How to Get Accepted by Google AdSense Approval [7 Tips]

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How to Get Accepted by Google AdSense – For those of you internet users who have a certain blog or website, you can become a partner in Google’s advertising program or also known as Google AdSense. 

However, in order to be Get Accepted by Google AdSense, there are several things you need to pay attention to first. 

How to Get Accepted by Google AdSense Approval

If your AdSense is still being rejected, here are some ways to get you accepted easily: 

7 Ways to Get Accepted by Google AdSense

1. High Quality Content must be original

Having original and High Quality Content is the most important part of getting accepted by Google AdSense. 

Make sure that the website provides quality original content that is uniquely crafted. You can’t get AdSense approval if you don’t have content to show.

If the content you have is a  copy  or a copy from a different site, it will never get a chance to be accepted with Google AdSense.

Uniqueness and quality are the main factors to be accepted by Google AdSense. It’s a good idea to compose ideas, words and start sharing your own original or original work, then Google AdSense will be happy to accept the submissions.

2. Have a Good Website Performance

7 Ways to Get Accepted by Google AdSense

The next thing is to have a good performing website where the response time should be fast. A general rule of thumb is around 3 seconds for a load time which is considered a good performer. 

This is of course related to the content and front end  technology used for the website. 

In this case it will be very good if you use a professional tool to analyze the site and understand its performance with Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

This tool performs comprehensive site analysis on mobile and desktop devices, and scores websites for each type of device.

The performance of a website is usually also supported by the type of hosting service you choose, whether it meets your needs or not. 

You can choose cheap hosting at Hostinger and if you experience problems you can find the solution here. 

3. Create 10 to 15 Posts Above 1000+ Words

Then there must be articles or active content on the blog. Also make sure that there are at least 10 to 15 articles of content. 

The articles that you upload on this website will be Google’s identifier to classify the type of content. 

In addition, original and quality articles will certainly be a positive indicator for Google to assess your website. 

4. Design User Friendly & Well Structured Website Pages that Look Decent

All pages of the website must be interconnected with internal links between pages. This should be a well-structured level so that at any time the user can return to the main menu page without difficulty. 

In addition, links should not be broken, and website design must always display links in the header and footer sections .

5. Only Use Google AdSense Remove Other Ads Network

Of course there are several other advertising services besides Google AdSense. However, it would be better if you don’t use other types of services before AdSense approves the account activation request. 

6. Regularly Updated & Fresh Content

You also have to make sure that the content on the website is updated frequently & Fresh Content . You have to keep adding more content, and of course the content must always be unique, providing special value to the user. 

With this content, it will definitely have more potential to bring high traffic to your website. And of course, in order to be accepted by Google AdSense, there must be a minimum of website visitors per day. 

What is the Minimum traffic For AdSense approval?

The website must be visited frequently, it does not have to receive thousands of visitors per day to be able to apply for Google AdSense, but a minimum of about 50 visitors per day is sufficient. 

7. Apply to Google Search Console and Google Analytics

7 Ways to Get Accepted by Google AdSense
7 Ways to Get Accepted by Google AdSense

This is a tool or tools that you can use to optimize a website.

Google Search Console is used to optimize websites versus Google search results. 

Using this tool can help you see your search traffic, detect any indexing issues and show how Google Search will view your website’s pages. 

Then Google Analytics can provide a full set of metrics showing live traffic analysis with advanced reporting functions to show complete insight into everything that is happening.

It is important to note here, the above Google tools do not contribute to the acceptance or rejection of Google AdSense. 

These tools are only to help optimize and analyze websites for better traffic performance and help to Get Accepted by Google AdSense.

So, don’t just have a website, but also make sure that the content you have is original and quality, has good performance and Those are some ways to get accepted by Google AdSense. So that the structure of each page is also neat.

Hopefully, you are like 7 Ways to Get Accepted by Google AdSense and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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