What Song Is This: 9 Sites to Identify Music Online in 2024

9 Sites to Identify music online

What Song Is This: 9 Sites to Identify Music Online in 2024 – While listening to the radio it may happen that you do not immediately recognize song being transmitted because it is new or more simply because the title is ignored.

How many times does it happen to wonder “what song is this?” We assure you that this is quite a common situation, especially among people who listen to music several hours a week.

Don’t recognize the song that was recently played on the radio? Do you have the title of the song on the tip of your tongue but just can’t remember it? 

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to solve the problem once and for all: to follow the list of the best sites to identify music online, so as to finally know the title and artist name of the song you are listening to on the radio or on the computer.

Best Sites to Identify Music Online

Here is a detailed list of 9 sites to identify Music online from a computer or Phone.


In conclusion, let’s add Shazam to the list of sites for identifying songs online. Known by all as one of the most popular apps for recognizing music played on the radio, not everyone knows that Shazam also offers the same service from a computer thanks to a web extension for the Google Chrome browser .

Once the extension is installed, start playing a video on the web or an audio file stored in the computer’s memory.

Then give Shazam a few seconds to recognize what song it is: as soon as it is recognized, the extension will show the title of the song, the artist who sings it and the video.

AHA Music

AHA Music is the online music recognition service integrated in the ACRCloud platform , one of the main websites to identify songs online. 

AHA Music you recognize the song you are listening to on your browser with Spotify , Deezer and YouTube allowing the aha-music.com site to access your computer’s microphone.

Connect to the aha-music.com service page, scroll down to the “Recognize Music by Recording Online” section , press the microphone icon, then click on the “Allow” button and start the music you want to recognize. 

Within a few seconds, the site will return the name of the song you are listening to on your computer. With the free version you have up to a maximum of ten operations per day.

Note : AHA Music works on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers.


Musixmatch is the leading lyrics platform for songs in the world. The service is available via the web or as an app for Android, iOS, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store and watchOS.

Among the features available, also scanning the library of streaming services Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Napster. A curiosity: Musixmatch is an service , founded in Bologna in 2010 by Massimo Ciociola and Gianluca Delli Carri.

To recognize a song with Musixmatch from the site follow these simple steps:

  • Connected to the official musixmatch.com website;
  • Click on the section “Most popular texts” ;
  • Type a phrase of the song in the search field “Enter song title, artist or lyrics” at the top left.

As you can see from the photo above, Musixmatch is among the platforms that returns the most detailed search results among all the services described.


AudioTag.info is a website that allows you to recognize songs online through a sophisticated music recognition robot . With AudioTag you can identify a song by inserting a YouTube, Coub and YouTu.be link, or by uploading a music file.

If you opt for the first solution, simply click on the “Enter link” button , paste the link in the field under “Enter external URL” and click on “Analyze URL” to start the analysis of the link. 

The second option requires loading a music file stored in the computer’s memory and waiting between 15 and 45 seconds for the robot to identify the title and artist of the song.


AZLyrics is an aggregator of lyrics belonging to the most disparate musical genres. Search for any song by typing the name of the artist or part of the text of the song, the system will give you back the title of the song, the name of the performer and the complete text after a few seconds.


The eLyrics.net site hosts a generous database of music lyrics, with over 1.2 million songs from more than 73,000 artists . 

With eLyrics, you recognize song by typing a part of the song through the site’s internal engine or by browsing the “New Albums” and “Latest Updates on eLyrics” sections , where the new albums and the latest songs added to the site are inserted respectively.

Genius Lyrics

Genius Lyrics also allows you to identify songs online by writing a part of the text of the song being listened to, but it does so by offering at the same time more captivating graphics and allowing you to listen to the song with a 30-second preview of the song’s audio using the service of Apple Music. 

To this he then adds the image of the single or album, the release date of the latter, the authors of the song themselves and the video on YouTube.


It is also impossible not to mention the Google search engine among the sites to identify songs online, for obvious reasons.

If you know a part of the song’s lyrics, whatever the language, Google proves to be the simplest and most immediate tool to find the title and the name of the artist. 

As the first search result, Google returns a general overview of the song, with the YouTube video, text and quick links for listening on the main streaming platforms available, including Spotify, YouTube Music and Deezer.


Like Lyreach, Lyrics Mode is a portal more suitable for identifying songs online in English. The operation is in fact identical to that of many other websites that allow you to find the title of a song and the artist who sings it starting from a sentence of the text.

To receive more accurate results, the platform suggests entering at least 3 long words and reporting the sentence in English correctly.

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