6 Best Backlink Checker Tools to Use in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Best Backlink Checker Tools

Best Backlink Checker Tools – Backlinks are indeed important for the development of a website, but keep in mind that quality backlinks must be checked first. And to check it, we can use backlink tools which are very much scattered on the internet, both free or premium or paid. Well, you are lucky because here we will try to share with you what are these tools?

There are many free and premium backlink checking tools that you can try. OK, let’s get started.

Before we start, there may be a number of questions that I often hear and see on various other professional sites about how to check website backlinks, including:

  • How can we find out the number of domain backlinks?
  • How to remove bad backlinks?
  • How can we know that the domain is appropriate for us to buy?

Questions like the one above sometimes often appear in good personal blog comments. And here we try to assume by explaining briefly and easily understood the questions above. But before that, let’s find out what are the advantages for us to check this backlink?

What are the advantages of checking backlinks?

As SEO players, we must really understand first how to find out the quality of backlinks from the domains that we own or that we want to buy, their function so that they can be used as PBN, can be used as a moneysite website, and can be used as a source of your income.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • With the backlink check tool, we can find out where the backlink source is from
  • If quality, we can resell at a price that is quite expensive
  • If you have a good matrix, we can use it for a money site that can immediately boost visitors without having to look for backlinks again.

Benefits or benefits like the one above are very rarely known by many people to get quality backlinks. If they don’t pay attention to the number of backlinks, their sources and quality. Of course that will be a source of problems in the future, right?

We can actually check backlinks online in many ways and it’s very easy to do, we can even do it with a dork. You can also try it directly with  intext:websitename.com  and there you will be able to immediately see all the backlinks that come out of the Google search engine, of course if they have been indexed by Google, we can ensure that the backlinks are of good quality. or you can also use 10 ways to see other people’s blog backlinks with the following tools:

Best Backlink Checker Tools

Semrush Toolkit

Check backlink competitors with semrush tools. Semrush is one of the tools that provides the most accurate results for checking website links, but unfortunately this tool is premium or paid so we can’t use it every time. We can see and analyze competitor backlinks usg this most complete tool.


Checking free backlinks with rankingsignals tools. This tool is actually very good, but unfortunately once again the results of the rankingsignals tool are not very accurate and do not display all the number of backlinks, especially on links from web2.0 and social media, so we cannot know for sure the number of domain backlinks we have.

Moz Open Site & Backlink Checker

Tools open site moz & backlink checker are the best Backlink tools online. If we check it using this free tool from Moz, the results are quite accurate, but unfortunately we are only limited to checking the source and the number of backlinks 5 times a day. So, make the best use of it, because the Moz tool is a place to check paid premium backlinks.


Check competitor backlinks with majestic tools. Who is an SEO practitioner who doesn’t know these majestic tools? I also have a monthly subscription from majestic. I almost always peek at other people’s backlinks with this paid premium tool. We can use this cool tool to find out quality backlinks and know exactly how much the trust flow and citation flow are complete. So, we highly recommend this tool for checking backlinks.

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Cognitive SEO Explore

How to check backlinks using cognitiveseo tools. Another way to check competitor backlinks, we use this cognitiveseo tool. It’s very easy to use and we can use it for free, just like the MOZ tools, these tools give us the opportunity to check backlinks 5 times a day. So what are you waiting for. You can check right now.


Check backlinks using the openlinkprofile tool. The online tools used to check backlinks are actually very good, but unfortunately if we try to check, the tools often don’t work and then return to the homepage when we try it. It could be that this only happened to us and didn’t even happen smoothly to all of you. Or, it could be that country domains like co.id don’t work on OpenLink Profiler.


So, that’s our brief and clear discussion about good free and premium tools that you can try to check backlinks online and that you can use regularly in a day. The choice depends on you. My recommendation is that you use Majestic or Cognitive SEO as the main tools to make your blog or website even better.

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