7 Best Karaoke Apps For Android in 2024

7 best free karaoke apps for android 2022

best karaoke apps for android – do you like music? If you all like it, you must be familiar with the word karaoke. Yup, Karaoke itself is a form of entertainment where someone can sing a piece of music and there is a lyric text shown on a television screen.

In Indonesia itself, karaoke has penetrated into various places, it can even be said to be a place of entertainment for teenagers today. But in the current era of technology, my friends do not know, that we can do karaoke on our smartphones using the application.

Innovative applications like this make it easier for us to do karaoke, because it can be done anywhere, anytime, and of course for free, without having to go to a karaoke place first.

7 Best Karaoke Apps for Android

If you are looking for a karaoke apps on an Android smartphone on the Google Playstore, you will definitely find a variety of selected applications. 

Well, as a recommendation for a good karaoke application for recording, here the admin will provide a review of the 7 Best Android Karaoke apps that are Suitable for Recording.

1. Smule: Sing & Record Karaoke

Karaoke apps: Smule: Sing & Record Karaoke

The first karaoke app is Sing! by Smule With this application, you can play various music or hit songs with friends or other users with the duet feature in it.

How to use this application is quite easy, you only need to enter the title of the song along with the name of the band through the search field. 

That way, you can sing karaoke right away until the song ends with your friends or other Smule users.


2. SingPlay-Karaoke your MP3s

karaoke apps: SingPlay-Karoke your MP3s

SingPlay is a karaoke apps that can convert MP3s into karaoke tracks in the form of songs and their lyrics. 

In addition, you can also document or record  your performance while you are doing karaoke by pressing the record button.

After the recording is complete, you can also edit the results by adjusting the  equalizer  or sound control as you wish. It certainly makes this application more comfortable to use.


3. Yokee

An application called Yokee  comes with a different look from other karaoke applications. 

This application gives freedom to its users to karaoke. The way it works is also quite easy, you must first explore the music video catalog from YouTube to find the song you want to sing.

After you have successfully selected a song, the recording or music track along with the lyrics can be directly enjoyed by you for karaoke. You can also add various effect features in this application.


4. The Voice: Free to Sing

karaoke apps: The voice on Stage

This application, called  The Voice: On Stage  , can display various  current hits  . To beautify your karaoke recordings.

You can also polish it with sound effects to refine and improve the sound quality. The song lyrics that appear on the screen are also quite good and accurate.

Oh yes,  StarMaker Interactive as the developer of this application also provides shared features. So later you can share your karaoke recordings to several popular social media.


5. Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke is one of today’s karaoke apps that you can enjoy both  online and  offline. 

This application has a special duet feature, where you can sing karaoke together with other people or your friends to your heart’s content. Good recording quality is also an advantage of this application.

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One of the cool features that exist and don’t exist in other karaoke applications is  Chromecast support . 

Where you can enjoy karaoke on  your Smart TV  by plugging your Chromecast  into the HDMI slot.


6. StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Songs

karaoke apps: Starmaker

StarMaker  has advantages that other karaoke apps on Android don’t have, where it is able to record  full screen  with maximum results when you are doing karaoke. 

Best of all, StarMaker  also features fantastic sound effects that can be customized according to your taste.

If, for example, you are bored with  the tracklist  on your smartphone, you can see recommendations for songs that are currently hits  on this application.


7. JOOX – Music Anytime Anywhere | JOOX Music – Free Streaming

karaoke apps: JOOX
karaoke apps: JOOX

At first glance, hearing the JOOX application, of course, only imagines a music streaming application.

Actually JOOX itself is not only for streaming music, JOOX also provides the option to do karaoke, although not all songs support the karaoke feature.

To find this feature, you just need to search for songs with  the Sing tag on the right of the title. Later you can enjoy this feature for free without the need to subscribe to a VIP account.


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