now we can combine videos easily through Android devices. You don’t need to have advanced skills to be able to edit or combine videos, anyone with an Android phone can do it.

With video editor apps on Android, the process of merging videos is made easier. In addition, you also no longer need to pay a lot of money to be able to install and use the application on an Android phone.

Here we share a list of the best Android apps for combining videos that you can easily download and use.

Top 15 best free video editors for Joining Apps

  • 1. KineMaster Pro – Video Editor
  • 2. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor
  • 3. VideoShow – Editor Video For Free
  • 4. Quick – Editor Video For free
  • 5. Adobe Premiere Clip
  • 6. AndroVid – Video Editor & Video Maker
  • 7. FilmoraGo – Video Editor For free
  • 8. VEdit Video Cutter & Merger
  • 9. VidTrim – Video Editor Free
  • 10. Videoshop
  • 11. Klip Movavi
  • 12. Magisto
  • 13. VidStitch
  • 14. Cute CUT

1. KineMaster Pro – Video Editor

This professional video editing application for Android devices has a very good appearance, is easy to navigate, and is supported by quite complete features.

You can use this application not only to merge videos, but also to cut, provide transition effects, add themes, visual effects, adjust video color and brightness, add sound, and many other editing functions.

10+ Android Apps To Merge Videos in 2022

But unfortunately, there is still a watermark on the video edits from the free version of the application.

If you want to remove the watermark, users must use Kinemaster pro by paying a fairly expensive price.

Download Kinemaster Pro the free app here

2. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

This video recording and editing application can also be a reference for you to combine videos on an Android phone.

VivaVideo is an application made by QuVideo which is quite popular because it has a number of advanced features in it.

These advanced features will support your needs in the video editing process using a smartphone device.

With this application, you can cut and merge videos, add music, trim songs, or add text, filter effects, or transitions to videos.

In addition, you can increase or slow down the speed of the video and combine several photos into a slideshow video accompanied by music.

You can download the VivaVideo Pro application here:

3. VideoShow – Editor Video For Free

The application developed by EnjoyMobi has become one of the most famous in the field of video editing for mobile.

Various interesting features in it will help users in the video editing process via Android devices.

You can combine multiple photos into a video slideshow, add music, trim videos, or combine multiple video moments into a compelling story.

10+ Android Apps To Merge Videos in 2022

Another excellent feature in the VideoShow application is the addition of stickers, filter effects, themes, and much more.

If the video size is too large, you can take advantage of the video compression feature to reduce the file size.

In addition, you can also convert the sound on the video into an mp3 file, you know. How interested to try it?

Download the VideoShow app for free here:

4. Quick – Editor Video For free

This application made by GoPro offers a variety of cool features and tools that can be used to edit, cut, or combine videos.

There are 22 video themes complete with transitions that will make your videos look cooler. You can also add text, filters, or effects to your videos.

Even if there is a watermark on the generated video, users can remove it without having to pay or watch the ad.

Download the Quick application here

5. Adobe Premiere Clip

The application that is often the mainstay of video editing on PC is now also available for Android devices. You can use Adobe Premiere Clip to edit or merge videos on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the appearance and features are not as complete and cool as the ones on the PC. It seems simple, and many of its features are also not much different from other similar applications.

10+ Android Apps To Merge Videos in 2022

However, this application can still meet the video editing needs of smartphone users.

There are features of combining videos, transitions, adding music and their settings, as well as other basic video editing features that you can enjoy in this application.

Download the Adobe Premiere Clip app here:

6. AndroVid – Video Editor & Video Maker

Even though there are not as many users as VivaVideo or VideoShow, the AndroVid application can still be a mainstay in video editing.

This application developed by Zeoxy provides a variety of interesting features to support video editing needs for users.

Some of these features include video joiners and cutters, creating slideshows from a combination of several photos, adding music and text to videos, adjusting brightness levels, and rotating videos.

Download the AndroVid application here

7. FilmoraGo – Video Editor For free

If you are looking for an Android application that can be used to combine and cut videos, then FilmoraGo can be the right reference.

Various cool features that are not inferior to similar applications are also available on FilmoraGo.

Starting from joining and cutting videos, adding backsound, or adding text and filters, inserting overlays, to applying a selection of visual effects and transitions to videos.

However, unfortunately there are still watermarks on the edited video produced. If you want to remove the watermark, users are required to purchase the paid version.

FilmoraGo for free Download the app here

8. VEdit Video Cutter & Merger

As the name implies, this application made by Clogica does have a good function for cutting or merging videos.

Apart from that, you can also convert or convert videos into the MP3 format as well as adjust music and audio into the video being edited.

In terms of appearance, the application is quite eye-catching and easy to operate. The size is not too big so it can save space on your device’s storage memory.

Want to try it?Download the VEdit Video Cutter & Merger app here

9. VidTrim – Video Editor Free

For this one video editor application, the features are simpler, only providing the features of cutting and merging videos.

But apart from that, this application can also be used to convert mp4 video files into mp3 audio. You can also take certain frames in a video and combine them into other videos.

Even though it has limited features, this application is still a recommendation for those of you who want to make simple video edits.

Download the application here

10. Videoshop

The next application is also no less powerful than the previous application. Appsolute as a developer provides the Videoshop application with a variety of interesting features, one of which is to combine videos.

Some of the features that you can use in this application include making fast/slow-motion videos, making stop motions, and adding a choice of sound effects.

Apart from that, you can also adjust the brightness of the video, insert text and animations, add filters and transitions, add your own music or audio recordings, and many other features.

Wow, complete features? The resulting video is also without a watermark.

Want to try it?Download the Videoshop app here

11. Klip Movavi

With the Movavi Clips app, you can turn an ordinary video into a great movie in just an instant. The method is very easy, just add videos, cut unnecessary parts, add transitions, and insert music, you’re done.

You can also insert stickers and text, rotate and copy clips, or crop them into frames. The audio enhancement feature is also easy to use.

You can adjust the volume of the original sound and the superimposed music for a perfect fit and balance.

This app is easy to use, even if you’ve never done video editing before. Users will also not be bothered by in-app ads.

Export your clips without a time limit and don’t forget to share your mini-movies on social media right from the app.

If you’re interested in using it, download the Movavi Clips app here

12. Magisto

The next application is called Magisto. This application was developed to make it easier for users to edit films.

Magisto allows you to select available videos, photos, music, and effects to combine into a video like a short film.

Download the Magisto app here

13. VidStitch

The VidStitch app will help you combine recorded videos and photos into awesome collages.

There are many cool features that are presented, ranging from a simple and intuitive interface, a choice of various frames and colors, combining videos and photos, editing photos and videos, adding theme music to videos, to sharing features to social media directly from the application.

Download VidStitch for free here

14. Cute CUT

This simple video editor can not only be enjoyed by Android users but is also available for iOS users.

Cute CUT allows you to cut clips, merge videos, or add audio tracks and subtitles to them. Simply by dragging N drop through the touch of a finger, this application is so easy to use.

However, before being able to enjoy all the available features, the user must first download all the content into the application’s internal memory.

Users can choose landscape or portrait mode when editing videos. Its simple interface will make you comfortable when editing videos using this application.

Download Cute Cut here

That’s the information we can convey regarding the application to unify videos on Android phones.

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