Best Free Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop [2022]

PC and Laptop Real Karaoke Software ( Best Apps) Hello everyone, this time will discuss articles about PC karaoke software, for those of you looking for articles about karaoke on your PC then you are in the right article, so don’t worry I will recommend the best application for you.

So later I will discuss some applications that are preferred by karaoke lovers, the most important point is which applications can support your PC, applications that I recommend are examples such as KaraFun, Karaoke 5, KaraokeKanta, and many others.

You don’t need to worry now that there are many applications that are equipped with a very sophisticated karaoke system, and you don’t need to karaoke to expensive places out there, you just need to have a mic, loud audio, you just need to operate it via your PC.

Okay, I’m going to recommend the best karaoke application for your PC, and you should read my article carefully because the application I recommend can be a special application for Windows or Mac. Okay, let’s see the list of the Best Karaoke Software for PC…

We compared different options and selected the best free karaoke software for Windows 10 that you can try for free.

  • Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows
    • KaraFun
    • VanBasco’s Karaoke Player
    • KaraokeKanta
    • One Karaoke
    • Walke
    • Siglos Karaoke Professional
    • PCDJ Karaoke
    • I Star
    • KJAMS

Best Free Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop 2022

The following is a list of karaoke applications such as at karaoke places:


Best Free Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop: Karafun

Karafun is the best karaoke application that is worth a try because this application looks like i tunes and this application is very popular with those who like singing, the application is very easy for those of you who want to need entertainment through karaoke.

Karafun has a special library to store 17 thousand free songs that you want, but if you want to have the library you have to prepare a fund of $ 5.99 to access 48 hours, and if you want to access it for 1 month you can pay only $ 9.99.

This application has a cool feature, you can adjust your voice, so it is very easy to use this application. You just prepare the mic and try it, this application is not only in the application, this application prepares a web player and mobile application.

If you want to try it click the link: Download KaraFun

VanBasco’s Karaoke Player

Best Free Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop: VanBasco’s Karaoke Player

Furthermore, there is a PC karaoke application that makes it very easy for you to sing at home without being complicated, this application has very advanced features, such as changing the font on the lyrics when you sing, and the background when you sing karaoke.

Features  adjust tempo, mute , and can play only one instrument. And the songs provided in VanBasco’s application are quite complete, in terms of tools or interfaces in this application are very good.

If you want to download it, please click the link I provided: Download Vanbasco Karaoke Player


Best Free Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop: KaraokeKanta

Okay, the third one is KaraokeKanta, this application has a very good system for users of this PC karaoke software, because it has features that are quite complete to use to test your voice.

The features provided are synchronization of voice and song recordings, MID and KAR format players, swap voices and create virtual bands, and change the tone and speed of songs, in this application you can save songs for you to sing.

If you want to try it, please click the link we provide here: Download KaraokeKanta

One Karaoke

Okay, this karaoke application is perfect for those of you who often gather with family, because karaoke is friendly for children and can be connected to, this application also provides for a fee if you want to add more complete features.

In this application you can save and organize your songs into folders that have been provided and you can easily find your songs, one karaoke is really very easy to use even though ordinary people try it.

If you want to download the karaoke application, it’s very simple and install it immediately via the link I provide here: Download Karaoke One


Walaoke is a very simple PC karaoke application, you can use the application very easily, and in this application it has a very cool feature, if you have a video while singing or recording a video, you can make a background in it.

To change the color of the writing can also be used in this application, you can change the writing when singing using the song lyrics in this application, so that it is easier for you to read the lyrics.

You can also print out a list of songs in this application, cool, right? If you want to try this application, please click what we provide here: Download Free Walke

Siglos Karaoke Professional

Best Free Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop: Siglos Karaoke Professional

As the name suggests this application is very professional because it has very complete features and you can easily run this application. When you run or try this application you can easily find the type of song you want.

But this application is only for karaoke business people or those of you who have a karaoke business, because this system is equipped to manage singers in your business to sing, you can manage it.

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Because Siglos does not have an online library, there is no web and mobile version, if you want to use this application at home, don’t use this application because the application is very suitable for those of you who do business.

If you are interested, please click the link for free for you here. Download Siglos Karaoke Professional

PCDJ Karaoke

This software has a very professional system but is easier to operate than migos, this application is very well equipped with a solid system, support for various file formats, singer rotation, and singer display.

The application has a very complete and complete song library, you can also use lyrics with two screens, basically this application really helps you to do business or you are karaoke at home.

If you want to install, please click the link I provided Download PCDJ Karaoke


The following is the full version PC karaoke application for MAC users:

I Star

Best Free Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop: I Star

This PC karaoke software is specifically for mac users, indeed mac users are rarely used by people in Indonesia, but it doesn’t hurt you maca users to try this application, this application can make you happier.

Because this application has features that are quite complete, namely various classic songs and current songs, you only have a mic, you can sing with your family, and good audio you are like having karaoke like karaoke places out there.


Best Free Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop: KJAMS

In my opinion, this application is a very supportive karaoke application for users who are looking for entertainment at home, and who have a lot of free time. But this application can only be operated by mac users.

You only have a good audio mic and your friends to join in the fun with this karaoke application, the features provided are music formats, set playlists, pitch, tempo, and others. This application also has a working system, namely Apple Remote control.

If you are a Mac user, it doesn’t hurt you to try this application, please click the download link here. Download KJAMS

That’s all the discussion about PC karaoke software, if you have suggestions about this article, please comment and you can see references in other articles because I have recommended the best application for you.

If there are word mistakes or mistakes in the discussion, please forgive, please criticize with adults, the application above is an application that is very often used by amateur or professional singers to train their voices.

What is the best free karaoke app?

The 9 Best Free Karaoke Apps for Windows
VanBasco’s Karaoke Player
One Karaoke
Siglos Karaoke Professional
PCDJ Karaoke
I Star