Best IPTV for Firestick (2024 Update)

Best IPTV for Firestick

Best IPTV for FirestickTechjustifyusers are very interested in the subject ofInternet Protocol Televisionand often ask questions about the best way to use them. One of the most popular questions is: “What are the best IPTV apps?“. With this article I answer the question in a clear and detailed way.

What is the best app to watch IPTV channels

There is no straight answer because it depends on at least three factors

  1. the device you use
  2. your needs
  3. your taste

Foreach specific devicethere are one or more apps that I consider the best, the same apps may not be available for other devices or have different conditions of use that make them less attractive. For example, there are apps that are free for Android but paid for on the Samsung Smart TV. It is clear that with the same functionality, a free app is preferable to a paid one.

We must then consider theneeds and tastes. Some users enjoy IPTV apps on the go, perhaps around the world while others watch the channels from the comfort of the sofa at home. Finally, some users prefer minimal and easy-to-use apps, others feature-rich apps.

In this article I suggest you the best IPTV apps evaluated on the basis of features and user experience .

Best IPTV app for Samsung

Samsung’s policy regarding the app store is quite restrictive. For this reason it often happens that overnight some apps disappear and are no longer downloadable and installable. At the moment, the best apps available in the Samsung smart TV store are:

  • IPTV Smarters
  • Flix IPTV
  • Net ipTV

Best IPTV apps for LG

The LG store is full of IPTV apps, for those who haven’t done a little experimenting it’s difficult to determine which is the best. For LG smart TVs I suggest you

  • IPTV Smarters
  • Bay TV

Best IPTV App for Android TV

In the Android TV Play Store there are many apps to watch TV in streaming and new ones are constantly being created. Some, however, are real points of reference as far as IPTV is concerned:

  • IPTV Extremepro
  • IPTV Smarters
  • Flix IPTV

Best IPTV for FireStick TV

In the store that Amazon has dedicated to the Fire Stick TV there are no particularly interested apps with which to watch IPTV. Nonetheless, the Amazon dongle is the most widely used external device for streaming TV.

The lack of apps in the store is compensated for by the ease of installing them via the Downloader app. For this reason, practically all the apps are available for the Fire Stick, the ones I recommend are:

  • IPTV Smarters
  • Smart IPTV
  • IPTV Extremepro

IPTV Smarters

This app is currently the best in the android world.IPTV Smartershas as its main feature a user experience of the highest level. It divides the IPTV lists by categories (live, movies, TV series), distinguishes the groups within each category and shows very detailed content for each group:

  • content preview
  • EPG for live programs
  • movie and series posters
  • plots
  • durations
  • actors
  • directors
  • division into seasons of the series

It’s easy to think that whoever created IPTV Smarters did it with users in mind, to let them choose their favorite content by receiving as much information as possible and providing a menu full of easy-to-use commands.

IPTV Smarters is also available for Windows, Apple, Samsung and LG devices.

IPTV ExtremePro

It’s an app with a minimal interface, very intuitive and easy to use. Unlike IPTV Smarters does not divide the groups into categories but shows them all together in an easy to navigate interface.IPTV Extreme Proalso gives the possibility to choose whether to use an internal player to view the contents, or an external one installed on the device.

IPTV Extreme Pro allows you to load the lists directly into the app via the connection string or via a web interface. In this way, less technological users can be remotely assisted in configuring the app.

IPTV Extreme is developed for the Android operating system and works great on devices equipped with this OS. I advise against trying to use it outside the Android world.

Smart IPTV

Surely this was the first successful app in the world of Internet Protocol Television and above all it owes its success to this. This does not mean that it is a non-functional app, on the contrary.Smart IPTVis full of features, lists are well organized and EPG and TV logos are supported. In my opinion, in terms of user experience it could improve: many commands are associated with the colored keys present on many remote controls (but not all).

Making functions such as refreshing lists or sorting channels more usable would greatly benefit a good user experience.

Unlike other apps, Smart IPTV allows lists to be loaded exclusively from the WEB interface.

It is not easy to install Smart IPTV on all devices as it is not available in official stores.


Among the best IPTV apps, I believe that Flix IPTV also deserves a place. This is becauseFlix IPTVhas all the qualities you can ask for in an IPTV app in terms of ease of download and installation, configuration and user experience.

Flix IPTV is available for download and installation in the main stores

  • play store
  • Samsun Tizen
  • LG WebOS
  • Mac App Store

Furthermore, Flix provides the apk for installing the app on Android devices with their own store (such as the Fire Stick ).

It is very easy to set up as the lists are uploaded online.

The organization of groups and channels is very well thought out and this means that Flix IPTV has an excellent user experience.

For detailed information about the use and configuration of Flix IPTV, read the article that Tu Digitale has published on the subject.

Bay TV

It is the app that is quickly climbing positions in the ranking of the most downloaded. The reason is that the manufacturers ofBay IPTVtry to meet the needs of the users.They have created a functional and practicalapp, they have distributed it on all stores and from the site it is possible to download the APK file.

They also made it easier to upload lists by giving them the ability to upload them via a web interface.

Bay IPTV is very easy to usewith the division into categories clearly visible on the main screen of the app. The use of the contents is facilitated by a large preview box and by information relating to the content itself with EPG or information on the film or TV series you are about to watch.


This app is very popular in the world of LG Smart TVs probably because it is the best among the currently free ones. It has an organization of channels in groups without subdivision of macro-categories.

The loading of the lists takes place via the settings of the app. This is a bit difficult because entering many characters, some of which are special, using the remote control is not easy.

A system for uploading lists via a web interface has recently been introduced, but it is somewhat difficult.

Net ipTV

Net ipTV is the corresponding app of SS IPTV for the Samsung world. It is an excellent app, both in terms of the ease of installing and uploading the lists, and in terms of organizing the channels.

It can be found in the Samsung Smart TV stores but also on the Play Store.

Try the best IPTV apps

IPTV channel streaming apps can be paid or free, in this article I avoided telling you which belong to one category and which to the other because things change frequently and I run the risk of giving incorrect information. However, the amount to spend is usually very low, between 5 and 10 €.

In any case, the best paid IPTV apps always offer afreetrial period during which you can use the app you just downloaded without having to buy it. Usually the trial period is7 days.

If you install one of these apps, I suggest you start using it right away and test it well to see if it’s right for you because you run the risk of the trial period expiring without even trying it. A second trial period is not foreseen.

Best IPTV APPs – considerations

Some consideration on the use of the best IPTV apps is a must. With these apps you can watchnon-copyrightedIPTV channels and you can also watch copyrighted content.

Be careful because even the use of pirated lists containing content that is available for a fee elsewhere is a crime that in the best case can be resolved with a fine (up to €1,000) but could also lead to more serious penalties.

I advise you to only use lists with unprotected content so as not to expose yourself to serious trouble.

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