What is multiroom? How does it work?

What is multiroom? How does it work?

What is multiroom? How does it work? – Probably every home has a situation where each of the household members wants to watch their favorite program on TV at the same time. 

Then discussions arise and the famous quarrels about who will be holding the pilot. Television operators who now offer the Multiroom service in their offers come to the solution of the situation. 

What is Multiroom and how does it work? Is it worth using such a service? You can learn everything about Multiroom in this article.

Multiroom – the most important information

  1. what is Multiroom?
  2. How does Multiroom work?
  3. Multiroom – how to connect?

what is Multiroom?

Multiroom is a recently popular service offered by TV subscription operators, which allows you to watch various TV channels on several monitors, without the need to purchase an additional subscription.

It is a solution that works great in homes where each of the household members has other favorite channels or programs. 

The problem of what channel to watch at a given moment disappears – everyone can easily turn on the TV on their monitor and watch what they want.

The advantage of using the Multiroom service is that the operator does not require us to buy several different TV subscriptions.

Everything is included in one offer, the fee of which is only a dozen or so dollars higher than normal. We have the same channels available in high digital quality on every screen or monitor.

How does Multiroom work?

In order for each monitor as part of the Multiroom service to be able to receive the purchased package of TV channels, it must be connected to a set-top box. 

It is usually bought or leased from the operator along with an access card. For the decoder to work properly, it must be connected to a satellite dish. Usually, it does not require huge rearrangements.

However, if the monitors are on different floors and this is an obstacle to using the Multiroom service, the operator may ask for permission to create a new outlet and route the cable through it. 

Fortunately, we do not have to worry about how to connect Multiroom from the technical side – the operator’s employees will take care of it for us. 

Such a service is always sold with additional installation and activation so that the recipient can enjoy the purchased subscription as soon as possible.

The number of monitors that can be connected to one subscription varies depending on the operator and its offer. 

The same may happen when we do not have all the premium packages purchased on additional monitors, which are included in the subscription and work on the main set-top box (it may be the ability to record live programs or access premium channels). 

All these aspects depend on the individual offer proposed by the operator.

Multiroom – how to connect?

You must remember that a multi-room service is an additional option – in order to work on the screens in your home, you must purchase it in advance. 

Its costs are not relatively high – it is definitely a more profitable option than buying several different subscriptions separately for each monitor.

Subscription prices with the multi-room service may be higher by several or several dozen dollars. You need to know that activating and installing this additional option is usually not free.

The operator may ask for an average amount from several dozen to about $49 USD for the purchase/lease of a set-top box and its correct installation in our home. 

What is multiroom? How does it work?

The rates for the multi-room service and the connection of the necessary equipment vary depending on the operator whose offer you choose. 

If you want to know if an additional Multi-room option is available for your subscription, please contact your operator.

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