Android TV vs Roku TV: Which is Better in 2023

Android TV vs Roku TV

Android TV vs Roku TV: Which is Better in 2023 – The operating systems of smart TVs are key pieces to personalize entertainment and have complete control of the content you want to enjoy. These systems can be better understood by comparing them, and what better than evaluating Roku vs Android TV .

Roku and Android TV are two of the most popular Smart TV operating systems on the market, specially created to transform the “dumb box” into smart. A television may have one of these systems built into it, or it may also come on a dongle or external device that connects via an HDMI port to your television.

When we refer to Roku vs Android TV, we are not saying that it is comparing sound quality or screen resolution, characteristics of each TV.

We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each system. The best thing is that both have evolved over the years, shortening the differences, so perhaps the comparisons are in the type of user or their style of use.

Difference Between Android TV vs Roku TV

Both are for televisions, and a TV is basically for watching movies and series. So, are the differences relevant? You are right. Because user demand is becoming more sophisticated and certain additional qualities may be the key when deciding on one or the other.

If you are a person who feels comfortable with the changes in technology, you will surely lean towards Android TV. Because this operating system is for tech-oriented users who want to get the most out of this platform. Even more so if your transition is to Google TV, the sophisticated layer of Android TV.

On the other hand, Roku TV is better for less tech-savvy people . Maybe you just want to browse and watch shows and movies in an easy-to-use interface.

Likewise, Android TV gains in features and functionality, while Roku gains in hardware availability and streaming content. Ask yourself what are you looking for?

Roku TV

Roku vs Android TV interface differences

With the customization possibilities offered by Smart TVs, the interface becomes a key point to enjoy a good experience. But if we talk about Roku vs Android TV, you also have to consider user preferences.

Roku TV has a simpler user interface, which for an average user may be enough. So the user interface has a minimalist design which is perfect for people who are not so tech savvy. This makes Roku easy to use, even if you’re a new user.

Therefore, the interface is faster and smoother . Its minimalism allows you to see the Apps you have installed, the inputs available for the console, sound bar or cable TV and that’s it. Therefore, it is much cleaner than the Android TV interface.

On the other hand, the Android TV interface presents much more information and even makes recommendations based on your preferences. Sometimes it gets a bit slow, the reason may be because it is not very optimized for many TVs on the market. It’s like Android on cell phones, if these are lower-end, the operating system doesn’t feel very fluid.

But the good thing is that the Android TV home screen is dynamic and highly customizable . If you’re an advanced user, you’ll appreciate this a lot, especially if your home screen has multiple rows of content that you can customize.

Apps available on Roku and Android TV

Whether you use Roku or Android TV, you’ll be able to download all the popular streaming apps. Included in this group are Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Philo, etc. But what you can’t lose sight of is that the Roku channel store has about 2,000 smaller channels that you’ll probably never see on Android TV. The quality of these channels varies, but in any case you have a greater offer of content.

The advantage of Android TV is having the Google Play Store that provides a large number of applications optimized for Android TV. If you are an Android user on your cell phone, it will seem more natural to navigate from your TV in this application store.

An Android TV Box is a device that you connect to your television. Thanks to which you can enjoy your favorite movies and series, but also surf the Internet. Our TV Box with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM supports up to 6K video and 3D image. It supports Chromecast, Miracast and Airplay.

Roku and Android TV setup

When you evaluate Roku vs Android TV you will realize that Android TV has many more configuration options. Even the latter allows you to activate developer mode.

If we talk about Android voice assistant , you will appreciate that Android TV is a better experience with Google Assistant. That is, you can use your TV to control home devices like smart blinds and smart light bulbs . And of course, don’t forget the usual commands to control services like Netflix and YouTube. In many cases you even have access to a remote control enabled with voice search as standard.

In voice control Roku has less functionality than Android TV. Even so, Roku TV is compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant on models with remote controls. But not all features are supported, for example, you can’t ask today’s weather or access calendar events. That is, it is incomplete voice control.

But the good thing is that Roku allows voice search to find a certain movie or actor. You can also manage basic functions like fast forward, pause, volume up and mute the device.

On the other hand, Android TV comes with Chromecast built-in . Therefore, Apps that are not available on Android TV, but are compatible with Chromecast can be cast from your tablet or cell phone to the TV. Roku if it doesn’t support Chromecast.

This does not prevent both Roku and Android TV from being integrated into smartphones and thus enhancing the experience. Roku has its own app that acts like a remote, allowing you to search queries and control the TV.

You turn your TV into a Smart TV with the Roku Streaming Stick . You connect it directly to the TV and you can enjoy movies and TV shows over the Internet. It comes with remote control and voice assistant. If you have a TV compatible with 4K resolution and HDR format you will have a better experience.

Roku vs Android TV Who wins?

With Roku you have a wider selection of hardware and access to more content, because you have more channels and applications . But Android TV is perhaps better for its user interface and voice control features .

Android TV is found on Sony, Sharp and Hisense televisions. Instead, Roku is at TCL, Philips, RCA, Hitachi, Sanyo, and Westinghouse. You can also find both systems in transmission boxes or dongles, that is, you could enjoy it on any television that has HDMI.

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Ask yourself which user you are or want to be, and you will surely know which television operating system you want to have. What you should take into account is that neither Android TV nor Roku are designed for games . Although if you are a causal gamer Android TV has a decent collection of titles. Roku only has about two dozen simple games on its official channel to pass the time.

In the future, TV operating systems will be ubiquitous. That is, currently, only a fraction of the entire world population consumes content through a modern television operating system, such as Roku and Android TV.

It is expected, for example, that Roku will be able to quickly pair with more audio and video products in the future. Roku believes that by 2024, half of all US households with a TV will be without cable, and they hope to fill that market. Just to say that one in three smart TVs sold in the United States includes the Roku operating system, so viewers don’t need an external box.

For Android TV the future is Google TV . It just so happens that Google is rolling out its own custom branded or skinned “experience” called Google TV that runs on top of Android TV, debuting on the new Chromecast with Google TV . However, what is certain is that Google TV and Android TV will continue to coexist for a long time. There is even Google TV for PC with some difficulties.

The good thing about Android TV is that many carriers and manufacturers are embracing the platform. In addition, its increasingly better integration with the smart home and Google Home is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

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