21 WeTransfer Alternatives to Send Files in 2023

WeTransfer Alternatives

20 WeTransfer Alternatives to Send Files in 2023РInternet users are often led to send files for various reasons: personal, professional, or recreational reasons. However, messaging systems have a file size limit. There are currently different platforms for exchanging large files.

What is WeTransfer and what are its limitations?

WeTransfer is a tool that allows Internet users to send large files more easily. Indeed, thanks to this service, they have the possibility of sending various documents which can reach up to 2 GB for the free version while some applications have a limit of 20 MB.

In addition, if users use the paid version, they can send large files up to 20 GB. The main advantage of WeTransfer is that the file is sent as a download link and the recipients only have to upload it to the cloud. Moreover, the tool is easy to use, and it is possible to send different types of files: images, videos, professional files and others.

Despite the many advantages of WeTransfer, it also has some limitations. Once the recipients receive the files to download, they have complete freedom over the use even if they decide to share it with others without the consent of the sender. 

In addition, the number of contacts to which files can be sent is limited to a maximum of 10. If recipients do not download the sent files within 7 days, they will be automatically deleted.

21 WeTransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files


SwissTransfer is a file sharing service developed by Infomaniak . Free and without registration, it allows you to send large files up to 50 GB which are kept and available for download for up to 30 days. The data is stored in secure servers in Switzerland guaranteeing their confidentiality and can be protected by an end-to-end encrypted password.

SwissTransfer offers three different transfer methods: sharing by email, by URL, or via Slack. Finally, it is possible to control the number of authorized downloads or the expiration date of the files.


IceDrive is an application that makes it easier to send large files. The tool has a feature to preview the file from the browser. In free mode, Internet users benefit from 10 GB of cloud storage. A cache control system allows the application to use as little space as possible.

Surge Send

Surge Send is an easy-to-use file transfer solution. Confidential files can be password protected, and the download can be paused and resumed as needed. In free mode, users can exchange files up to 3GB in size.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a handy tool that allows users to send large files with just a few clicks. The application provides real-time synchronization, which is very practical for collaborative work. Users get 15GB of free storage, and can send files up to 10GB.


4Shared offers its users the possibility of exchanging large files easily and quickly. Indeed, Internet users can send files up to 2GB for free. Thanks to this tool, data storage is facilitated. In addition, 4Shared has a data encryption system that guarantees security.


pCloud is a platform that is used to store files in the cloud, but also to send them to contacts. By registering on the app, users are entitled to 10 GB of storage for free. The service uses a security system keeping confidential files under high protection.


Dropbox is software for storing and sending large files. Modified documents are synchronized in real time, which promotes teamwork and collaboration. Users can exchange files up to 300MB for free. In addition, Dropbox guarantees data security.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is an application for storing and sharing files in a relatively short time. By using this tool, Internet users can transfer files up to 10 GB for free. An encryption system ensures the security of shared files. Any type of file can be transferred.


Uploaded is a free tool that is intended to store and share files easily. The application is particularly widely used to share photos. Indeed, users can import files from their gallery. In addition, Internet users also have the option of creating, renaming or deleting files.


One drive is a platform that allows users to securely store files in the cloud and share them. In addition, Internet users can collaborate in real time with their colleagues on shared files. Users can upload files up to 15 GB for free.


Smash is an app that makes it easy to send large files of any type. With this service, Internet users are free to choose the duration of availability of the files they share. Additionally, users receive download notifications. Smash’s free download limit is set at 2GB.

Jumbo Mail

Jumbo Mail is a handy piece of software that provides users with the ability to send large sized files. In free mode, Internet users can exchange files of up to 2GB. Jumbo mail is also a way to store various files: images, videos or files up to 5GB.


Ge.tt is an interesting solution for fast file sharing. Files that can be shared include images, videos, music, and documents. Besides, users who take advantage of the features of the tool can transfer large files up to 250MB.


Binfer allows Internet users to transfer files easily and quickly. The application guarantees the security of sensitive files thanks to a data encryption system. In addition, when Internet users use the free version of the software, they automatically benefit from the possibility of transferring files of up to 200 MB.


SendGb is a platform that is used to send large files as well as store them. For added security, users can add a password before accessing shared files. Moreover, users have the option to transfer files which can reach up to 5 GB for free.


MediaFire is a tool for sharing and storing various types of files. A handy feature of the app is that the link shared with the recipient cannot be shared with any other contacts. Users can upload files that are less than 10 GB in size.


Filemail is a software that is used to send large files. The free version of Filemail allows the uploading of files that can be up to 50 GB in size. An option in the application allows you to keep track of files that have been sent and received.

My Air Bridge

My Air Bridge is an application designed to facilitate file sharing. Transfers are made in complete security, access is conditioned by a password. Using the free version, internet users have the ability to transfer files of up to 2 GB.

We Sendit

We Sendit is a solution to sending large files. Indeed, this tool allows Internet users to transfer files not exceeding 5 GB for free. In addition, in order to guarantee the security of the most sensitive files, transfers are protected by a password.


Volafile is an interesting platform that offers users the possibility of storing large files temporarily, but also for free. Moreover, this tool also allows exchanging files in an easy and fast way. Internet users who take advantage of the services enjoy free file transfer of up to 20 GB.


TransferXL is a tool created to allow Internet users to easily send large files. The free mode of TransferXL allows transferring files that can occupy up to 5 GB. Among the advantages of the application is its ease of use, everyone can enjoy its services.

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