What is WordPress? 15 Benefits of Using WordPress

What is WordPress? 15 Benefits of Using WordPress

What is WordPress? 15 Benefits of Using WordPress – In an era where everything is digital, a website or blog can be said to be mandatory for anyone who wants to have a career or business that has a wide network or even just to be able to exist or be famous in cyberspace.

On the internet you can find lots of blog service providers ranging from well-known to lesser-known. One type of blog platform that is most often used is wordpress.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress has two different addresses namely wordpress.org and wordpress.com. You don’t need to be confused about choosing if you want to learn wordpress. WordPress.com is a website-based blog service provider, where users don’t need to install wordpress on their device to manage their blog, but only by opening a wordpress service website.

Whereas with wordpress.org users are required to install and configure blogs on their devices, but with this feature users can download CMS files from wordpress so that users can modify the appearance or server address.

But, if you want to learn wordpress just for practice and don’t want to spend money on hosting costs, you can install wordpress.org on your PC with the help of a web server.

But your WordPress website cannot be accessed by everyone in the world because it is not connected by the internet. If you are ready to get your website online, you will need to hire hosting to put your website.

WordPress History

If you want to learn wordpress, maybe you need to know a little about the history of wordpress in order to understand the concept of wordpress and its purpose of wordpress. WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003 by Matt Mullenwerg, Mike Little and Michel Vladhrigi. 

The three of them were originally blog writers at b2 (bbpress.org), a blog company that has ceased to operate.

The popularity of WordPress has skyrocketed since it first appeared, so in 2004 WordPress made a major update to its features in WordPress version 1.2 by creating a new plugin architecture, comment moderation system and also post reviews.

The next version 1.5 was released in 2005 and in that year it was downloaded nine hundred thousand times by internet users. The most important role in the popularity of WordPress is the ease of access and complete features.

Each blogging platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in choosing a blog platform you must know the advantages and disadvantages of it so that it can adapt to the needs of what kind of blog you want

Benefits of Using WordPress


WordPress has the GNU General Public License which makes it free software for everyone to access without service fees or free of charge.


WordPress has a simple and easy to use installation and setup process. You will not be confused to manage the various features contained in it, making it easier for you to learn wordpress.


The use of wordpress can be applied in various fields ranging from personal blogs, business, online stores, hobbies, agencies and even to the company level.


WordPress has a feature where users can store various multimedia files ranging from audio, video, images, and others into file hosting from wordpress. Not only that, to organize these multimedia files, wordpress provides a Media Library feature. Just drag & drop, then your files will be saved properly.

Can be customized

If you use wordpress you don’t have to worry about your blog will be boring because wordpress provides thousands of different themes and plugins to make your blog more comfortable to look at. For those of you who usually have special tastes and are not the same as others, WordPress provides the opportunity to create your own themes and plugins.

Editing HTML code

In wordpress.org there is a feature to edit HTML code. This html code editing is generally used to change the appearance of a web or blog as desired, especially for the details of the theme.

Post schedule setting

If you are the type of person who likes to write a lot of things in person and then relax immediately, wordpress is the right choice. WordPress provides a feature of setting your article posting schedule. You can make articles look updated by publishing articles regularly and automatically.

Easy to monitor statistics

In wordpress you can use plugins such as jetpack to monitor visitor visits to your blog or you can also integrate blogs with websites for visitor statistics such as google analytics.

Easy administration

The administration process on wordpress is very easy because it has various features of parallel administration arrangement with a simple process

Friendly with Search Engine Optimization

WordPress has a variety of free search engine optimization plugins. With this plugin you can create a blog that is visited by many visitors. SEO is one of the keys to the success of a blog.

Connected community

WordPress is the most popular and most used blogging platform in the world. This allows users of this service to connect with each other to exchange information about blogs and provide support or even cooperate with each other.

You don’t need to be confused to find a solution if there is a problem on your blog, you just need to do a little surfing on the internet and use other users to tell the solution of the same blog problem and maybe they have experienced it too. This makes it easier for you to learn wordpress.

High mobility

You don’t need to be confused when you want to publish a post but don’t find a plug for your laptop or are traveling and leave your personal computer at home. You just need to download the wordpress mobile application which can be accessed via your smart[hone or tablet.

Import data

WordPress provides the facility to transfer data from b2evolution, MovableType, TextPattern, Blogger and others. These facilities are the main advantages of wordpress. A WordPress user can also backup all posts for reasons of interest then the user can also upload them again.

Organized writing

With wordpress you can create posts in your posts with unlimited categories and subcategories. Your posts will look neater and more attractive.


WordPress developers always update from time to time. This makes WordPress a platform that is quite safe from hacker attacks. Cases of hacker attacks on WordPress are generally due to the negligence of users who use plugins or themes downloaded from untrusted websites.

Comparison of WordPress with Other Platforms

After knowing the advantages of wordpress, maybe you can conclude why you should choose and learn wordpress to be your blog platform. Based on the experiences of wordpress users, here are some things that make them choose wordpress over other blogging platforms:

Because WordPress is open source, users can freely customize their blogs but still with wordpress CMS. Open source is different from free, open source software sometimes has features that require users to pay. But this makes wordpress more responsive to fix various bugs .

The process of managing a blog that is simple and easy to use makes many users feel at home using WordPress services. You will also not find it difficult to learn wordpress. Every beginner who has ever used wordpress says that wordpress is easy to use and no more complicated than using microsoft word.

The abundance of plugins in wordpress gives satisfaction to the users. Currently there are more than 26,000 plugins available to enhance the user experience of WordPress services.

As the most popular blog service provider in the world, WordPress has a very wide user community. You don’t need to be confused in learning wordpress, just type your confusion in search engines like google, then you will get lots of references about wordpress blogs from various other users.

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