Top 5 Apps Like XNSPY For Spying On Tinder & Bumble Activities

Apps Like XNSPY

Top 5 Apps Like XNSPY For Spying On Tinder & Bumble Activities – Imagine that you recently met someone online and that you two clicked right away. It appears that you have located the ideal partner. But when the time comes to meet them, though, you get ghosted in the middle of your date, or worse they try to sell you some new unheard-of cryptocurrency finance scam. 

Online dating has become the most common way to meet new people, as apps like Tinder and Bumble are at the forefront of the cyber dating world because these platforms have the highest user base.

Tinder alone has 75 million users, whereas Bumble has 50 million. Combining the two, it is a whopping 125 million total daily active users in 2022 that use these platforms to meet new people online. 

Plus, since these apps are a convenient way to meet people online it has also increased the chances of cheating and people sending flirtatious text and racy photos. Thereby, ruining their relationship completely and jeopardizing their image and reputation on a whim.

So to prevent cheating, scams, catfish, and ghosting and to protect relationships you need to have some sort of monitoring mechanism in place. And the Tinder and Bumble tracker app to do this is XNSPY.

What Is XNSPY?

XNSPY is a Tinder spying app for Android and iOS that combines IM screen recording capabilities with all the features of any sophisticated monitoring app.

Getting started is pretty simple – install the app on the intended device, log into your account, and use your account to access the Tinder and Bumble tracking features from your dashboard using any browser. Let’s see in more detail how this app actually works.

How Does XNSPY Extracts Tinder & Bumble Profile Detail From A Smartphone?

In order to extract someone’s Tinder and Bumble profile data from someone’s smartphone, log in to your dashboard account, navigate to the features menu bar on the left panel, and then choose Messenger.

Once there, select the dating app you want to spy on; in our instance, that would be Tinder. When we choose Tinder, we can see a date for each message as well as all the messages sent and received on it. The same is the case if you want to view messages sent and received on Bumble. 

Remember that to utilize the dating app reading XNSPY feature, you will need to root the device beforehand. But once it’s done, you will be able to not only view Tinder and Bumble messages, but you will also view their search criteria. It means you can view the age limits of their search, the area, and the gender of the people the dating profile owner is looking to meet.

And if you want to view the entire Tinder and Bumble dating app experience from the point of view of the phone owner, the Screen Record feature of XNSPY is made exactly for this purpose. It can capture whole app experiences not only from dating apps but from well-known instant messaging and social media apps as well.

These include Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, and Signal, and show the in-app experience for each of them too since it takes multiple screenshots while the user is on the app.

The screenshots are kept on the user’s dashboard even if they remove their chat history from each messaging app. By taking screenshots rather than text, the XNSPY’s screen recording feature can circumvent end-to-end encryption in such programs. This ultimately allows it to remotely monitor someone’s Tinder and Bumble profiles instantly by recording visual screenshots of the device owner’s in-app experience.

And with the newer version of the XNSPY’s Tinder and Bumble tracker app, you can take screenshots in various aspect ratios without apps clogging up your dashboard memory space. Longer recording lengths are also possible and the screenshots can be saved in several image formats allowing for editing down the line.

These options weren’t available before. And since it costs $7.5 per month if you buy the annual subscription, it makes it one of the best Tinder spying apps for Android and iOS.

Top 5 Apps Like XNSPY

There are also a few other Tinder and Bumble tracking apps in the market. Having set the benchmark, let’s see how the compete against XNSPY.

1. uMobix

One alternative to XNSPY is uMobix. It is a stable option if you want to spy on multiple devices at once, Normally, you would need to purchase a separate membership for each device.

However, uMobix is a good choice because it can track multiple devices simultaneously by pairing and unpairing each device that you don’t need to monitor and replacing it with another that you want to actively track.

You can utilize uMobix to view Tinder and Bumble messages remotely after installing it on the target device of your choice. It will allow you to view instant messages that have been sent, deleted, and received, along with the profile activity of each dating app, along with the timestamp of each message.

Videos and images shared on instant messaging apps can also be spied upon. But you need to own a premium subscription to uMobix to use it to spy on Tinder and Bumble profiles.

And since uMobix’s algorithms aren’t as well designed as XNSPY’s, uMobix can suffer from long data upload speeds and cache refresh times. For most users, it should not be a problem but needs to be mentioned, especially when time is of the essence. Plus, the full version costs $60 per month which can be a lot for some.

2. FlexiSpy

This software’s capability to track data on computers and mobile devices is one of its most noteworthy features. Additionally, FlexiSpy is praised for its exceptional customizability, providing a wide variety of monitoring options and settings that can be modified to suit each user’s particular requirements.

Even the most novice users will find FlexiSpy to be user-friendly thanks to the company’s investment in a highly engaging user interface. It is possible for anyone to traverse because the design elements and configuration options of notifications have been set up to guarantee promptness and simplicity.

Each function is clearly identified and laid out for user convenience. For the benefit of beginners, FlexiSpy has prioritized accessibility and simplicity as central features in its design, making it easy for users to spy on Tinder and Bumble.

3. Spyzie

One of the more popular Tinder and Bumble spying applications for Android and iOS is called Spyzie. It is ideal if you want to closely monitor these dating apps that have been installed on someone’s smartphone without alerting them. Thanks to the software’s remote and stealth operation, users of the app can easily spy on the device owner’s online dating habits in real-time.

You can use Spyzie to monitor the device owner’s frequency of Tinder and Bumble browsing activity even if they don’t use an app because it comes with a browser history and a messaging app tracker.

It checks if the device user is looking for sex online on the internet or sexting with someone. Since Spyzie is frequently updated throughout the year, it is a reliable option to monitor Bumble and Tinder accounts. But due to it being exorbitantly more expensive than XNSPY, it cannot beat it in terms of value.

4. Eyezy

Like other Tinder and Bumble spy programs, Eyezy works in stealth mode as well. This means that it does not show up in the app launcher nor display an icon on the home screen. In fact, it is not shown as the process running on the task manager of the device. Although the setup is quick and easy, rooting is necessary to use Eyezy’s Tinder and Bumble tracking features.

The app has a refreshing layout with a deep navy blue color for the menu and a plain white div box showing the dynamic data. However, the app only showed Tinder and Bumble messages in text format and did not organize them as screenshots as XNSPY does.

5. mSpy

mSpy is another Tinder and Bumble tracking spy app that fully hides and works in the background once it is installed on a smartphone. And the device owner will remain unaware that their dating activities are being monitored via the app.

All phone activity for the target person on their Tinder and Bumble accounts gets recorded by the app and uploaded to the app user’s online mSpy dashboard, from where they can view it anytime. mSpy is reliable, user-friendly, and iOS and Android device compatible. It is also one of the few spy apps available that can also monitor Tinder and Bumble on someone’s Mac and PC.

But given the app’s price, its performance isn’t up to the mark and you have to root or jailbreak the target device to track it which can be difficult for people who aren’t good with technology.

Is XNSPY Still The App To Beat?

Yes, in our opinion, XNSPY is still the app to beat because of how easily it allows someone to spy on dating apps because of its friendly user interface and quick installation process. It is also one of the few spy apps that take screenshots in multiple formats and resolutions which makes it highly compatible and software friendly.

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