9 Best Photo Scanner Apps For Android

9 Best Free Image Scanner Apps For Android 2022

Best Photo Scanner Apps – Along with the development of technological tools, which used to be difficult to do, even being able to go back and forth, can now be done instantly.

Like when you want to scan photos of important files such as ID cards, family cards. Diplomas, and other important files, which used to have to go back and forth can now be done instantly through an Image Scanner.

Currently, several Photo Scanner apps on Android phones are good to install to assist activities in printing or saving documents.

Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages, some applications scan photos into word, some can be pdf, some can be written (text), etc.

Best Photo Scanner Apps For Android


Best Free Image Scanner Apps: TurboScan
Best Free Image Scanner Apps: TurboScan

This application can scan documents more sharply with an algorithm that has been updated every time.

Even when the lighting is not too bright, this application can scan documents with pretty good quality.

The advantages that can be obtained from TurboScan:

  • Can edit with multi pages.
  • Detects documents even if the lighting is not very bright.
  • Can print via the cloud.
  • Can adjust brightness, rotation and color.
  • Can name in documents.


Scan Scanner – PDF converter

Best Free Image Scanner Apps: Scan Scanner - PDF converter
Best Free Image Scanner Apps: Scan Scanner – PDF converter

If you want to scan to PDF, you can use this application, because this application focuses on documents/photos that you want to convert into PDFs.

This PDF Scanner is one of the Android photo PDF scanner applications where documents can be converted into quality PDFs and can be sealed or inserted with their own signature.

The advantages that can be used in this application:

  • Many editing features.
  • Efficiency when editing photos/images.
  • Can convert from PDF to JPG format images.
  • Can print and share the file.


CamScanner – PDF Scanner app

Besides PDF scanner, Camscanner application is also equipped with JPG to PDF conversion or from PDF to JPG.

What’s even more interesting is that this application can edit documents directly when the image/photo is being scanned.

Features presented in Camscanner:

  • There is a password feature to make documents more secure.
  • Can combine documents and send scans.
  • Can print directly.
  • Organize documents directly.
  • Can crop documents automatically.


Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App 

If you want to find another best Image Scanner application on your cellphone which can convert documents to PDF or vice versa, you can try this one application.

Tinyscanner is equipped with a pdf converter as well as scan results with good quality. Then, as the name implies, Tinyscanner, this application is very light to run.

For the features in this application:

  • Using an algorithm that makes scan results fast and of good quality
  • A password feature is provided to maintain document security.
  • Page size can be set for PDF.


Picture Scan App by Photomyne

When it comes to other best scanners, just try Photo Scanner by Photomyne. This application has multiple functions including screenshots (screen capture) and scanning.

The scanner in this application has very clear results with advanced AI technology that is updated every time.

Features available in this application:

  • Can scan more than one photo in just one protet.
  • Can scan entire photo albums in just minutes.
  • When scanning, it can automatically detect borders, lines, and so on in the image.
  • There are filters when editing photos.
  • Can add location, date and name.
  • Can be saved to email or to the cloud, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App 

As the name suggests, this application is very fast in terms of scanning because it uses algorithms and AI technology that makes scanning more quality and faster.

So for those who want to find the fastest Android photo scan application, you can use a fast scanner.

Things that can be used in this application:

  • Scan documents with a quick basil.
  • Can directly share the results of the document.
  • The number of tools to assist in editing.
  • Scan results can be converted to PDF.


Genius Scan – PDF Scanner App 

If you want to try something else from the android Image scanner app, try Genius Scan. This application has different features from the others.

Some of them, perspective correction and smart page detection. Genius scan can also convert images to pdf.


My Scans – Best PDF Scanner

If the document;/file you want to scan is an important file such as a work document that requires a signature, then use this application.

My scans application can help in signing PDF documents, such as taxes, job offers, contract invoices, etc.


Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR 

Adobe Scan PDF Scanner OCR 1
Best Free Image Scanner Apps: Adobe Scan

If you feel that all of the applications above are considered not very good, try the adobe scan application made by adobe.

As is known, Adobe has well-known software to assist in design work such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on. One that adobe has developed for android phones is adobe scan.


Thus the Best Free Image Scanner Apps For Android application must be installed. It should be reminded again that each of the above applications has its own advantages and disadvantages, so please choose according to your needs.

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