10 Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy

10 Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy

10 Unique Features of Samsung GalaxySamsung Galaxy phones are among the best sellers of all, as well as among the most appreciated by technology enthusiasts. This is due to the fact that it is an extremely customizable type of smartphone and full of very interesting features. 

In addition to the basic functions that everyone knows, Samsung Galaxy phones reserve many surprises: there are in fact many “secret” features that most users are not aware of. Some of them are simple customization functions, while others are extremely useful features that you won’t be able to do without once you discover them. Let’s see what they are.

10 Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy

Cancel typing with gesture

You know the handy shortcut Ctrl / Cmd + Z that has always allowed you to undo typing on your computer? Samsung Galaxy offers a very similar feature that is extremely convenient to avoid deleting every single letter when you misspell something

In this case, since the phone is equipped with a touch screen, you will not have to learn any combination of keys, but a simple gesture: just slide two fingers on the keyboard to the left to cancel typing . Similarly, you can restore the deleted word by swiping two fingers on the keyboard to the right.

Use Good Lock app to personalize your smartphone

Even if you don’t know it, the Good Lock app offers a wide range of very interesting customizations. Despite what you think, the application does not only allow you to customize the lock screen. Instead, it is a suite of modules that adds many interesting features and extra customization modes. For example, thanks to this Samsung Galaxy feature you can change the appearance of notifications, create clocks, change the multitasking screen , customize the navigation bar, many aspects of the audio and yes, even the lock screen.

Enhance video quality with Video Enhancer

Many people choose to buy Samsung Galaxy precisely because of the beautiful display . The device also gives users the ability to dramatically improve the quality of the videos so that they can watch them in the best possible way. 

This is possible thanks to the Video Enhancer feature, which once enabled will increase the brightness of the display automatically every time you watch a video , making the colors brighter and the colors more vivid.

Match the phone theme to your wallpaper

Although most Samsung Galaxy devices have always given users the option to choose from many different themes, with the update to Android 12 it is possible to create a custom theme that matches the background. This Samsung Galaxy feature allows you to automatically select the colors in the background to create a theme that matches it perfectly.

Quick access to app shortcuts

Thanks to the Edge Panels feature you can customize your Samsung Galaxy and create a sidebar with all the most important apps . In addition to apps, you can add contacts, weather widgets, reminders, notes and much more. This way you can always have all your favorite tools at your fingertips.

Custom shortcuts for lock screen

It often happens that you want to take a picture that it takes too long to unlock your phone. Today this will no longer be a problem, because a particular Samsung Galaxy feature allows you to set many custom shortcuts on the lock screen

This way you can take photos and perform other actions even when your phone is locked. The shortcuts set are displayed in the lower right and left corners: to open the desired app, simply drag it to the center of the screen.

Turn the phone over to silence incoming calls

Here is a feature that few people know about and that can be very useful. Miss the times when you could close your flip phone to end or reject a call? Of course, with modern smartphones, this can’t be done anymore, but Samsung Galaxy offers you a similar way to do it. It is in fact possible to enable an option, present in the Settings menu , thanks to which you can simply turn the phone over and place it on a surface to silence or reject a phone call.

Music apps in Quick Settings

If you often use your Samsung Galaxy to listen to music this feature will be for you. In fact, there is a way to keep the music app always at hand in the Quick Settings panel . The Media Output menu can in fact be used to create quick links to your favorite apps, including the one for music playback.

Move the shutter button

Samsung is very famous for making very large phones . For this reason, many people struggle to reach the buttons at the top of the screen, especially those who need to use the device with one hand.

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Taking a picture in these conditions is often difficult, as the shutter button is positioned in an awkward spot on the screen. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy camera app allows you to move the shutter button at will 

Clone your apps with Secure Folder feature

Secure Folder wasn’t created just to keep work apps separate from other apps or to hide private photos. This feature can be used to create real clones of the apps on your Samsung Galaxy: these are simple duplicates that have no way to communicate with the apps that are outside the folder.

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