Apollo Group TV Review (2024) – Channels, Pricing, & More

Apollo Group TV Review – Channels, Pricing, & More

A TechJustify Quick Review for Apollo Group TV IPTV – Channels, Pricing, & More in 2024 – If you’re looking for an adaptive and affordable alternative to satellite or cable Television, look no more than IPTV. In this article, we’ll review Apollo Group TV, another IPTV service. We’ll cover everything about Apollo Group TV starting from its features to pricing.

Apollo Group TV: Highlights

  • High-Definition channels 1000+
  • Monthly rates for plans begin at less than $24.99
  • Offering five connections with a Regular Plan
  • Options for on-demand videos
  • Subscriptions for 3, 6, and 12 months
  • VPN-supportive
  • No Free Trial (Currently)
  • Sports Channels (Major Channels)
  • PPV (Pay-Per-View)
  • Foreign television channels
  • Popular news channels
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Favorites option (manager)
  • Outside assistance for players
  • Compatible with widely used (IPTV players)
  • Accepts Credit / Bitcoin / Debit
  • Android / FireStick TV (supported)
  • Excellent customer support (mail, discord & Telegram)

Apollo Group IPTV: What exactly is this?

If you want to enjoy a wide range of excellent on-demand movies, TV shows, and live TV channels consider the app Apollo Group TV. Being a premium entertainment platform, it will offer you all of its advanced features. Apollo TV will make sure that you’re entertained for a very long time.

Outstanding Features of Apollo Group TV

a) Easy streaming process

It is a fantastic tool to use for streaming TV shows, movies, and other stuff online instead of getting cable TV. If you integrate it with Real-Debrid, giving you access to a range of streaming link sources.

b) Tidy & Intuitive Interface

Another factor contributing to Apollo TV’s popularity is its aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface. It allows you to alter settings and customize options.

c) Keep Up with the Newest Titles

Apollo TV is very appealing to anyone who enjoys remaining updated with the latest movies and television series.

d) Costing

Apollo provides varying prices according to the plan you choose. A one-month, three-month, six-month, and a year package are among the available packages.

Is it completely legal to use Apollo IPTV?

It is quite challenging for TechJustify to approve the legal standards of Apollo TV. We can only inform our users and amend the necessary reports on our website if the service is found to be running against the law. Till now, only the end user is responsible for the subscription services and IPTV apps.  

We should remind the users that streaming content that is copyright-protected is illegal. We do not support or encourage the streaming of unlicensed content.

Apollo IPTV: Pricing packages

The pricing of the Apollo IPTV is as follows:

1) For 5 connections, VOD, and more than 1000 channels, pay $24.99/month.

2) For 5 connections, get more than 1000 channels with VOD, and pay $51.99 for 3 months.

3) Get over 1000 channels with VOD, 5 connections, 6 months, and five connections for $89.99.

4) $129.99 for a full year with five connections, VOD, and more than 1000 channels.

Apollo IPTV: Safety Concerns

Streaming services like Apollo IPTV come with its own set of perils. The company protects your data with a secure server. It will imply that hackers cannot access your credit card number or any other critical information. Overall, you can stream your favourite TV series and movies with Apollo IPTV. But just as with any streaming service, you should utilize a VPN to safeguard your privacy.

How to install Apollo IPTV apk in FireStick: Installation Procedures

As you’ve made it this far, we must tell you that downloading and installing Apollo IPTV is not a very difficult process. Let’s get right into it using these steps:

On your Firestick device, you’ve to sideload the Apollo IPTV using the downloader app.

1) After turning it on, connect your FireStick device to the Internet.

2) Click the Search icon on the Home page, and enter Downloader.

3) To download the app, you need to “select” the download option.

4) From the menu of Firestick settings, choose “My FireTV”

5) Choose Developer Preferences – Install Unknown Applications – Activate Downloader

6) Click Go after opening Downloader and pasting the Apollo IPTV apk into the URL field.

7) Open the APK file and select Install once it has finished downloading.

8) Once it has been installed, tap Open to use it.

9) To log in, enter your Apollo IPTV username and password.

Apollo Group TV on Firestick: Installation

1) Select the Apps icon from the FireStick Home Screen.

2) To open the Downloader app, select it.

3) Locate and pick the URL box. A virtual keyboard will be there for typing the URL.

4) Click “My Fire TV” on the Firestick Settings page now.

5) Choose Developer Preferences – Install Unknown Applications – Activate Downloader

6) Click “Go” after opening the downloader and pasting the Apollo IPTV apk into the URL field.

7) Open the apk file and select “install” after it has finished.

8) After the program has been installed, tap “Open” to use it.

9) To log in, Enter your Apollo IPTV username and password

Tough Competitors of Apollo TV Review

1) Typhoon TV

It is one of the top choices for movies and TV shows. It is regularly updated with the latest content for the users.

2) CinemaHD APK

Cinema HD is a popular app with its easy-to-use interface with a wide content library. It is compatible with Firestick and other Android devices.

