9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting – After you create a website, the next step to take is hosting. Hosting aims so that the website you manage can be used by other internet users. You can do hosting for free using your website creation platform.

To be more leverage, you can use cheap web hosting services. Hosting services will provide complete facilities for you to optimize the website you manage.

Web hosting itself has several types, namely Shared hosting at an affordable price, VPS hosting for those who have high traffic, Dedicated hosting where one server is used for all users, and Cloud hosting with cloud computing technology that is free of downtime.

Cloud hosting which is hosting with new technology will be discussed further to find out what the advantages are.

Cloud Hosting

As discussed earlier Cloud Hosting is hosting using cloud computing techniques where a network of servers is spread in various places and the central server is in a certain country.

Cloud Hosting is also one of the best cheap web hostings that have been widely used. This hosting is also the hosting that business people and bloggers use for website performance to make it even more optimal. 

Cloud Hosting is one of the cheap web hostings that offers unlimited resource capacity. The specialty of a cloud server on web hosting is that it can connect computer devices to the internet network.

If you need data then there is no need to use a hard disk and flash. You can retrieve files stored on your Cloud Server web hosting. You don’t need to be afraid of losing data because it is already stored on a central server.

So for those of you who need large resources, you can make Cloud Hosting the first choice. Even though it is classified as web hosting which has many advantages, it turns out that not all web hosting service providers offer Cloud Hosting, this is due to technological limitations so the costs you have to spend are indeed higher than Shared Hosting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

By using computing technology, Cloud Hosting also has many advantages. Among them are focused on uptime and resources. There are many Cloud Hosting users who are satisfied after using this server, here are some of the advantages of Cloud Hosting that you need to know:

Here are some of the advantages of Cloud Hosting:

  • The risk of data loss is very small.
  • The storage capacity provided is unlimited.
  • An affordable price.
  • Access data more flexible
  • The chances of experiencing Downtime are small.
  • Automatic Failer, if there is a problem on the server, access is automatically directed to another server directly without having to wait for repairs.
  • Faster access
  • Collaboration
  • Reliability
  • Ceph based storage system, Ceph stores data in several devices to ensure optimal security and redundancy.

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

Don’t worry, the lack of Cloud Hosting doesn’t immediately make your website performance bad. The disadvantages of Cloud Hosting are focused on service and installation where customers must be able to understand Cloud Hosting before using it.

Here are some of the disadvantages of Cloud Hosting:

  • The service cloud service is less than optimal, where each cloud server has different capabilities, so you must consult a technician before using it.
  • Possible downtime
  • Requires caution in adapting cloud servers to data storage
  • Limited control
  • Technical Issues
  • Lack of privacy protection where data will be collected in a central storage (cloud provider) so that other people can access your data.

Many cheap web hosting services are emerging today, but you must be careful before deciding which web hosting service you want to use. Don’t be tempted just because the price is cheap or don’t hesitate to choose a package that is more expensive but the results are satisfying

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