6 Best AZMovies Alternatives Sites to Watch Movies in 2024

AZMovies Alternatives

Best AZMovies Alternatives Sites to Watch Movies – If you want a streaming service with an extensive content library, then consider AZmovies. It is made for serious movie enthusiasts. It has movies with different genres like war, horror, action, and drama. It is frequently updated with the newest movies making it incredibly appealing.

We’ve evaluated AZMovies in this article and discussed about any safety or legal issues with the platform. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is AZmovies?

AZmovies is a popular and free streaming site with a vast content library of movies in over 70 categories such as military, horror and sci-fi. Users can also request specific content of their preference in the platform. Further, the platform has movies for different age groups by offering TV shows and anime along with sci-fi and horror movies.

Is AZmovies safe to use?

It is quite challenging to explain whether AZmovies is safe or not. Most users look for free streaming sites in the hope of streaming content without spending a single penny. Unfortunately, free websites do not always guarantee safety. We’d not recommend you to access AZmovies if it is restricted in your region. Also, if you suspect that the website is somehow compromising your safety and freedom then you should refrain from using it. It is always a better choice to be cautious about accessing these websites. In many nations, accessing AZMovies is legal, but it can still expose your device to notorious malware, viruses, or adware.

You can install excellent anti-virus software into your PC to get rid of any viruses or malware whenever you access AZmovies. Second, you can take the help of any decent VPN software (we’ll cover an exclusive section on choosing VPNs later in the article) that can keep you anonymous and protect your device while you stream on sites like AZmovies.

Is AZmovies legal to use?

The legality of AZmovies is controversial to some extent. The first reason is that users of this website do not have any evidence about the website paying for the content posted on the website. The content could be plagiarized but that alone does not make the website illegal.

There are certain factors to consider before deciding whether sites like AZMovies are ethical to use or not-

1) The people who do piracy can be aggressively prosecuted by the government.

2) In some nations, where the government is engrossed in dealing with pressing matters, people actively engaging in piracy hardly face any legal complications.

3) In some cases, piracy is allowed and claimed as lawful as long as it becomes limited to personal use and the one involved in the act does not make any profit from the dissemination of copyrighted information whatsoever.

Some nations have advanced laws on piracy. It is best to stay updated with the laws of your state or region. You’re only free to use any copyrighted content as long as you use it for personal use and do not try to monetize it.

Disclaimer: If using AZMovies is prohibited in your region, then do not use it. In our article we do not encourage or advocate such actions. The primary intention behind writing the article is to generate awareness. Please check the rules and regulations of your concerned area before accessing these streaming websites.

Top AZmovies alternatives in 2024

Now, let us embark on our discovery to find some of the best substitutes of AZMovies.

1) SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a great streaming website that helps the user choose and watch full-length, high-quality movies and TV shows right from their browser. It offers movies in every genre including horror, action, sci-fi, and romance. One of the appealing features of the website is its massive content library and the fact that it saves your time by gathering the latest movies on its platform.

2) Popcornflix

The best substitute for AZ movies, Popcornflix grabs a special place in the hearts of movie enthusiasts. It has a clear and transparent interface with a user-friendly design that enables users to find anything on the platform.

With so many different genres available on Popcornflix, there is sure to be something for everyone, from comedy to romance and action and adventure. It is the best website without any legal ramifications.

3) Hulu

With over a decade of existence, Hulu is a video-on-demand streaming service provider. It has a massive community of more than 40 million users. It has become the biggest streaming service in the US. It is chosen by many traditional cable consumers who desire to cut their subscription costs. It includes a vast collection of over 40,000 episodes and 2,500 movies.

4) 123Movies

Next, we have got 123movies. It is a popular substitute for AZMovies because of its extensive collection of movies and TV series. 123movies became a popular place for people who wanted to watch the latest movies and vintage favourites after AZmovies crashed.

Since that time, 123Movies has been a secure substitute for the latter. Viewers can easily find movies of their preference without any registration. Additionally, viewers can quickly skim through various genres of shows or utilize the search bar to locate their favourite movies, thus making it an extremely user-friendly platform.

5) Fmovies

It is a collection of websites that enables users to download and watch movies and TV series of their own choice using links and embedded media without much hassle. Although, Fmovies have been sued in many countries for copyright violations. Nonetheless, it is still a fantastic substitute to AZmovies.

