12 Best AI Video Editing Tools in 2024

Best AI Video Editing Tools

Best AI video editing tools let you trim, edit and create new videos faster than ever. If you are a Youtuber, content creator or other professions related to video creation, you cannot ignore the help of these tools. Let’s take a look at some tools with Techjustify to help you optimize cost and time in video editing through the above article!

Best AI Video Editing Tools

1. Munch


Short videos like Facebook Reels, Instagram, are the current trend to compete with TikTok’s strong coverage. Therefore, if you are used to making long content, don’t worry too much, Munch can turn your videos from long videos into short content with attractive, coherent extracts best suited to your needs. most context. Munch owns the main features such as: `

  • Built-in many features : Edit, create subtitles, post and publish content 
  • Intuitive video editing : Munch trims and preserves the best, most important parts of your video
  • Multi-platform: this tool outputs videos that can be posted on any social network such as Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

2. Runway

The creativity of the AI ​​Runway video editing tool has reached a new level compared to other tools. 

  • Dozens of AI tools help you generate ideas, create and edit content simply.
  • Optimize the time and process of creating and editing videos.
  • Remove background, remove objects in any video with simple operations.
  • Working and editing videos in groups is extremely convenient.
  • Integrated advanced security, safe, effective..

3. Papercup

Papercup is an AI tool that supports dubbing your videos in different languages. This makes it easier for you to reach a wider audience without having to know multiple languages. 

Papercup 1
  • Save costs by using AI for voiceovers compared to traditional forms.
  • Realistic, accurate sound. 
  • Diverse professions: media, businesses, students, content creators.

4. Gling

This is a video editing tool for Youtubers to cut the error and redundant parts of the video. Gling has both paid and paid versions to help users completely feel secure when using. 

  • Various categories.
  • Considered an encyclopedia of AI.
  • Enables audio editing, copywriting, customer support, etc.

5. Unscreen

The next AI video editing tool that ATPSoftware wants to introduce to you is Unscreen to help edit the background professionally. 

  • 100% automatic and free
  • Perfectly precise background removal
  • No need for a green background, you can still remove the background easilywith videos shot anywhere.

6. Pictory

Is an automated video marketing tool capable of creating short branded videos. More importantly, Pictory can also turn commands and blog posts into engaging videos.

  • No software download required.
  • Cost saving, quick and easy operation.
  • Turn sales scripts into videos with higher conversion rates.
  • Automatically generate captions for videos.

8. Vidyo

Create short videos from long videos instantly. Use powerful AI to create short clips from your existing videos. Save 90% time and effort. 

  • Save 90% time and effort on creating short videos from long videos.
  • You can change the video size as you like 
  • High quality video download.

9. Contentfries

This AI video editing tool turns long videos (potatoes) into shorter, more engaging videos (chips). That’s why it’s called Contentfries, and video creation has never been so fast. 

  • With 120 languages ​​used, automatic video subtitle generator helps create fast and accurate subtitles.
  • Reuse special content! Add subtitles/captions to video, text, images, background, progress bar.
  • Create quotes, photo galleries, quotes, etc.

10. Clips.ai

Do you intend to create media clips from long videos like podcasts, web, blogs? 

This will be a dedicated tool and meet your requirements for easy access to social networks – Clipsai.com.

  • Create videos with the free version and charge many benefits.
  • There is a beta coming out soon

11. Colourlab

This tool uses advanced AI technologies that make color grading quick, easy and simple. 

  • Trusted by famous movie studios such as Disney, Netflix, Comedy, etc.
  • Suitable for filmmakers, editors, content creators,..
  • Over 100 LUTs created by top Hollywood colorists.

12. Dubverse

The last AI video editing tool that ATPSoftware wants to recommend to you is Dubverse. With this software, you can easily dub your videos in multiple languages ​​with just a few simple steps that anyone can do. 

  • More than 30 lifelike voices
  • More than 2000 videos have been produced
  • Suitable for accounting, financial technology, etc.

With the above 12 AI video Editing Tools , you will surely create great videos for yourself to reach more potential customers.

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