7 Tips for Playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation for Beginners

7 Tips for Playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation for Beginners

Tips for playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation for Beginners – Playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation but not leveling up? There must be something wrong with the way you play.

Maybe you are hunting monsters with too small a level or using the wrong weapons and equipment. For those of you who are just trying to play this RPG game, there are a few things to note.

For example, using equipment and following quests so you can level up quickly. So, so that you don’t get confused when playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation,

1. Select the desired job

7 Tips for Playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation for Beginners

When you first play the game Ragnarok X: Next Generation, you have to know what kind of character you want to be. At least, you can imagine what job will be taken.

For example, if you want to become an Assassin, you must take Thief as the First Class.

After that, you must also be able to allocate point stats and skill stats correctly. For example, you become a mage, but all stats points to INT so that your character “became”.

Likewise, with Swordsman, Hunter, Thief, Acolyte, and Merchant, you must know which stats points are prioritized.

2. Follow the Quest to get the appropriate exp

Are you annoyed that hunting doesn’t bring you experience as expected? For that, just follow daily quests so you can get the appropriate exp.

First, follow the Daily Mission Quest which can be seen on the Mission Board. Every day the missions on this board will change according to your needs.

Interestingly, there are several missions that will generate double exp. Thus, you can level up fairly quickly if you follow quests from the Mission Board.

Not only that, you can also take part in Carnival quests. There are also various quests at this Carnival, such as OX Quiz to Guild Orders.

Just follow them all to increase exp as well as coins and zeny. Because once you run almost all of these quests, the base level or job level can rise quickly.

3. Rely on Odin Blessing when farming and pay attention to stamina

Playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation

For those who have just played Ragnarok X: Next Generation, must be confused about how to recharge Odin Blessing.

Don’t worry, if you follow the quest from the Mission Board, your Odin Blessing will automatically return to full.

Oh yes, just Odin Blessing’s information is one of the factors that can multiply Base exp, Job exp, to zeny.

For that, Odin Blessing is very necessary when you are hunting monsters to double the experience you get.

There are two ways to add Odin Blessing itself. First, follow the quest on the Mission Board. Second, you can get it for free on Prontera from 12:00 to 20:00 to get 600 Odin Blessing every day.

With Odin Blessing, you can also get Stamina. Why is Stamina important? This is because Stamina is required to run the Life feature in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

If your stamina runs out, you can’t carry out missions such as fishing to cooking.

4. Use the Life feature

As previously mentioned, Ragnarok X: Next Generation has a Life feature. With this feature, your character can garden, fish, mine, smelt, and assemble.

Each of these favorite types has a quest that can be completed.  If you can complete each quest, there are prizes in the form of exp to interesting materials for assembling equipment.

It’s just that the missions of Life are sometimes difficult to carry out because you have to hunt monsters first for a long time.But the result is worth the sacrifice. So, still worth trying.

5. Upgrade equipment-mu

7 Tips for Playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation for Beginners

Yes, equipment upgrades are very necessary for beginners in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. By increasing the grade of the equipment used, you will also get armor up to the required attack speed and according to your level.

This is very influential when you want to farm monsters at a higher level. For example, the equipment you use for hunting has a status of level 10, while you want to farm monsters that are level 20.

If you use this equipment, you can do farming for a long time, even repeating yourself because you died when the monster attacked.

Well, for that you are required to upgrade Playing Ragnarok X: Next Generationto the highest level. Remember to do this if you can’t buy a powerful weapon for hunting or fighting. After that, you can upgrade your armor to a talisman.

You can also embed cards or cards in the equipment you use. This card can be obtained by hunting monsters or doing gacha.

But keep in mind, install the card that is needed and appropriate, yes. Don’t get the wrong card, you know.

6. Join the right Guild

Next Generation for Beginners guild member

When you reach level 20, you can join a Guild and create one. For the first time, it is recommended to join an existing Guild first.

If you feel you already have enough experience and a lot of friends, just create your own Guild.

Joining a Guild is indispensable for those who are new to Ragnarok X: Next Generation. The reason is, you can get guidance and help from your Guildmates.

Not only that, you can also ask for help when farming difficult monsters. For that, the Guild feature in this game is very helpful for those of you who are new to playing it.

Because in addition to the social element, you can also be helped by many things. Therefore, joining an existing Guild is highly recommended to try.

7. Sell your items at the Exchange Center

 Playing Ragnarok X

When you hunt monsters, there will definitely be items that can’t be used or needed.

Therefore, you should also just go to the Exchange Center. By selling items at the Exchange Center, you can get Crystals at an exchange rate.

When the Crystal from your item sales increases, you can also upgrade your war equipment, whether it’s a weapon or a talisman.

Because in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, you can’t buy items such as weapons or armor via players.

All transactions can be done only through the Exchange Center. Just a tip for selling items at the Exchange Center, sell your items at the lowest price available.

That way, the items sold will sell quickly and you can get Crystals quickly. However, these tips apply to ordinary items, not rare items, yes.

With the seven tips above, hopefully, you can improve your gameplay in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

As a beginner, it’s natural to make mistakes, really. After all, this article was created to help you level up quickly and play in peace. So, want to play Ragnarok X: Next Generation again?

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