How to Defrag Computer and Laptop Hard Disk

How to Defrag Computer and Laptop Hard Disk

How to Defrag Computer and Laptop Hard DiskHard Disk or HDD is one of the components that are usually used as storage media on desktop devices. 

So that the HDD is durable and can last a long time, you must even have to defrag the HardDisk.

You can do Defrag or Defragment once a week so that your hard drive can stay durable and can be used to store files smoothly. 

In addition to the maintenance process, defrag regularly serves to save time.

Because the longer the HDD you have not defragmented, the defragment process once can take hours.

Actually, defragment what? you could say the defrag process is the process of tidying up files or the process of rereading existing files.

Therefore, the HDD defrag process must be carried out, especially for users who always carry out the process of adding and deleting files every day. 

If you don’t tidy up the files will be messy and files that should have been deleted are still read by the HDD itself.

Do all types of hard disks need to be defragmented? the answer is yes. The more regularly you defrag the hard disk, the longer the life of the hard disk will be. 

If you are reluctant to defrag and want fast storage speeds, you can use a Solid State Drive or SSD.

It doesn’t take long to just explain how to defrag the hard drive through Windows’ built-in features. 

Before continuing, you must have heard the terms 3in1 and 2in1 devices. If you haven’t, then you can read the articles I’ve discussed before.

Steps to Defrag Windows Computer and Laptop Hard Disk

1: You open File Explorer then right-click on one of the Hard Disk partitions, for example, I choose Local Disk (C:)

How to Defrag Computer and Laptop Hard Disk

2: Next you select Properties

3: In Properties, please select the Tools menu

4: To start the defragment step, please select Optimize

How to Defrag Computer and Laptop Hard Disk

5: In the Optimize Drives window again you press Optimize

6: Wait for the defragmentation process to take place. The length of time depends on the number of files that need tidying up. In addition, during the defragmentation process.

How to Defrag Computer and Laptop Hard Disk

It’s better if you close the applications that you previously opened and don’t use your laptop or computer first

Step 7: If the Last run status has changed from Running to the date you defrag, then the defragment process is complete

For example, the defrag process is taking too long, you can press the Stop button. Later it will be a little slow like not responding but finally the defrag process can be stopped. 

So that the defrag process doesn’t take long, as I said earlier, at least you do a defragment once a month.

For example, you often add and delete files every day, my advice is to defrag once a week. 

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Defragment must be done by HDD users so that the Hard Disk can be durable and long-lasting. Although HDD is indeed more durable than SDD, if you take care of it, it can last longer.

That’s all I can explain about how to defragment or defrag Hard Disk , hopefully, it will be useful for those of you who don’t know. 

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