10 Best AI Content Generator Tools in 2024 [AI Writing Generator]

Best AI Content Generator Tools [AI Writing Generator]

Best AI Writing Generator Tools – To produce content that attracts the attention of many people, create good quality content. Producing good quality content requires creativity and innovation.

Unfortunately, creating quality content is quite time consuming. Luckily, with current technological advancements, AI (Artificial intelligence) is available which can help you create quality content.

AI (Artificial intelligence) or artificial intelligence is a sophisticated technology that allows a program to work like a human. AI works by analyzing large amounts of data and then processing the data repeatedly.

Many industries have welcomed the emergence of this technology because it can help work in various fields, such as the widespread use of chatgpt. No exception in content creation. Utilizing an AIcontent generatorwill make it easier to create interesting and quality content.

How to Choose the Best AI Writing Generator Tools?

Basically, there is no definite answer for choosing the best AIcontent generator. Every AI currently circulating has its own advantages and disadvantages. When confused about choosing an AI content generator, then you have to consider what you need.

If you need AI to write quite long blog content, then use an AI that has these qualifications. Likewise, when you need AI help forcopywriting, use AI that has the function of writing qualitycopywriting.

Another thing to consider before choosing a good AIcontent generator is price.If you only need simple content, it’s enough to use AI at a low price. However, when you want to create higher quality content, you need a more expensive investment cost.

Best AI Content Writer Tools to Help Create Content

Here are some AIcontent generatortools that can be your choice to make content even better and be able to attract many people.

1.Jasper AI

Jasper ai Writer

Jasperis software that uses GPT-3 technology and is capable of producing text for copywriting purposes. Currently, many people from YouTubers, bloggers tocontent creatorsuse Jasper.

This is not surprising because Jasper provides approximately 50copywritingtemplates. Apart from that, Jasper is also able to create longer texts making it easier for you to create blog content.

Jasper also provides 25 different languages. Of course this will make it easier for you to create content with a wider target audience. Through Jasper you can also make edits, check for writing errors and optimize content.

Leveraging these Jasper AI skills will cost quite a bit from $29 to $59 depending on the number of words needed per month. You can also use the free five-day trial feature.


This AI toolallows you to create writing automatically based on the descriptions that have been given. Copy.ai provides around 90 content templates in more than 25 languages.

This toolcan be a good choice for writingInstagram captions, promotional e-mails, creating long posts and making it possible to paraphrase.

Even though it has the ability to create long texts, thistoolis not recommended for blog content because it is not SEO friendly. In addition, the content from Copy.ai is fairly general and not creative enough to require further review.

Copy.ai provides a free feature with 2000 words per month and can use more than 90copywritingtemplates and a Pro trial for 7 days. If you take the Copy.ai Pro package, you can create unlimited projects and no word limit.


This onetool is useful forcontent writingwhich is capable of writing 5000 words and is free of plagiarism. Rytr is capable of understanding about 30 different languages.

The price for thesetoolsis affordable and you can even enjoy free features. Rytr offers a premium plan for $9 with a limit of 50,000 words and also an unlimited plan for $29 per month.

4. Insta AI Content Generator

Insta AI Content Generator by ChatGPT is a feature available on the Insta Web Platform. This Content Generator feature helps website owners to draft content, articles for the needs of a website blog or to help make copy on a website’s Landing Page.

The method is also very easy because it is already inWordPress itself, the illustration is as shown below

With the AI ​​Content Generator tools that are already in post mode on WordPress, it certainly makes it easier for the ideation process to publish article content on your website. You can get Insta AI Content Generator on the Instant Website in the Pro AI Package. Immediately start activating the blog on your website and get lots of traffic!


This AIcontent generatortool is perfect if you use it for marketing purposes.Copysmith has services to produce quality copywriting.

These toolscan be the right choice to support a business because they are able to create large amounts of content simultaneously through the available templates. This will make it easier for you when you want to createa campaignon social media .

Copysmith offers a $19 starter pack with 15 credits or around 500 entries. You can also try thefree trialfeature . Even though it provides a variety of languages, this tool is not suitable for creating content other than English.

6.Murf AI

Murf AI is able to produce quality audio from text input. Users can make modifications as desired.

This AI Voice Generatortoolprovides approximately 100 voice collections and provides 20 languages. Many usethese toolsto produce audiobooks, audiograms and product videos.

Murf offers a free plan with limited features. However, it provides a paid plan at $19 per month.


This AIcontent generatoris suitable for those of you who are active on social media, because it can produce creative images. Fotor is capable of producing images via text input.

Fotor can produce cartoons, photorealistic drawings and other works of art. Fotor provides both free and paid features for $8.99 per month.

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Synthesia is a video generator that can produce videos in a short time through text input. This platform provides 120 languages ​​and more than 55 video templates.

Through thesetoolsyou can use human-like AI avatars. There are 85 AI Avatars available or you can create your own Avatar. Through Synthesia you can also edit and modify videos.

Synthesia requires an investment price of $30 per month. You can also make a price quote for the company.


Anyword AI Writing Generator

Anyword is a quality AIcontent writing tool.Even The New York Times to the NBA trust Anyword. This tool provides several categories, namely for advertising purposes,landing pages, e-mailpromotions and blogs.

This softwareis able to produce effective advertisements with a pleasant and convincing language style.

Anyword provides a free seven-day trial and a premium plan that costs $19 per month.

10. Growthbar

Growthbar can produce SEO-friendly posts, making it suitable for creating blog or article content. Apart from offering to create promotional content, Growthbar provides popular SEO service features such as Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Through these AItoolsyou can dokeyword research,monitor rankingsand optimize SEO. Unfortunately, thistooldoes not provide free features, but offers a relatively cheap price of $ 29 with 25 keywords and 15 outlines for one month.


Quillbot AI Paraphaser

Quillbot is an Ai tool that has the ability to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism, summarize long sentences and process grammar to be more professional.

This platform is capable of paraphrasing from 400 characters or 125 words. This can improve the quality of writing to be more effective.

You can start using the free or paid version of Quillbo with an investment of $9.95 per month.

Are the results of the AI ​​Content Generator Quality?

The rise of AI that can help create content raises its own questions about the quality of the content produced. If asked whether the results from the AI ​​Content Generator are good or not, the answer depends on the platform chosen and also the ingenuity of giving orders to the AI.

So, those are 10 AIcontent generatortools that can help you create content. The existence of this AI will save time because it can produce a lot of content in a short time and minimal errors.

However, AI-generated content, especially in written form, does not have the elements possessed by humans in the form of emotion and creativity. Therefore, the content generated by AIcontent generatortoolsstill requires further review.

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