All Cheat Codes For GTA 5 on PC

All Cheat Codes For GTA 5 on the Mobile and PC - Techjustify

GTA 5 Cheats – Are you a gamer? If true, you are definitely very familiar with the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Playstation 2 first.

In fact, it can be said that almost all world gamers have played this open-world game.

GTA San Andreas can be said to be one of the most successful open word games to date. In addition, it turns out that GTA San Andreas has its own very large community around the world.

The 5th series of the Grand Theft Auto franchise was released several years ago. Even GTA V has been named the best open world game for this century.

All Cheat Codes For GTA 5 on the Mobile and PC - Techjustify
All Cheat Codes For GTA 5 on the Mobile and PC

This game made by Rockstar Games has many stories and very special memories in the hearts of its players. Starting from GTA: San Andreas to GTA 5, and this game made by Rockstar is a success and in demand in the game world market.

However, it doesn’t feel complete if we play this one game without using cheats that aim to make things easier.

For example, such as completing missions and various other things you need.

In fact, it can be said that the features of GTA 5 are very modern. Interested in using the cheat? Here’s a complete collection of GTA 5 PS3 and PS 4 Cheats below.

List of contents : GTA 5 PS3 and PS4 cheats Cheat GTA 5 PC

GTA 5 Cheat EffectsCheat Code
Invulnerable Cheat (5 minutes)RightXRightLeftRightR1RightLeftXTriangle
Blood and Armor CheatsCircleL1TriangleR2XSquareCircleRightSquareL1L1L1
Cheats Weapons and Extra BulletsTriangleR2LeftL1XRightTriangleDownSquareL1L1L1
1 Star Police CheatsR1R1CircleR2RightLeftRightLeftRightLeft
5 Star Police CheatsR1R1CircleR2LeftRightLeftRightLeftRight
Super Boxing CheatsRightLeftXTriangleR1CircleCircleCircleL2
Super Jump CheatLeftLeftTriangleTriangleRightRightLeftRightSquareR1R2
Moon Gravity CheatLeftLeftL1R1L1RightLeftL1Left
Fast Run CheatsTriangleLeftRightRightL2L1Square
Fast Swim CheatsLeftLeftL1RightRightR2LeftL2Right
Instant Ability Fill CheatsXXSquareR1L1XRightLeftX
Parachute CheatLeftRightL1L2R1R2R2LeftLeftRightL1
Cheats Falling from SpaceL1L2R1R2LeftRightLeftRightL1L2R1R2LeftRightLeftRight
Exploding Bullet CheatRightSquareXLeftR1R2LeftRightRightL1L1L1
Fireball CheatL1R1SquareR1LeftR2R1LeftSquareRightL1L1
Cheat Bidikan Slow-motionSquareL2R1TriangleLeftSquareL2RightX
Cheat Gameplay Slow-motionTriangleLeftRightRightSquareR2R1
Drunk Mode CheatsTriangleRightRightLeftRightSquareCircleLeft
Weather Change CheatsR2XL1L1L2L2L2Square
Slick Car CheatsTriangleR1R1LeftR1L1R2L1
Cheat Mobil CometR1CircleR2RightL1L2XXSquareR1
Garbage Truck Car CheatsCircleR1CircleR1LeftLeftR1L1CircleRight
Limousine Car CheatsR2RightL2LeftLeftR1L1CircleRight
Cheat Mobil GolfCircleL1LeftR1L2XR1L1CircleX
Cheat Mobil Rapid GTR2L1CircleRightL1R1RightLeftCircleR2
Cheat Motor OffroadCircleXL1CircleCircleL1CircleR1R2L2L1L1
Racing Motorcycle CheatsR1RightLeftRightR2LeftRightSquareRightL2L1L1
BMX Bike CheatsLeftLeftRightRightLeftRightSquareCircleTriangleR1R2
Helicopter CheatsCircleCircleL1CircleCircleCircleL1L2R1TriangleCircleTriangle
Acrobatic Plane CheatsCircleRightL1L2LeftR1L1L1LeftLeftXTriangle
Dragonfly Plane CheatsRightLeftR1R1R1LeftTriangleXCircleL1L1

Cheat GTA 5 PC

NotesTo be able to activate the GTA 5 PC cheat, you must enter the Console by pressing the Tilde button (~) in the upper left corner of the keyboard.
Cheat CodeGTA 5 PC Cheat Effects
PAINKILLERThe cheat changes the character to be super and can’t die for 5 minutes
JRTALENTA cheat that can select all existing characters
TURTLECheats for life and full armor
TOOLUPA cheat that can give a lot of weapons and extra bullets
LAWYERUPChase level cheats for lowest cop (1 Star)
FUGITIVEChase level cheats for the highest cop (5 Stars)
HOTHANDSCheats that work to give super boxing
HOPTOITCheat your jump becomes super
POWERUPCheats that work to fill abilities quickly
GOTGILLSCheat serves to speed up the character’s swimming
CATCHMECheats that work to make the run faster
INCENDIARYFire bullet cheat
HIGHEXExploding bullet cheats
SLOWMOCheat mode slow-motion
DEADEYECheat aiming weapons with slow-motion
FLOATERMoon gravity cheat
SNOWDAYSlick car cheats
LIQUORDrunk mode cheats
SKYFALLSkyfall cheat (move character to space)
MAKEITRAINCheats change the weather
BANDITCheat spawns BMX bike
BUZZOFFCheat spawns helicopter
HOLEIN1Cheats pop up golf carts
COMETCheat spawns Comet (sports car)
FLYSPRAYCheat spawns fertilizer spreader plane
VINEWOODCheat spawns a Limousine car
SKYDIVECheat spawns a parachute
ROCKETCheat brings up PCJ-600
RAPIDGTCheat spawns Rapid GT
OFFROADCheat spawns Sanchez (offroad motorcycle)
BARNSTORMCheats spawn acrobatic planes
TRASHEDCheat Spawning Trashmaster (garbage truck)

Well, that’s a collection of the most complete GTA 5 PC, PS3, and PS4 cheat codes. Hopefully, your game will be more exciting and fun and you are like All Cheat Codes For GTA 5 on the Mobile and PC

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