3) CatMouse APK

It is the finest app offering on-demand streaming services for movie enthusiasts. It provides high-quality 1080p working links. It works well with TV shows and movies and is compatible with Firestick.

4) CyberFlix TV

Another on-demand streaming apps is CyberFlix TV. It offers users with high-quality content. It includes both old movies and the latest television series.

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How to setup and customize my FireStick with XTrix TV IPTV?

1) Launch FireStick Home

2) Select the “settings” icon from the “FireTV” home screen.

3) Select “Developer options” after you select “My FireTV”

4) Choose “Turn On” after clicking Applications from Unknown Sources.

5) Return to the main screen, search for “Downloader” and choose it from the list.

6) Click the symbol for the Downloader.

7) After selecting “Download”, wait until the app finishes downloading and is installed.

8) Start the “Downloader” To open the keyboard, take your cursor in the URL box and press the OK button on your remote.

9) Open the “Downloader” software, type the XTrix + URL, and hit the “GO” button.

10) Hold off while the file downloads.

11) Click “Install”

12) Select “Done”

13) Give the IPTV app a few seconds to load on-screen

14) Enter your XTrix Plus activation code and hit OK. After that, enter the XTrix Plus activation code once more and press OK.

How to make IPTV Smarters and Apollo TV work in conjunction?

1) Navigate to all apps from the FireStick main screen.

2) From the selection, choose the IPTV Smarters.

3) The IPTV player can be integrated with IPTV service using a variety of choices provided by the app. Choose to Load File/URL or Playlist.

4) Give Apollo, or any other name, to the playlist.

5) Apollo TV content is recognized by the app and loaded via the M3U link.

6) The IPTV Smarters will load Apollo TV content after a few moments.

So, the player has been loaded and is ready to use so there is no need to go through the setup again.

Features of IPTV

These are some of the significant benefits of using IPTV services:

1) Personalization & Engagement

IPTV offers users with a great deal of personalization. Moreover, a customized viewing experience is offered with pause, rewind, fast-forward, and video-on-demand.

2) Availability of On-demand video

IPTV subscribers get access to a vast on-demand entertainment library. It can be accomplished by them viewing their preferred program or series whenever it suits them.

3) Quality of audio and video in movies

The best HD and UHD content can be delivered and the credit goes to IPTV. Viewers are guaranteed with exceptional audio and video quality when using IPTV.

4) Supports a wide range of devices

IPTV supports a wide range of devices including laptops, Cellphones and even smart TVs.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want to?

Indeed, users of these services have the total freedom to end their subscriptions upon their will. Long-term contracts are hardly an issue.

The best reputable IPTV substitutes available in 2023

1) IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends is among the best free IPTV apps for viewing live TV. If your streaming platform has high-quality channels accessible, you can broadcast anything without worrying about buffering.

2) Honey BEE IPTV

The IPTV streaming service Honey BEE IPTV offers live TV and on-demand services. It enables you to view your shows and movies on a compatible device.

3) Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV offers live TV, movies, and popular series. There are many different channels available both in other languages and English.

4) Necro

Necro is an IPTV platform without any subscription costs. It works with at least two different devices. For extra features, it also offers premium plans and customized packages.

How to safeguard your IP while streaming media with a VPN

The first step is to register for a high-quality VPN, as the best option for streaming, we suggest ExpressVPN. NordVPN is another but the apps are not quite as user-friendly.

Let us examine how to conceal your streaming habits from prying eyes with ExpressVPN.

1) First sign-up for ExpressVPN. They’ll offer you with a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

2) Turn on your Fire TV stick and select Find, then Search.

3) Enter “ExpressVPN” into the search field and click on it when ExpressVPN appears in the list of results.

4) Click Download to install the ExpressVPN on your FireTV or Stick.

5) Launch the application and sign in using the credentials you generate as you purchase an ExpressVPN subscription.

6) To establish a VPN server connection, click the Power button. Now, you have the fastest and the best VPN for FireStick.

Are there any channels on Apollo Group TV?

With a basic subscription, Apollo Group TV offers over 1000 live channels, for $24.99 per month. These live channels are divided into many categories, including international, sports, news, entertainment, and more. In addition, there are choices for VOD, PPV, sports packages, and other premium services not offered by typical LIVE TV service providers.


Apollo IPTV is an incredible IPTV service that provides a wide selection of TV channels in high-definition streaming. We’ve outlined the features and the pricing of Apollo IPTV along with the installation procedures for Firestick Installation. It is always recommended to get a VPN to stream copyrighted content by using these streaming services.


Is Apollo Group TV Legal?

It is difficult to assess the legal standards of Apollo Group TV. However, you can always use a VPN to stay protected while browsing content on Apollo Group TV.

What is Apollo Group TV?

Apollo Group TV is a popular IPTV streaming service offering TV shows, live channels, and movies.

Does Apollo Group TV offer Live TV?

Yes absolutely. It has popular LIVE TV channels from several different international nations for those who are TV enthusiasts.

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