6) PutLocker

Finally, we’ve PutLocker, a fine streaming platform appearing as a decent alternative to AZMovies, offering consumers a massive selection of TV shows and movies for streaming online. Movie enthusiasts is expecting PutLocker to be similar to AZmovies in terms of content. Users don’t require a single app or additional software to start streaming on the site.

Why is a VPN so necessary for getting safe access to AZMovies?

First of all, a VPN can improve your device security and privacy significantly. It will ensure that your identity stays hidden by encrypting and rerouting the Internet connection through secure servers. Also, a VPN is effective at preventing hackers, scammers, and other nefarious parties from accessing your data because it transports the data through a secure tunnel, removing any possibility of unwarranted interception or monitoring. Additionally, a VPN increases the quantity of video that you can stream using AZMovies by enabling the users to access content from various locations. With that said, we’ll give you a detailed overview of some of the best VPNs to use to access AZmovies.

How should you use a VPN for streaming content in AZMovies safely?

There are some steps that you must follow properly to use a VPN for streaming content in AZMovies safely:

1) Start by signing up for a reputable VPN service. ExpressVPN is one such frontrunner. It is popular for its incredible customer support.

2) It is best to see if you’re signed into your preferred streaming site. It is always challenging to sign in while being connected to a VPN.

3) Go to your preferred streaming website. Pick a movie or TV series of your choice. Start watching!

Top 3 VPNs to Watch AZMovies safely

The market is severely crowded with many VPN services. So, for your convenience, we’ve put in all the effort and gathered a list of the 3 best VPNs that you can use to watch your favorite streaming website AZMovies safely.

A) NordVPN

NordVPN is a dependable, quick, and competitive option for streaming users. It can be used simultaneously on 6 devices and it is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS, and iOS. To safeguard your online activities, it employs a variety of security techniques. One such technique is termed a “double VPN” which divides your connection between two servers for additional security. You can also install the service directly into your Wi-Fi router to make sure that each device connected to the internet is secure.

Best Features

1) Threat Protection: It is a feature that prevents advertisements, trackers, and viruses from appearing while you’re online. It provides an additional degree of security for online browsing.

2) Dark Web Monitor: It is a useful feature that can notify the users once their data has been exposed to the dark web.

3) Meshnet: It is a tool used for gaming and file sharing that enables direct connections to other devices over encrypted private tunnels.

B) Surfshark

Surfshark VPN can conceal your local IP address with every incoming and outgoing data, so businesses, hackers, and data brokers cannot follow your online activities or any other personal information whether on public Wi-Fi or a home computer.

Additionally, it can safeguard your online transactions when you use public Wi-Fi. It offers a dedicated IP for Indian users and has more than 3200 VPN servers in more than 95 nations.

Best Features

1) Multi-Hop: SurfShark’s Multi-Hop feature improves security by splitting your traffic between two servers instead of one. However, it may create some lagging due to the data traveling a long distance.

2) VPN Split Tunneling:
With Surfshark’s Bypasser, you can distinguish and select websites that can be accessed through a VPN server and which ones can be accessed locally.

3) Anonymous Internet Browsing:
Surfshark’s VPN conceals your true IP address and enters into “camouflage” mode which makes it difficult to tell that you’re using a VPN service from your internet provider. The VPN provider cannot retain sensitive information such as browsing history and DNS queries.

C) ExpressVPN

With premium subscriptions, ExpressVPN is a reputable VPN that can safeguard their personal and professional online landscape. It allows Indian users to establish connections with its virtual servers that are dispersed throughout 94 non-Indian nations.

Best Features

1) DNS protection: It employs a private DNS to perform its own encrypted DNS queries to shield users from unauthorized parties.

2) Unlock websites: It uses AES-256 encryption to secure user network traffic while masking their IP addresses. It enables users of VPNs to download and stream their preferred media ranging from TV series to foreign channels.

3) Kill switch: It is an automated kill switch function provided by ExpressVPN that can prevent linked devices from connecting to the internet once the VPN connection becomes erratic or drops. Once the connection is restored, the kill switch resumes, thus protecting users’ IP addresses from prying eyes.


Whether you’re permitted to access AZMovies, depends on the location you’re in. Still, streaming content can be potentially risky over here. Also, the websites that mimic AZMovies can be far more harmful than the original website. It is illegal because it lacks the licenses to distribute copyrighted content. Also, these websites can house malware and other viruses. It is always best to choose paid and legitimate streaming sites. Still, if you access AZmovies, consider getting a reputable one to stay secure on the platform.

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