7+ Best Selfie Apps for Android and iPhone

7+ Best Selfie Apps for Android and iPhone

7+ Best Selfie Apps for Android and iPhone – Selfies are a great way to express yourself. Most of the newly released phones are devices with useful and highquality cameras for taking selfies.

Stock camera apps that use your phone’s front camera to take selfies aren’t very useful. Instead, we prepare you the best 7 selfie app for Android and iPhone looking at you our list of suitable applications your phone can download and use.

Best free selfie apps for Android

  • Snapchat
  • Candy Camera
  • Retrica Application
  • PhotoDirector
  • YouCam Perfect
  • Afterlight
  • Front Flash

1- Snapchat

A great app toaddthemost beautiful masks and a wide variety of filters toyour selfies . Because it is more of a social media-style application, people use it to share photos and videos with their friends.

7 Best Selfie Apps for Android and iPhone

But Snapchat app is a very useful and multi-featured selfie app for taking selfies more.

Snapchat app is an android app whereyou can add various lenses, masks, emojis, filters and fonts to your selfies. After taking your selfie and making the adjustments you want, you can save your photo to the gallery and share it on your social media accounts.

You can download the Snapchat app from the play store.

Play store download link:Snapchat

2- Candy Camera

It is a selfie app that makes your face look more beautiful with various modes. Candy Camera has various beauty features such asface thinning, whitening, smoothing, makeup.

7 Best Selfie Apps for Android and iPhone

It is also a veryquietapplication. You can take your selfie silently without anyone noticing.

Play Store download link:Candy Camera

3- Retrica Application

Retrica is a photo editing application where you can add a nice atmosphere to your pictures with various filters. The app offers over a hundred different photo filters that add moretexture and colorto photos.

It is a fantastic application where youcan create GIFs with yourphotos. It helps you to create not only photos but also GIFs with your videos.

Play Store download link:Retrica

4- PhotoDirector

It is anAI-poweredphoto editing app that can help take your selfies to the next level .

It has somecool filters and effectsto embellish your photos along with automaticskin toningoptions .

One of the best features of PhotoDirector is that it lets youremove background objects. You can remove all kinds of objects that you do not want in the background in your selfies.

Play Store download link:PhotoDirector

5- YouCam Perfect

One of the best features of the app is that it helps you to beautify your group photos in the best possible way.

It allowsyouto capture all the facesin the photos you takeas a group andapplyvarious filtersto them at the same time .

7 Best Selfie Apps for Android and iPhone
YouCam Perfect

Moreover, it has useful features where you can applyreal-time filterstophotos. You can also use the YouCam Perfect application to edit the videos you take with the front camera.

Play Store download link:YouCam Perfect

6- Afterlight

If you’re going to take selfies for Instagram, the Afterlight app is for you. You can beautify your selfies just the way you want with the manyfilters and texture options available in theapp.

You can add different colors to your photos with various texture adding options. Moreover, if you are going to put the selfies you have taken on your Instagram account, you can directly share the photo without cropping it.

Play Store download link:Afterlight

7- Front Flash

It is a beautification app that helps you take your best selfies in low light conditions.It isone of the best appsyoucan useto highlight your natural skin tone.

Itallows you to take selfies by converting the entire screen to white light so that the front camera does not get dark inlow ambient light places. So you can take your photos more vividly.

Play Store download link:Front Flash

Hopefully you like this 7+ Best Selfie Apps for Android and iPhone

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